Introducing the Eight-Eyed Expedition

Introducing a new citizen science project from @Berkeley_Evolab: Eight-Eyed Expedition! You can help by collecting native spiders, and the lab will sequence their genomes in order to identify conservation needs & help manage California biodiversity.
They’re using @inaturalist and a citizen science initiative to distribute the collecting effort and engage the public in learning more about local biodiversity. More info can be found on their website here:
Happy spidey collecting!

Mysterious Moss and Woody Vines in the New York Times!

The New York Times recently covered two wonderful scientific discoveries from researchers affiliated with the department of Integrative Biology and Jepson Herbarium.

First up, covering work by Jenna Ekwealor (@Bryophyter), This Moss Uses Quartz as a Parasol:

Then, featuring work by IB alumnus Dr. Joyce Chery (@chery_joyce, now a new faculty member at Cornell University) on woody vines and “how these diverse and strange wood forms evolved”. How Woody Vines Do the Twist:
Congratulations Jenna, Joyce, and all collaborators involved!

Museums of Berkeley: Opportunities for Student Research, Employment, and Learning

Did you know that UC Berkeley has over 20 museums and research collections? From rare plant species to dinosaur bones to insects of the West, Berkeley has extensive collections of art, artifacts and biological and physical objects as well as a hands-on science center. Learn about exciting behind-the-scenes opportunities for students from staff at these institutions.