Louise Kellogg-MVZ

Louise Kellogg, trading card front

Born Oakland, CA
BA 1901, Classics, University of California Berkeley
Berkeley Connection: Worked alongside Annie Alexander in many MVZ collecting expeditions

Kellogg and Alexander were friends and had an intimate relationship. Their bond was cemented by their mutual love for travelling, and together they collected over 34,000 specimens of flora and fauna for Berkeley museums.

Kellogg’s first paper “Rodent fauna of the late Tertiary beds at Virgin Valley and Thousand Creek, Nevada” was published in 1910 and was merely the second paper in mammalogy published by a woman
Alexander initially approached Kellog to become her partner in the specimen expeditions because two women would attract less attention than one


– During Louise and Annie’s Saline Valley expedition they got trapped in the snow for several weeks, they survived off of “pink” beans and cornmeal. To get out the explorers needed 2 4-wheel drive trucks, one fitted with a snowplow in front and the other with a trailer carrying a bulldozer.