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Specimen Photos
Specimen Photos

Browse Genus equals Unspecified by Scientific Name for All Museums

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Genus: Unspecified  view specimens
(Unspecified) (7169)  view specimens
Vertebrata (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
bowdenensis costaricensis (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
sp. (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Abalone (Worked) (117)  view specimens
Abalone ? fragment ('Haliotis rufescens' added in pencil.) (1)  view specimens
Abalone and asphalt (Fragments) (1)  view specimens
Abalone and asphalt fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Abalone and flint fragments (Abalone fragments) (1)  view specimens
Abalone fragment (Worked?) (92)  view specimens
Abalone fragments (Worked abalone shell.) (38)  view specimens
Abalone object (Unspecified) (26)  view specimens
Abalone object fragment (Unspecified) (5)  view specimens
Abalone object fragments ('Abalone strap object,' with 2 perforations.) (1)  view specimens
abalone ornament (abalone ornament fragment) (1)  view specimens
abalone pendant (abalone pendant with single perforation) (1)  view specimens
abalone pendants (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Abalone shell (Worked?) (14)  view specimens
Abalone shell fragment (Worked?) (48)  view specimens
Abalone shell fragments (Worked.) (7)  view specimens
Abalone, asphalt, pebbles (Abalone and asphalt fragments and pebbles) (1)  view specimens
Aboriginal material (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Abrader (Stone.) (70)  view specimens
Abrader ? (Irregular, flat sandstone object.) (6)  view specimens
Abrader fragment (Unspecified) (49)  view specimens
Abrader fragment ? (Abrading stone fragment?) (1)  view specimens
Abrader fragments (Abrading stone fragments.) (1)  view specimens
Abraders (Flat abrading stones.) (6)  view specimens
Abrading pebble (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Abrading slab fragment (Unspecified) (7)  view specimens
Abrading stone (Unspecified) (38)  view specimens
Abrading stone ? (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Abrading stone ? or palette ? (Abrading stone, (?), paint palette (?).) (1)  view specimens
Abrading stone fragment (Unspecified) (35)  view specimens
Abrading stone fragment ? (Unspecified) (4)  view specimens
Abrading stone fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Abrading stones (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Abrading tool fragment (Sandstone.) (2)  view specimens
Acorn (Unspecified) (13)  view specimens
Acorn ? (Possible burnt acorn.) (2)  view specimens
Acorn and shell (Buckeye shell.) (1)  view specimens
Acorn anvil (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Acorn anvil fragment (Steatite potsherd.) (1)  view specimens
Acorn chunks (Bottled and separated from meal for regrinding.) (1)  view specimens
Acorn cracker (Stone, rounded tear drop shape. Polished from usage.) (7)  view specimens
Acorn flour (1 tin. Partially ground.) (1)  view specimens
Acorn fragment (Unspecified) (7)  view specimens
Acorn fragments (Charred.) (14)  view specimens
Acorn fragments ? (Carbonized.) (1)  view specimens
Acorn fruits (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Acorn husk fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Acorn meal (Unspecified) (9)  view specimens
Acorn meats (Bottled) (1)  view specimens
Acorn top (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Acorns (Unspecified) (42)  view specimens
Acorns ? (' 'Acorns' '.) (1)  view specimens
Acorns and acorn fragments ('6 charred acorns (with fragments).') (1)  view specimens
Acorns and acorn hulls (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Acorns and bulbs (Charred.) (1)  view specimens
Actinolite (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Actinolite fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Actinolite piece (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Actinolite splinters (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Adhesive matter (Taken from labret and shell cover.) (1)  view specimens
Adobe ('Adobe specimen.') (1)  view specimens
Adobe or dirt (Adobe or hard dirt.) (1)  view specimens
Adobe, pebbles and shell fragments (Sample of reddish adobe with pebbles and a few bits of shell.) (1)  view specimens
Adze (Iron.) (3)  view specimens
Adze ? (Elk antler) (1)  view specimens
Adze handle (Unspecified) (14)  view specimens
Adze handle ? (Elongate, stone. Artifact?) (1)  view specimens
Adze handle fragment (Unspecified) (7)  view specimens
Adze model ? (Wood with elk horn blade hafted to distal end. 'J' shaped piece of wood with fl) (1)  view specimens
Agate (Wedge shape.) (3)  view specimens
Agate fragment (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Agates (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Air bladder (Sturgeon.) (2)  view specimens
Amulet (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Amulet case ? (Silver, cylindrical) (2)  view specimens
Anchor (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Angelica (Dried specimen of 'angelica' plant, Lomatium californicum.) (1)  view specimens
Animal and bird bone fragments ('Animal & bird bone frag.') (1)  view specimens
Animal and bird bones (Unspecified) (5)  view specimens
Animal and shell remains (Unspecified) (4)  view specimens
Animal bone (Worked?) (506)  view specimens
Animal bone and bone fragments ('Animal bone & frags.') (1)  view specimens
Animal bone and shell (Unspecified) (70)  view specimens
Animal bone and teeth (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Animal bone and tool fragment (Unworked animal bone, 'frag. of scapula tool' added in pencil.) (1)  view specimens
Animal bone and tooth ? (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Animal bone and wedge ? (Unmodified bone) (1)  view specimens
Animal bone fragment (Worked rib.) (30)  view specimens
Animal bone fragments (Unworked.) (278)  view specimens
Animal bone sample (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Animal bones (Unworked.) (355)  view specimens
Animal bones and horn (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Animal bones and saw fragment (Unmodified bones) (1)  view specimens
Animal bones and shell (Unmodified bones.) (3)  view specimens
Animal bones and shells (Unspecified) (4)  view specimens
Animal bones and tools ('Whale bone & antler tools' added in pen.) (1)  view specimens
Animal bones and wood ? (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Animal fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Animal remains (Unspecified) (91)  view specimens
Animal remains and bones (a) Animal remains (8)) (1)  view specimens
Animal remains and vertebra (Large vertebra.) (1)  view specimens
Animal, bird and fish bones (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Annelid (Serpula octoforis.) (1)  view specimens
Antelope fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Anthropomorph (Small figure) (2)  view specimens
Antler (Worked? 2 sections.) (72)  view specimens
Antler ? (Worked elk antler (?)) (3)  view specimens
Antler ? and lithic debitage (Double catalogue number. SCr-177: Lithic debitage. 1 bag. Field no. 103. Poin) (2)  view specimens
Antler and bones (a) Adult Astragalus-Cervus nannodes (Valley elk). b) Adult proximal phalanx, co) (1)  view specimens
Antler and skull fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Antler artifact fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Antler base (Cut) (1)  view specimens
Antler bones/Bird bones (a) Adult tibiatarsus, Grus, canadensis (sandhill crane). b) Adult) (1)  view specimens
Antler fragment (Worked.) (190)  view specimens
Antler fragments (Worked.) (27)  view specimens
Antler object (Worked.) (9)  view specimens
Antler object fragment (Worked antler.) (6)  view specimens
Antler or bone (Burned.) (1)  view specimens
Antler or bone fragment (Worked.) (1)  view specimens
Antler section (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Antler tine (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Antler tip (Unspecified) (16)  view specimens
Antler tip fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Antler tips (Burned.) (1)  view specimens
Antlers (Deer) (1)  view specimens
Anvil (Worked steatite rock. Modified - acorn anvil.) (40)  view specimens
Anvil ? (Sandstone 'anvil' with circular depression on 2 sides.) (2)  view specimens
Anvil fragment (Broken half of acorn anvil.) (3)  view specimens
Anvil or mortar (Stone anvil or shallow mortar.) (1)  view specimens
Anvil stone, pitted (Anvil stone, pitted) (1)  view specimens
Anvils (Anvil stones.) (1)  view specimens
Apron (Unspecified) (13)  view specimens
Arrow (Wooden shaft, hawk feathers.) (95)  view specimens
Arrow cane (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Arrow cane fragment (Unspecified) (4)  view specimens
Arrow canes (Sample of arrow canes. Phragmites communis.) (1)  view specimens
Arrow foreshaft (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Arrow fragment (Unspecified) (12)  view specimens
Arrow fragments (Foreshafts.) (1)  view specimens
Arrow miniature (Made of reed, with obsidian flake attached.) (1)  view specimens
Arrow or spear point (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Arrow point (White.) (747)  view specimens
Arrow point ? (Leaf shaped implement.) (1)  view specimens
Arrow point and awl (Chalcedony arrowpoint and (a) bone awl.) (1)  view specimens
Arrow point and bead (a) Flint arrow point. b) One blue glass bead.) (1)  view specimens
Arrow point and flake (a) Arrow point, b) Flint flake.) (1)  view specimens
Arrow point and flakes (Flint arrow point. (a) Flint flakes.) (1)  view specimens
Arrow point and fragment (Obsidian.) (1)  view specimens
Arrow point and spear point (Made of obsidian.) (1)  view specimens
Arrow point blank (Franciscan chert.) (3)  view specimens
Arrow point fragment (Unspecified) (66)  view specimens
Arrow point fragments (Unspecified) (6)  view specimens
Arrow point or drill (Gray chert?) (1)  view specimens
Arrow point or knife (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Arrow point or perforator (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Arrow point tip (Green chert.) (1)  view specimens
Arrow points (With asphalt base.) (22)  view specimens
Arrow points and drills (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Arrow points or spear points (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Arrow points, stone, and chips (Arrowpoints and small objects: a) Long bone arrowpoint with severed barbs) (1)  view specimens
Arrow points, tool, tooth, clay object, bone, bead (a) Sharp bone tool) (1)  view specimens
Arrow shaft (Unfinished.) (5)  view specimens
Arrow shaft fragment (With sinew.) (18)  view specimens
Arrow shaft fragment ? (Cane.) (3)  view specimens
Arrow shaft smoother (Scoria.) (9)  view specimens
Arrow shaft smoother fragment (Scoria.) (5)  view specimens
Arrow shaft straightener (Unspecified) (4)  view specimens
Arrow smoother (Sandstone.) (9)  view specimens
Arrow smoother fragment (Arrow shaft smoother.) (1)  view specimens
Arrow straightener (With longitudinal ridge. Stone, flat, oval. Transverse groove at top center.) (42)  view specimens
Arrow straightener ? (Large perforated stone.) (2)  view specimens
Arrow straightener fragment (Steatite.) (1)  view specimens
Arrow straightener model (Poor model of an arrow straightener.) (1)  view specimens
Arrowhead (Whitish color.) (141)  view specimens
Arrowhead fragment (Unspecified) (18)  view specimens
Arrowheads (Obsidian, broken) (2)  view specimens
Arrows (Unfinished.) (11)  view specimens
Arrowweed rod bundle (Bundle of 12 arrowweed rods, fastened together by twine.) (1)  view specimens
Artifact (Unspecified) (16)  view specimens
Artifact fragment (Made of bone.) (1)  view specimens
Artifact fragments (Shell.) (2)  view specimens
Artifacts ? (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Artinolite (Lump.) (1)  view specimens
Asbestos (Splinters. Original #2034) (1)  view specimens
Asbestos or steatite object (Worked) (1)  view specimens
Asbestos specimen (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Ash (White ash cake.) (33)  view specimens
Ash ? (White material (ash?) unidentified.) (1)  view specimens
Ash ? sample (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Ash ? sample, gravel, and flakes (Containing gravel and obsidian flakes.) (1)  view specimens
Ash and bone (Ash and bone deposit.) (1)  view specimens
Ash and shell (Sample of ash and shell lens.) (1)  view specimens
Ash fragments ? (Ash like fragments.) (1)  view specimens
Ash lens (Soil sample.) (1)  view specimens
Ash pit (Sample ash pit.) (1)  view specimens
Ash sample (Sample of ashes, etc.) (11)  view specimens
Ash, shell and clay (Sample of ashes, burnt shell, clay, etc.) (1)  view specimens
Ashes (Unspecified) (5)  view specimens
Ashes and charcoal (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Ashes and rock sample (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Ashes and shell (Sample.) (2)  view specimens
Ashes and shell fragments (Sample lump of solid ashes containing a few broken shells.) (1)  view specimens
Ashes and shell sample (Sample of ashes, burnt, shell, etc.) (1)  view specimens
Ashes and shells (Sample of ashes containing coarse shells partly calcinated.) (1)  view specimens
Ashes sample (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Asphalt (Unspecified) (158)  view specimens
Asphalt ? (Chunks) (2)  view specimens
Asphalt and implement fragments (Small bone implement.) (1)  view specimens
Asphalt and mosaic fragments (Pieces of asphalt and shell bead mosaic.) (1)  view specimens
Asphalt and ochre fragments (Red ochre) (1)  view specimens
Asphalt and pebbles (Unspecified) (4)  view specimens
Asphalt and shell (Lump of asphalt and shell.) (1)  view specimens
Asphalt and shell fragments (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Asphalt and shells (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Asphalt and wood fragments (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Asphalt fragment (Unspecified) (20)  view specimens
Asphalt fragments (Unspecified) (67)  view specimens
Asphalt fragments and inlay (Olive shell inlay in asphalt.) (1)  view specimens
Asphalt lump (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Asphalt object fragments (With shell strip decorations.) (1)  view specimens
Asphalt, shell and flint fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Asphalted fragments (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Asphaltum (With shells imbedded) (39)  view specimens
Asphaltum ? (Lump of black substance (asphaltum?).) (3)  view specimens
Asphaltum and abalone shell (Asphaltum in abalone shell.) (1)  view specimens
Asphaltum fragments (Unspecified) (4)  view specimens
Asphaltum lump (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Asphaltum sample (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Atlas (Deer (?) atlas.) (1)  view specimens
Atlatl fragment (Bone atlatl hook.) (1)  view specimens
Atlatl hook ? (Made of bone.) (1)  view specimens
Atlatl spur ? (Pointed, notched, carved from whale tooth) (1)  view specimens
Awl (Worked and polished bone.) (1206)  view specimens
Awl ? (Worked bone.) (28)  view specimens
Awl ? fragment (Ulna.) (14)  view specimens
Awl ? fragments (Made of bone) (3)  view specimens
Awl and asphalt (Bone rib, with asphalt) (4)  view specimens
Awl and bone (a) Bone awl. b) Bird bone.) (1)  view specimens
Awl and bone fragments (Crude bone awl) (2)  view specimens
Awl and crystal (Rock crystal set in ceremonial bone awl.) (5)  view specimens
Awl and point (Polished bone awl with needle point.) (1)  view specimens
Awl and straightener ? (Ulna awl and 'shaft straightener' ?) (1)  view specimens
Awl finisher ? (Sandstone awl finisher or buffer.) (1)  view specimens
Awl fragment (Worked mammal bone.) (910)  view specimens
Awl fragment ? (Unspecified) (18)  view specimens
Awl fragment and bone object (Bone awl fragment, worked scapula object (rabbit scapula?).) (1)  view specimens
Awl fragments (Worked bone.) (70)  view specimens
Awl fragments ? (Bone, calcined.) (1)  view specimens
Awl fragments and bone ('Animal bone frag.' crossed out, '2 ulna awl fragments, and 1 worked bone frag.) (1)  view specimens
Awl fragments and scratchers (Bone awl fragments and 'head scratchers.') (1)  view specimens
Awl fragments, bead, animal bones ('Animal bones' '2 crude awl frags. + 1 bone bead' added in pencil.) (1)  view specimens
Awl handle (Point missing) (2)  view specimens
Awl or dagger (Ulna.) (3)  view specimens
Awl or flaker (Ulna.) (4)  view specimens
Awl or flaker fragment (Ulna.) (2)  view specimens
Awl or flaker tip ? ('Bone awl (?), flaker (?) tip.') (1)  view specimens
Awl or gorge (Bone.) (1)  view specimens
Awl or gorge fragment (Tip of bone awl or fragment of gorge.) (1)  view specimens
Awl or hairpin fragment (Bone awl or hairpin point.) (1)  view specimens
Awl or implement (Rough pointed) (2)  view specimens
Awl or needle (Long slender bone) (1)  view specimens
Awl or needle ? (Small fish bone.) (1)  view specimens
Awl or needle fragment (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Awl or needle tip (Bone) (1)  view specimens
Awl or perforator (Bone. Point broken.) (2)  view specimens
Awl or pin fragment (Bone.) (1)  view specimens
Awl or point (Steatite, asphalt on butt) (1)  view specimens
Awl or punch (Bone) (1)  view specimens
Awl sharpener (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Awl sharpener ? (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Awl start (Split, tibia (?) of deer) (1)  view specimens
Awls (Small, bone.) (15)  view specimens
Awls and fragments (Bone) (1)  view specimens
Awls and needles (Bone, some with eyelets.) (1)  view specimens
Ax head (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Axe (Pumice stone, hafted.) (11)  view specimens
Axe ? or scraper ('Axe (?) or Scraper flint'.) (1)  view specimens
Axe head (Iron, heavy.) (1)  view specimens
Axe head ? (Corroded) (1)  view specimens
Axle (Iron wagon-axle.) (1)  view specimens
Baby basket (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Baby board (Wooden) (1)  view specimens
Bag (Truncated diamond-shaped, truncated point forms flap, fringed with flat handle.) (21)  view specimens
Bag fragment (Soft, twined.) (2)  view specimens
Bag fragments (Soft, twined.) (1)  view specimens
Bag fragments ? (Plain twined bag of a plant fiber cordage similar to 1-14573. 2 ply cordage warp) (2)  view specimens
Bag miniature (Square with fringed flap and handle. Glass seed beads woven on cotton thread) (1)  view specimens
Baked clay (Unspecified) (953)  view specimens
Baked clay 'spool' (Smoothed baked clay'spool') (1)  view specimens
Baked clay and charcoal (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Baked clay and stone fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Baked clay and Vegetal impression (Frag. baked clay pole and vegetal impress.) (1)  view specimens
Baked clay artifact fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Baked clay ball (With pit and groove) (139)  view specimens
Baked clay ball fragments (Design of punched holes.) (1)  view specimens
Baked clay fragment (With various impressions or markings.) (229)  view specimens
Baked clay fragment ? (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Baked clay fragments (Unspecified) (31)  view specimens
Baked clay globule (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Baked clay impression (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Baked clay lump (Large) (10)  view specimens
Baked clay object (Yellow) (553)  view specimens
Baked clay object ? (Biconical fragment.) (2)  view specimens
Baked clay object fragment (Unspecified) (80)  view specimens
Baked clay object fragments (Unspecified) (70)  view specimens
Baked clay objects (Unspecified) (125)  view specimens
Baked clay objects and baked clay object fragments ('Baked clay objects and frags.') (1)  view specimens
Baked clay objects and fragments (Unspecified) (7)  view specimens
Baked clay objects fragments (Unspecified) (8)  view specimens
Baked clay slab (Frag. baked clay: slab punctate decoration) (1)  view specimens
Baked clay sphere fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Baked clay stone (Baked clay stone, roughly pestle-shaped) (1)  view specimens
baked clay, bone, shell (baked clay, rocks, bone, shell) (1)  view specimens
Baked earth ? (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Baked fragment (Unspecified) (12)  view specimens
Baked oval (Lateral groove.) (1)  view specimens
Ball (Tile.) (37)  view specimens
Ball fragment (Clay ball.) (137)  view specimens
Ball fragments (Clay balls.) (1)  view specimens
Ball model (Cover of buckskin, filling of cedar bark.) (2)  view specimens
Balls (Pumice) (2)  view specimens
Balsa (Tule balsa. Grapevine bindings.) (1)  view specimens
Band (Yellowhammer forehead band.) (14)  view specimens
Bandolier (Black and white.) (2)  view specimens
Bangle (Obsidian. Surface shows red ocher.) (111)  view specimens
Bangle ? (Questionable obsidian bangle.) (5)  view specimens
Bangle fragment (Obsidian.) (6)  view specimens
Bangle fragment ? (Possible obsidian bangle fragment ?) (2)  view specimens
Bangle or graver ? (Obsidian. 4 sided, tapered.) (1)  view specimens
Bangles (Obsidian. With red ochre. (in two boxes)) (8)  view specimens
Bar (Whale bone.) (4)  view specimens
Bar fragment (Steel) (1)  view specimens
Barb (Made of bone.) (40)  view specimens
Barb ? (Fishhook barb.) (2)  view specimens
Barb and asphalt (Bone barb, with asphalt.) (1)  view specimens
Barb fragment (Unspecified) (8)  view specimens
Barb fragments (Made of bone.) (2)  view specimens
Barbed wire fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Barbs (From stingray.) (15)  view specimens
Bark (Willow? bark and sapwood.) (31)  view specimens
Bark ? (Piece of bark ?) (1)  view specimens
Bark bundle (Sagebrush.) (2)  view specimens
Bark coil (Redbud) (3)  view specimens
Bark fragment (Unspecified) (6)  view specimens
Bark fragments (Unspecified) (5)  view specimens
Bark impressions (Charcoal bark impressions.) (1)  view specimens
Bark objects (a) Knotted piece of sagebrush bark. b) Knotted piece of sagebrush bark with 3 o) (1)  view specimens
Bark or hair fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Barnacle (Whale.) (12)  view specimens
Barnacle and shell fragments (Cardium fragments.) (1)  view specimens
Barnacle fragment (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Barnacle fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Barnacles (Unspecified) (11)  view specimens
Basal fragment (Elk horn, cut end.) (1)  view specimens
Basalt (Worked.) (18)  view specimens
Basalt fragment (Shaped.) (9)  view specimens
Basalt fragments (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Basalt object (Bi-pointed. Game stone ?) (2)  view specimens
Basalt pebble (Basalt pebble) (2)  view specimens
Basalt reject (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Base (Of a blade) (3)  view specimens
Base material (Sample.) (1)  view specimens
Base sherd (Porcelain, white.) (3)  view specimens
Basin (Wooden) (2)  view specimens
Basket (With pedestal base. Twined, wrapped rim and base selvage.) (1278)  view specimens
Basket ? (Wicker basketry (?) frag. carbonized) (1)  view specimens
Basket and cloth or hair fragments (Broken basket tied with string, fragments of cloth or hair.) (1)  view specimens
Basket and lid (a) Twined basket with b) lid.) (4)  view specimens
Basket and net (Basket with burden net. a) Conical acorn gathering basket, plain twining with w) (1)  view specimens
Basket and pit impression (Fragment, baked clay) (1)  view specimens
Basket and shell fragments (Asphalted basket fragments and shell fragments) (1)  view specimens
Basket and shell impressions (Asphalt.) (1)  view specimens
Basket and stick impression (Baked clay, oval, transverse groove, with basket and stick impressions.) (10)  view specimens
Basket and tobacco (Globular shape. Twined. Leather carrying thongs attached to rim.) (1)  view specimens
Basket and vegetal impression (Frag. baked clay basket and vegetal impress discoid) (1)  view specimens
Basket and vegetal impressions (Baked clay.) (1)  view specimens
Basket cover (Openwork cover for basket, with cloth edge.) (1)  view specimens
Basket fragment (Twisted warp of tule, fragment.) (21)  view specimens
Basket fragments (Very fine, down to right, twining over 2 ply warp.) (45)  view specimens
Basket fragments and ochre (Fine fragments with red ochre.) (1)  view specimens
Basket fragments and ornaments (Fragments basket with three shell ornaments.) (1)  view specimens
Basket impression (Triangular baked clay basket impress) (301)  view specimens
Basket impression ? (Clay basketry ? impression.) (2)  view specimens
Basket impression and baked clay (Frag. baked clay: grooved (one piece basket impression)) (1)  view specimens
Basket impression fragment (Baked clay rectangular fragment.) (2)  view specimens
Basket impression fragments (Asphalted fragments) (1)  view specimens
Basket impressions (Rectangular baked clay object with coiled basketry impressions over entire surfa) (72)  view specimens
Basket impressions and asphalt fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Basket impressions and clay impressions (Asphaltum with basketry impressions and 3 clay impressions.) (1)  view specimens
Basket impressions and shell (Abalone, shell, basketry impressions.) (2)  view specimens
Basket miniature (Single rod coiled basket with flaring sides. Geometric designs in black. Single) (5)  view specimens
Basket model (Conical twined seed-gathering, with encircling bands.) (4)  view specimens
Basket models (Open plain twined, peeled shoots, with no decoration.) (1)  view specimens
Basket or mat fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Basket pebble (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Basket pebbles (Unspecified) (10)  view specimens
Basket piece (Start of 3-rod coil basket.) (1)  view specimens
Basket remnants (Charred, of basket (?). Cords.) (1)  view specimens
Basket rim ? (Coiled basketry rim (?) frag/ carbonized) (1)  view specimens
Basket spider (Of globose basket as it begins to turn up on the side.) (2)  view specimens
Basket start (Start of one stick basket.) (15)  view specimens
Basket tapper (Wood, round, tapered) (2)  view specimens
Basket toy (Toy burden basket. Made of hazel, conifer root, squaw grass and redbud.) (2)  view specimens
Basketry (With asphaltum.) (51)  view specimens
Basketry and asphalt (Asphalted. Small moulded asphalt fragments.) (1)  view specimens
Basketry and asphalt fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Basketry and basketry fragments (Twined.) (1)  view specimens
Basketry and textile fragments (Tule matting and finer basket work fragments.) (1)  view specimens
Basketry and twine fragments (Burned.) (1)  view specimens
Basketry and wood fragment (Wood fragment, basketry adhering.) (2)  view specimens
Basketry fragment (Woven fragment.) (126)  view specimens
Basketry fragment ? (Twined basketry fragment ?) (1)  view specimens
Basketry fragments (Unspecified) (72)  view specimens
Basketry fragments and charcoal (Charred, preserved) (2)  view specimens
Basketry fragments and cordage (Unspecified) (12)  view specimens
Basketry fragments and fishhook ((a) Asphalted basketry fragments. (b) Shell fishhook.) (1)  view specimens
Basketry impression (Fragment baked clay object with openwork twined basketry imprint.) (1)  view specimens
Basketry impressions (Rectangular baked clay object with fine coiled basketry impresions.) (4)  view specimens
Basketry material (Young shoots of white willow) (112)  view specimens
Basketry material fragments (Fragmentary basketry material.) (3)  view specimens
Basketry materials (Carbonized basketry, twined over 2 ply warp down to right. Also fragments of unu) (2)  view specimens
Basketry weft (Roll of maple withe split and ready for storage.) (1)  view specimens
Basketry, beads, and netting ('Matrix of carbonized basketry, olivella beads, and netting.') (1)  view specimens
Basketry, buckskin, stone, wood and miscellaneous (Basketry, buckskin and fibre fragments. a) Five remains, stone, wood, and flint) (1)  view specimens
Baskets (Two baskets, elliptical and recurved, joined by a flat basketry foundation. Bot) (10)  view specimens
Baton (Base of deer antler.) (1)  view specimens
Bead (Yellow tubular stone.) (3046)  view specimens
Bead ? (Whole olivella bead (?).) (26)  view specimens
Bead ? fragment (Baked clay disc.) (1)  view specimens
Bead ? fragments (Bone.) (1)  view specimens
Bead and animal bones (Animal bones and bird bone bead.) (2)  view specimens
Bead and disks (Olivella, spire lopped) (1)  view specimens
Bead and fragment (Round to elliptical, red glass with white center.) (2)  view specimens
Bead and ochre (Clam shell bead with adhering ochre.) (1)  view specimens
Bead and pebble (Whole olivella bead with pebble in lip.) (1)  view specimens
Bead and shell fragments (Mixed) (1)  view specimens
Bead and shells (Whole Olivella bead, 3 Olivella shells.) (2)  view specimens
Bead and string (Spire lopped olivella) (13)  view specimens
Bead blank (Olivella.) (3)  view specimens
Bead blanks (Olivella disk bead blanks (in bottle).) (2)  view specimens
Bead cast (Cast of olivella beads (pattern).) (1)  view specimens
Bead fragment (Wooden.) (137)  view specimens
Bead fragment ? (Probable olivella shell bead fragment) (2)  view specimens
Bead fragments (Unspecified) (35)  view specimens
Bead fragments ? (Olivella shell fragments.) (1)  view specimens
Bead impressions (Wax.) (1)  view specimens
Bead or cylinder (Stone. Probably fine grained argillite.) (6)  view specimens
Bead or disk (Clay.) (4)  view specimens
Bead or pendant ? (Stone. Probably fine grained argillite. Spherical in shape.) (1)  view specimens
Bead or pipe (Baked clay object.) (1)  view specimens
Bead or tube (Made from bird bone.) (1)  view specimens
Bead or tube fragment (Charred bone.) (1)  view specimens
Bead pattern (Set with beeswax.) (11)  view specimens
Bead patterns (Rectangular olivella bead patterns.) (2)  view specimens
Bead strand fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Bead, seed ?, and excrement (Abalone disc bead, seed ?, mammal excrement.) (1)  view specimens
Beads (Yellow glass.) (3850)  view specimens
Beads ? (Made of bone. Small.) (3)  view specimens
Beads and abalone fragments (Olivella disc beads.) (1)  view specimens
Beads and asphalt (Olive beads with asphalt.) (3)  view specimens
Beads and asphalt fragments (Olivella shell beads, steatite bead, asphalt fragments.) (3)  view specimens
Beads and awl fragment (a) Disk beads and tubular bead. b) Point of bone awl.) (1)  view specimens
Beads and basketry fragments (Shell beads, unfinished olivella beads, a few basketry fragments.) (1)  view specimens
Beads and bead fragment (Yellow, elliptical, glass.) (1)  view specimens
Beads and bead fragments (Stone. Probably fine grained argillite.) (6)  view specimens
Beads and bead pattern (Rectangular olivella.) (1)  view specimens
Beads and bells (Beads, bells, etc. Unsorted and unwashed.) (1)  view specimens
Beads and bone (Olivella beads and a piece of blue-burnt bone.) (2)  view specimens
Beads and bone fragments (Variety) (1)  view specimens
Beads and buttons (Beads, buttons, etc. Unsorted and unwashed.) (2)  view specimens
Beads and cloth (Miscellaneous beads, cloth, etc. scraped from above items (1-163688 bracelets).) (1)  view specimens
Beads and copper fragments (Trade beads adhering to copper) (1)  view specimens
Beads and cord (2 olive-shell beads and cord showing manner of stringing. Carbonized.) (1)  view specimens
Beads and cord fragments (Olive-shell beads. Carbonized.) (1)  view specimens
Beads and disc fragments (Small olivella shell beads and fragments of abalone shell discs.) (1)  view specimens
Beads and discs (Beads) (5)  view specimens
Beads and disks (Abalone beads, various sizes, and shell disks.) (1)  view specimens
Beads and earth (Shell disk beads and earth.) (2)  view specimens
Beads and fragment (Pine nut, with side and one end perforated.) (10)  view specimens
Beads and fragments (Made of olivella shell. Disc.) (10)  view specimens
Beads and necklace (Disc beads, made of clam shell. One hole drilled necklace.) (1)  view specimens
Beads and ochre (Olivella beads and red ochre fragments) (1)  view specimens
Beads and ochre fragments (Olivella shell beads and red ochre fragments.) (4)  view specimens
Beads and ornament ((a) Bone beads, cylindrical and spherical. (b) Abalone ornament, incomplete.) (1)  view specimens
Beads and ornaments (Fragments, shell.) (2)  view specimens
Beads and paint fragments (Olivella and tubular shell beads and paint fragments.) (1)  view specimens
Beads and pendant (Steatite) (3)  view specimens
Beads and pendants (Abalone beads and small pendants.) (2)  view specimens
Beads and sample (Magnesite tubular beads (b-h), sample (a).) (1)  view specimens
Beads and shell (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Beads and shell fragments (Shell disk beads and olivella fragments.) (8)  view specimens
Beads and shells (Whole olivella beads and 2 cerithidea shells.) (5)  view specimens
Beads and soil sample (Tiny shell disks with asphalt fragments. Written in pencil: 'A - clam beads) (1)  view specimens
Beads and spikes (Three iron spikes with olivella beads.) (1)  view specimens
Beads and steatite fragments ('Beads, fragments steatite'.) (1)  view specimens
Beads and stone fragment (Olivella and square abalone beads and stone fragment.) (1)  view specimens
Beads and stone fragments (Small shell beads and stone fragments.) (4)  view specimens
Beads and string (Clam shell disk (39), with carbonized string.) (3)  view specimens
Beads and teeth (Beads or wampum, teeth, etc.) (1)  view specimens
Beads and turquoise ? fragments (Small blue beads.) (1)  view specimens
Beads fragments (Clam shell.) (1)  view specimens
Beads or gambling pieces (Bone, almost identical in size and shape.) (1)  view specimens
Beads or ornaments (Steatite beads or ornaments. 12-7117.) (2)  view specimens
Beads or pendants (Haliotis) (1)  view specimens
Beads or tubes (Made of bird bone) (1)  view specimens
Beads, asphalt, and quartz (Shell beads, glass beads, asphalt, quartz, etc.) (1)  view specimens
Beads, bone and shell fragment (Shell beads, fish vertebra, abalone fragment.) (1)  view specimens
Beads, bone and stone fragments (Small beads.) (1)  view specimens
Beads, bone, and shell fragments (Olivella shell beads, with a few bone and shell fragments.) (1)  view specimens
beads, bone, lithics, seed (rectangular shell beads, bone, lithics, seed) (1)  view specimens
Beads, charcoal, and shells (Carbonized beads of Viburnum ellipticum, mixed with charcoal and shells.) (1)  view specimens
Beads, ochre and shells (Shell beads, ochre and seashells.) (1)  view specimens
Beads, ornaments, and buttons (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Beads, pendants, and iron (Beads, pendants, iron, etc.: sundries.) (1)  view specimens
Beads, shell and stone fragments (Olivella beads) (4)  view specimens
Beads, shell, bones, and flint fragment (Ca. 500 rectangular olivella beads) (1)  view specimens
Beads, stone and abalone fragments (Olive and disk beads. Stone and abalone fragments.) (1)  view specimens
Beads, stone and shell fragments (Stone and shell fragments and disc beads.) (6)  view specimens
Beads, stone, shell and bone fragments (Shell disc beads. Stone, shell, and bone fragments.) (1)  view specimens
Beadwork (Woven band with fringe at each end, loops form edging. Transparent glass seed b) (4)  view specimens
Bean (Tepary Marek Lamal. Phaseolus acutifolius.) (1)  view specimens
Bean fragments (Charred.) (1)  view specimens
Beans (Small black-eyed beans. Vigna sinensis.) (6)  view specimens
Beans and seeds (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Bear ? tooth (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Bear bones (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Bear claw (Worked and perforated.) (1)  view specimens
Bear claws (Natural.) (1)  view specimens
Bear skeleton (Ursus americanus californiensis, female '3+'. Burial cemented in box in position) (1)  view specimens
Bear tooth (Two sections.) (1)  view specimens
Bearskin (Hair partly gone. Indian tanned.) (1)  view specimens
Beater (Seed.) (4)  view specimens
Beaver mandible (Castor canadensis (subauralus?)) (1)  view specimens
Beaver skull (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Beaver skull fragment (Level bag.) (1)  view specimens
Beaver tooth (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Beetle (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Beetle fragments (Anterior fragment, exoskeletal remains 2 types.) (1)  view specimens
Bell (Spherical. Inscribed 'l'.) (7)  view specimens
Bell fragment (Large.) (2)  view specimens
Bell fragments (Pieces fit together.) (3)  view specimens
Bells (Size #2 Spherical. Not washed.) (7)  view specimens
Bells and fragments (Double basin shape. Decorated. Not washed. 2 whole, 3 fragments.) (1)  view specimens
Belt (Unspecified) (9)  view specimens
Belt ? fragments (Leather) (1)  view specimens
Belt fragments (Pieces of leather belt, unsewn, part of iron buckle attached.) (2)  view specimens
Belt model (Model. Made of woven cotton twine. Wide at middle. Twisted twine ties at ends) (1)  view specimens
Belt or harness fragment (Tooled leather.) (1)  view specimens
Berries (Specimen, ethnobotanical) (11)  view specimens
Berry (Carbonized.) (1)  view specimens
Biface (Unspecified) (9)  view specimens
Biface fragment (Triangular, proximal end.) (41)  view specimens
Biface fragment ? (One face with very little flaking.) (1)  view specimens
Biface fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Bill (Bird, upper portion (awl?)) (2)  view specimens
Binding (Strip of frayed metal binding) (1)  view specimens
Bipointed artifact (Material unknown) (1)  view specimens
Bird (Unspecified) (13)  view specimens
Bird ? bones (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Bird and animal bones (1 canis femur.) (1)  view specimens
Bird and fish bones (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Bird and mammal bone fragments (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Bird and mammal bones (Unspecified) (5)  view specimens
Bird and rodent bones (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Bird bone (Very small.) (572)  view specimens
Bird bone and shell ? (Broken bone) (1)  view specimens
Bird bone fragment (Unspecified) (38)  view specimens
Bird bone fragments (Unspecified) (54)  view specimens
Bird bones (Radius and ulna.) (180)  view specimens
Bird bones ? (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Bird bones and tube (Bird bones, 'bird bone tube' (added in pencil).) (1)  view specimens
Bird bones and whistles (Partly worked, some made into whistles.) (1)  view specimens
Bird burial (Unspecified) (6)  view specimens
Bird claw (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Bird femur (Of a large bird) (1)  view specimens
Bird leg (Animal remains.) (2)  view specimens
Bird radius fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Bird remains (Small.) (1)  view specimens
Bird skeleton fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Bird skull and claws (Raptorial bird.) (1)  view specimens
Bird wing (Red - shafted Flicker wing with Haliotis rufescens disc and clam shell disc bead) (1)  view specimens
Birds skins (Parts for feathered baskets.) (1)  view specimens
Bits (Side pieces. One pair.) (1)  view specimens
Bivalve (Unspecified) (4)  view specimens
Black substance and charcoal (Sample) (1)  view specimens
Blade (Very rough flake of obsidian. Biface (hand axe-shape).) (569)  view specimens
Blade ? (Obsidian.) (20)  view specimens
Blade ? fragment (Unspecified) (12)  view specimens
Blade ? fragments (2 fragments of obsidian.) (1)  view specimens
Blade ? tip (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Blade and blade fragments (Obsidian.) (1)  view specimens
Blade and scraper fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Blade and tang fragment (Portion of blade and tang, of large, iron knife.) (4)  view specimens
Blade base (Convex.) (3)  view specimens
Blade blank (Large, obsidian.) (7)  view specimens
Blade blank fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Blade fragment (Unspecified) (1301)  view specimens
Blade fragment ? (Portion of vary large knife blade?) (13)  view specimens
Blade fragment or drill (Large jasper blade fragment) (1)  view specimens
Blade fragments (Unspecified) (24)  view specimens
Blade or knife (Obsidian.) (1)  view specimens
Blade or knife fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Blade or point (Obsidian) (107)  view specimens
Blade or point fragment (Unspecified) (9)  view specimens
Blade or scraper fragment (Red and black obsidian.) (2)  view specimens
Blade reject (Chert.) (1)  view specimens
Blade scraper (Made of obsidian. Glued.) (1)  view specimens
Blade, points and fragments (All of obsidian.) (1)  view specimens
Bladelets and drill (Made of chert. 2 tan, 1 dark brown. The dark brown one is a microdrill.) (1)  view specimens
Blades (Unspecified) (6)  view specimens
Blades ? (Obsidian, leaf shape.) (9)  view specimens
Blank (Obsidian.) (6)  view specimens
Blanket (Made of deerskin.) (13)  view specimens
Blanket model (Model of shredded bark blanket.) (1)  view specimens
Blanks (Obsidian blank pieces.) (4)  view specimens
Block (Small block.) (5)  view specimens
Blossoms (Specimen, ethnobotanical) (2)  view specimens
Blossoms and stems (Specimen, ethnobotanical) (1)  view specimens
Blue printed ware fragments (With formal garden scene and floral and geometric border. Pieces glued together.) (1)  view specimens
Board (Thin carved redwood.) (12)  view specimens
Boat model (Tule boat, half natural size.) (2)  view specimens
Bodkin (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Boiling stone (Baked clay.) (18)  view specimens
Boiling stone fragment (Basketry impressed baked clay.) (27)  view specimens
Boiling stone fragments (Made of baked clay. 12 are tiny chips.) (39)  view specimens
Boiling stones (Basketry impressed baked clay.) (1)  view specimens
Boiling stones ? (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Bola (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Bolt (Iron.) (4)  view specimens
Bolt fragment (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Bolts (Iron.) (1)  view specimens
Bomb (Volcanic.) (1)  view specimens
Bone (Worked) (9639)  view specimens
Bone ? (Worked.) (17)  view specimens
Bone ? fragment (Disintegrated.) (2)  view specimens
Bone and antler fragments (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Bone and asphalt (Unmodified bone. 'Faunal' added in pencil.) (1)  view specimens
Bone and asphalt fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Bone and bead fragments (Plain bone tube and bead fragments.) (2)  view specimens
Bone and blade (Scapula with blade embedded. Scapula and point together.) (2)  view specimens
Bone and bone fragment (Tibia (left) and fragment of lower girdle.) (4)  view specimens
Bone and bone fragments (Vertebra, ribs, phalanx, and bone fragments. Limb bone fragments.) (3)  view specimens
Bone and bone object fragments (Whalebone fragments, with 1 worked bone.) (1)  view specimens
Bone and flint (Bone and flint. Remarks: Piece of antler) (23)  view specimens
Bone and flint chip (Bone and flint chip) (1)  view specimens
Bone and flint chips (Bone and flint chips) (2)  view specimens
Bone and flint fragments (Rib bone) (1)  view specimens
Bone and fragment (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Bone and limestone fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Bone and metal fragments ('Bone & metal frag.') (1)  view specimens
Bone and pit (Charred bone and fruit pit.) (1)  view specimens
Bone and saw ? fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Bone and shell (Unspecified) (125)  view specimens
Bone and shell fragments (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Bone and shell object (Bone inlaid with shell disks.) (1)  view specimens
Bone and splitter (a) Unmodified mammal bone, b) bone bead splitter.) (1)  view specimens
Bone and teeth (Mandible with conical teeth, section of long slender. Only two broken teeth pre) (2)  view specimens
Bone and teeth fragments (Fragments of carnivor jaws and teeth.) (2)  view specimens
Bone and wedge fragments ('Antler wedge' added in pencil.) (1)  view specimens
Bone artifact (Unspecified) (60)  view specimens
Bone artifact ? (Splintered.) (1)  view specimens
Bone artifact and mammal bones ((a) Sword-like bone artifact) (1)  view specimens
Bone artifact fragment (Unspecified) (16)  view specimens
Bone artifact fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Bone artifacts (Worked bone pieces (artifacts).) (1)  view specimens
Bone cache (Mammalian. Elk and deer bone.) (1)  view specimens
bone fish spears (field tag indicates: 19 whole, 17 fragments) (1)  view specimens
Bone fragment (Worked.) (565)  view specimens
Bone fragment and ossicles (Pitted bone fragment with small ossicles.) (2)  view specimens
Bone fragment and paint (Red paint.) (1)  view specimens
Bone fragment and teeth (Fragment of ungulate mandible with four teeth.) (2)  view specimens
Bone fragment and wedge ((a) Antler wedge.) (1)  view specimens
Bone fragments (Worked, faunal.) (783)  view specimens
Bone fragments ? (Worked.) (1)  view specimens
Bone fragments and awl fragment ('Bone awl frag.' added in pencil.) (1)  view specimens
Bone fragments and implement (Animal bone fragments. 'Worked bone implement' added in pencil.) (1)  view specimens
Bone fragments and red ochre (Small bone fragments covered with red ochre.) (1)  view specimens
Bone fragments and rocks (17 bone fragments) (1)  view specimens
Bone fragments and saw ('Scapula saw' added in pencil.) (2)  view specimens
Bone fragments and shells (Mixed bone. 'Hinnites gigantea' added in pen.) (1)  view specimens
Bone fragments and teeth (Fragments of carnivor jaw, three teeth, etc.) (1)  view specimens
Bone fragments and textiles (Fragments of bone with textile wrappings attached.) (1)  view specimens
Bone fragments and tool ('Bone splinter tool' added in pencil.) (2)  view specimens
Bone fragments and whistle (Bird bone whistle.) (1)  view specimens
Bone fragments, asphalt, and beads (Shell beads. From 1-6293-97 (tubes).) (1)  view specimens
Bone implement (Unspecified) (30)  view specimens
Bone implement fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Bone implement fragments (Mixed.) (3)  view specimens
Bone object (Worked) (182)  view specimens
Bone object ? (Bone artifact (?)) (1)  view specimens
Bone object ? fragment (Worked scapula of deer ? Calcined. Probably of notched scapula type of object.) (1)  view specimens
Bone object fragment (Worked, burned bone.) (37)  view specimens
Bone object fragments (Tubular bone fragments inlaid with shell disks. (Repaired) 'Sent to Southern Mu) (3)  view specimens
Bone objects (Worked bone.) (7)  view specimens
Bone or antler (Cut.) (1)  view specimens
Bone or antler object fragment (Worked) (1)  view specimens
Bone or limestone fragment (Limestone (?) or bone (whalebone?).) (1)  view specimens
Bone or seed (Unmodified. Faunal remain.) (1)  view specimens
Bone or shell ? object (Elongated) (1)  view specimens
Bone pine ('Bone pine') (1)  view specimens
Bone records ? fragment (Notched on one side.) (2)  view specimens
Bone sample (Fish.) (5)  view specimens
Bone samples (Unspecified) (5)  view specimens
bone tool (Fragment of bone tool or whistle, showing carefully made section or 'cut' at eit) (1)  view specimens
Bone tube fragments (Fragments of 1-8203-82094) (1)  view specimens
Bone with bead (Distal end of humerus with disc bead.) (1)  view specimens
Bone, horn and antler (Elk cannon bone) (1)  view specimens
bone, lithic (bone, lithic, cinder(?)) (1)  view specimens
bone, lithics (bone and lithics) (1)  view specimens
bone, seed, plant (bone, seed frags, plant material) (1)  view specimens
bone, shell (bone, shell (abalone), worked bone, 1 rock) (1)  view specimens
Bone, shell and asphalt (Unmodified bone.) (1)  view specimens
Bone, shell and lithic fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Bone, shell, and obsidian (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Bone, shell, bead (Animal bone and shell, clamshell disc bead) (1)  view specimens
Bone, shell, charcoal, clay, rock, beads, obsidian (Sample of fine bone, charcoal, etc. (includes shell, clay, rock, olivella beads,) (1)  view specimens
Bone, shell, obsidian, charcoal, and rocks (29 bone fragments) (1)  view specimens
bone, shell, stone (bone, shell, and stone (water worn and fire-cracked)) (1)  view specimens
Bone, wood, flint and shell fragments (Bone, wood, flint, mussel shell (Mytelus Californicus) fragments.) (2)  view specimens
Bones (Worked.) (1617)  view specimens
Bones ? (Bird bones (?).) (1)  view specimens
Bones and asphalt (Unmodified bone. 'Faunal' added in pencil.) (1)  view specimens
Bones and awl (a) Unmodified mammal bones, b) bone awl.) (1)  view specimens
Bones and beads (Miscellaneous bone and beads.) (1)  view specimens
Bones and bone fragment (Short limb bone, rib, fragment.) (1)  view specimens
Bones and bone fragments (Vertebrae, femur, and fragment of atlas.) (12)  view specimens
Bones and bone objects (Unmodified mammal bone, worked bone.) (2)  view specimens
Bones and claw (Fish vertebra and other bones) (1)  view specimens
Bones and claws (Small bones and perforated claws.) (1)  view specimens
Bones and clay object ? (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Bones and fragments (Animal) (1)  view specimens
Bones and horn (Unspecified) (5)  view specimens
Bones and implement fragments (Various bones showing artificial markings) (1)  view specimens
Bones and pine cone fragments (a) Unmodified mammal bones, b) pine cone fragments.) (1)  view specimens
Bones and sea urchin and baked clay (A. Bones and one sea urchin fragment. B. Baked clay fragment) (1)  view specimens
Bones and shell (Epiphysis of large tibia, two vertebrae, a shell, etc.) (7)  view specimens
Bones and shell fragments (Small animal bones) (1)  view specimens
Bones and shells (Rodent leg bones and spire-lopped olivellas.) (15)  view specimens
Bones and stone (Pointed bones and stone.) (1)  view specimens
Bones and teeth (Small bones, 1 tooth.) (2)  view specimens
Bones and tooth (Fish and other bones and one tooth.) (2)  view specimens
Bones and vertebrae (Small limb bones.) (2)  view specimens
Bones and wooden object (a) Unmodified mammal, b) wooden object.) (1)  view specimens
Bones fragments (Mammal) (1)  view specimens
Bones, glass, nails and stones (Animal and bird bones, glass and old nails, 2 worked stones and one worked rib.) (1)  view specimens
Bones, horn and shells (Mammal bones) (1)  view specimens
Bones, stones, shells (Animal bones.) (1)  view specimens
Boot fragments (Leather boot parts.) (1)  view specimens
Bottle (Woven beadwork covers bottle) (87)  view specimens
Bottle ? fragment (Painted clear glass (milk bottle?).) (4)  view specimens
Bottle and lid (a) Lid, b) bottle. Woven beadwork covers bottle and forms separate lid. Orange) (5)  view specimens
Bottle cap (Unspecified) (7)  view specimens
Bottle caps (Pop-bottle caps.) (1)  view specimens
Bottle fragment (Worked bottle glass.) (159)  view specimens
Bottle fragment ? (Glass, bottle top?) (1)  view specimens
Bottle fragment and cork (Glass, bottle neck with cork amethyst) (2)  view specimens
Bottle fragments (Neck ?) (17)  view specimens
Bottles (Historic materials.) (1)  view specimens
Bough bundle (Cedar boughs.) (1)  view specimens
Boughs (Pepperwood or California laurel.) (3)  view specimens
Boulder (Unspecified) (11)  view specimens
Boulder fragment (With two artificial grooves on one side and a hollowed depression on the other.) (1)  view specimens
Bow (Wood) (37)  view specimens
Bow and arrows (Bow with 2 arrows, wood foreshafts not feathered. 'Very wretched specimens.' B) (3)  view specimens
Bow and bowstring (a) Bow) (1)  view specimens
Bow fragment (Bow limb fragment with nock. Duplicate card filed in Ethnology.) (2)  view specimens
Bow fragment ? (Charred wood) (1)  view specimens
Bow miniature (Covered with red, white, blue glass trade beads in chevron design. Stick foundat) (1)  view specimens
Bowl (Wide mouth, outcurving rim, angle design on outside in red pigment. Ceramic.) (51)  view specimens
Bowl ? (Small earthenware) (1)  view specimens
Bowl ? fragment (Stone.) (2)  view specimens
Bowl ? fragments (Collection of clods of clay etc. As originally found intact it consituted a bow) (1)  view specimens
Bowl and lid (a) Whalebone vertebra bowl. b) Lid.) (1)  view specimens
Bowl fragment (Stone.) (58)  view specimens
Bowl fragment ? (Serpentine.) (2)  view specimens
Bowl fragments (Unspecified) (10)  view specimens
Bowl or mortar fragment ('Bowl/mortar' base fragment) (2)  view specimens
Bowl rim fragment (Steatite) (1)  view specimens
Bowl toy (Small thin pottery bowl. Received incomplete in 3 pieces.) (1)  view specimens
Bowl, soil, and shells (a) Steatite bowl. b) Earth and shells.) (1)  view specimens
Bowl-shaped object (Small, of steatite with overlay of saddle olivella beads in asphalt) (1)  view specimens
Bowstring (Milkweed fibre.) (1)  view specimens
Box (Wooden) (2)  view specimens
Box fragment (Tin box bottom.) (1)  view specimens
Brace (Iron corner-brace.) (1)  view specimens
Bracelet (Metal.) (4)  view specimens
Bracelets (Copper, incised, heavy.) (2)  view specimens
Bracken coil (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Braid (Strips of flat braid.) (4)  view specimens
Brains (From deer. Preserved on shredded bale rope.) (2)  view specimens
Branch (Fragment of smoothed elder branch.) (2)  view specimens
Branch and leaves (Pepperwood (Umbellularia californica).) (1)  view specimens
Branch fragment (Sharpened.) (1)  view specimens
Branches and leaves (Of Idho willow.) (2)  view specimens
Bread (Black bread with leaves in which it has been baked.) (3)  view specimens
Breastplate (Olivella bead. Two pieces and 5 separate pieces.) (1)  view specimens
Breastplate ? (Abalone shell ornament. Six perforations in end.) (4)  view specimens
Breastplate ? fragment (Abalone shell ornament. Five perforations in end.) (2)  view specimens
Breccia (Volcanic breccia lumps.) (1)  view specimens
Brick (Unspecified) (4)  view specimens
Brick fragment (Unspecified) (5)  view specimens
Brick fragments (Red brick) (1)  view specimens
Bronze (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Brush (Worn.) (75)  view specimens
Brush and asphalt (Bristle brush bound with asphalt.) (1)  view specimens
Brush fragment (Tip.) (1)  view specimens
Brush fragment and asphalt (Soaproot brush fragment, asphalt bands.) (2)  view specimens
Brush fragments (Soaproot brush.) (2)  view specimens
Buckberries (Dried.) (1)  view specimens
Buckle (Iron.) (6)  view specimens
Buckle fragment (Metal, with laurel leaf design.) (2)  view specimens
Buckskin (Fringed.) (1)  view specimens
Buckskin fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Buckskin strip (Indian tanned.) (1)  view specimens
Buffer fragment (Sandstone.) (1)  view specimens
Bulb (Unspecified) (7)  view specimens
Bulb ? ('Charred vegetal (Bulb ?)') (1)  view specimens
Bulbs (Unspecified) (6)  view specimens
Bull-roarer (Painted.) (2)  view specimens
Bullet (Shell, discharged. Marked: 38 W.C.F.-W.R.A. Co.) (4)  view specimens
Bullet mold (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Bullet shell (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Bullet shells (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Bundle (Grass, tied) (2)  view specimens
Burden carrier (Net.) (1)  view specimens
Burial ('Cremation #1'.) (1)  view specimens
Burial refuse (Miscellaneous.) (1)  view specimens
Burin (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Burin ? (Obsidian) (2)  view specimens
Burlap (Covered with eagle feathers.) (2)  view specimens
Burnt clay (Piece of burnt clay, with apparently artificial marks.) (1)  view specimens
Bushing (Columella (largest has dentalium) pretiosum.) (1)  view specimens
Button (White.) (201)  view specimens
Button and shell (Abalone button, 1 olive shell) (1)  view specimens
Button back (Brass. One piece button with shank. Small fragment of cordage in shank. Slight t) (4)  view specimens
Button fragment (Part of rivet type metal button.) (8)  view specimens
Button fragments (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Button or pin (Metal, fragment) (1)  view specimens
Button shank (From metal button.) (1)  view specimens
Button stay ? (Brass object.) (1)  view specimens
Buttonhook (Brass.) (1)  view specimens
Buttons (White, porcelain, 4 hole.) (52)  view specimens
Buzzer model (Acorn buzzer.) (1)  view specimens
Cable fragment (Iron, corroded.) (1)  view specimens
Cache (Acorn cache of grass) (1)  view specimens
Cage model (Model of mockingbird cage of cut sticks wound with cloth.) (1)  view specimens
Cake (Flat cake of sea-weed.) (1)  view specimens
Calcaneum (Deer.) (2)  view specimens
Calcareous growth (Calcareous sea growth.) (1)  view specimens
Calcareous samples (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Calcareous substance and iron (Fragmetns of calcareous matter with iron rust attached) (1)  view specimens
Calcite fragments ? (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Can (Tin tea can.) (5)  view specimens
Can fragment (Tin can.) (4)  view specimens
Can fragments (Tin.) (3)  view specimens
Can top (Iron) (3)  view specimens
Candle holder (Iron) (1)  view specimens
Cane (Split, cut section.) (48)  view specimens
Cane fragment (Cut cane.) (3)  view specimens
Canid (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Cannon bone (Two are unworked, one is grooved as for splitting.) (2)  view specimens
Canoe (Section of) (2)  view specimens
Canoe model (Wood. 'Aboriginal') (2)  view specimens
Cans (Iron) (1)  view specimens
Cap (Yellow hammer.) (65)  view specimens
Cap ? (Pierced) (1)  view specimens
Cap fragment (Crown of unfinished basketry cap, double-stitched with milkweed fiber. The foun) (1)  view specimens
Cape (Beaded) (1)  view specimens
Cape ? (Burlap covered with eagle and hawk feathers.) (1)  view specimens
Cape and topknot ((a) Burlap covered with eagle and hawk feather) (1)  view specimens
Carapace fragments (Turtle) (1)  view specimens
Carbon (Chunks. From rodent backdirt pile.) (3)  view specimens
Carbon and charcoal sample (Carbon sample, charcoal sample, from ash bed.) (1)  view specimens
Carbon fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Carbon sample (Unspecified) (10)  view specimens
Carbon samples (In dirt.) (1)  view specimens
Carbonized material (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Carbonized object (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Carbonized sample (Unidentifiable.) (1)  view specimens
Card (Playing card.) (1)  view specimens
Card fragment (Playing card.) (1)  view specimens
Card fragments (Playing card.) (1)  view specimens
Carrying frame model (Model of carrying frame, consisting of sticks and string of mesquite bark.) (1)  view specimens
Carrying strap (Elk hide.) (1)  view specimens
Cartridge (Empty, .22 cartridge.) (4)  view specimens
Cartridge case (Unspecified) (6)  view specimens
Cartridge cases (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Cartridge casing (22 caliber.) (1)  view specimens
Cartridge fragment (Shot gun cap.) (2)  view specimens
Cartridge shell (Unspecified) (4)  view specimens
Cartridge shell and iron fragments (44 cartridge shell.) (1)  view specimens
Cartridge shell and nail (Square nail.) (1)  view specimens
Case (Weed carrying case.) (7)  view specimens
Cast iron fragment (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Cast iron fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Caterpillars (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Cattail (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Cattail fragment (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Cattail fragments (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Cattails (Unspecified) (4)  view specimens
Celluloid object (Small) (1)  view specimens
Ceramic (White, glazed. Historic.) (11)  view specimens
Ceramic and leather (Historic materials.) (1)  view specimens
Ceramic fragment (White glaze.) (2)  view specimens
Ceramic fragments (White.) (2)  view specimens
Ceramic, bottle, and glass (Historic material.) (1)  view specimens
Chain and wood fragment (Brass chain and fragment of wood.) (3)  view specimens
Chain fragment (Metal, pewter (?).) (2)  view specimens
Chalcedony (Mass of.) (1)  view specimens
Chalcedony ? fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Chalcedony fragment ('Specimen not found') (1)  view specimens
Charcoal (Unwashed.) (819)  view specimens
Charcoal and bark (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Charcoal and bone (Charred bone.) (1)  view specimens
Charcoal and seeds (Caught between sieves of 8 and 10 mesh per inch.) (2)  view specimens
Charcoal and soil sample ('Two charcoal samples and matrix sample.') (1)  view specimens
Charcoal and stone (Worked stone.) (1)  view specimens
Charcoal and willow ? (Charcoal lumps, willow ?) (1)  view specimens
Charcoal fragment (Unspecified) (4)  view specimens
Charcoal fragments (Unspecified) (39)  view specimens
Charcoal fragments and bones (3 bones found in the charcoal.) (1)  view specimens
Charcoal sample (Small box.) (30)  view specimens
Charcoal samples (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Charcoal, ash, bone, etc. (Fine charcoal.) (1)  view specimens
Charcoal, shell and dirt (Selected sample of charcoal, shell and dirt.) (1)  view specimens
Charm (Rhomboid charm thread-cross of tules with three pendant cocoons of the silk moth) (2)  view specimens
Charm ? (Steatite pebble.) (1)  view specimens
Charm model (Made of acorns and feathers.) (1)  view specimens
Charm or whetstone fragment (Unspecified) (4)  view specimens
Charmstone (With sharp longitudinal groove.) (669)  view specimens
Charmstone ? (Unspecified) (29)  view specimens
Charmstone ? fragment (Unspecified) (9)  view specimens
Charmstone ? or pestle (Long pear-shape) (1)  view specimens
Charmstone fragment (Unspecified) (308)  view specimens
Charmstone fragment ? (Unspecified) (8)  view specimens
Charmstone fragment or pestle ? fragment (End section.) (2)  view specimens
Charmstone fragments (Unspecified) (17)  view specimens
Charmstone or effigy (Animal effigy.) (1)  view specimens
Charmstone or pestle (One end of, rough. Possibly the upper end of a small pestle) (1)  view specimens
Charmstone or shuttle (Charmstone or weaver's shuttle.) (1)  view specimens
Charmstone or sinker (Perforated.) (2)  view specimens
Charmstones (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Chert (Worked.) (119)  view specimens
Chert ? ('Chert (5) ?') (1)  view specimens
Chert and basalt (Worked chert (2)) (4)  view specimens
Chert and flint fragments (Fragments of flint, chert, etc.) (8)  view specimens
Chert and jasper (Worked chert (2), jasper (1).) (2)  view specimens
Chert and obsidian (Worked chert (1), obsidian (6).) (1)  view specimens
Chert and quartz (Worked chert (3), quartz (1).) (1)  view specimens
Chert fragment (Worked.) (45)  view specimens
Chert fragment and flake (Chert fragment and obsidian flake.) (1)  view specimens
Chert fragments (Unspecified) (13)  view specimens
Chert nodule (Angular waste nodule) (1)  view specimens
Chert or obsidian (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Chert sample (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Chert samples (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
China ('Am-Eng.') (3)  view specimens
China fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
China and glass fragments (China ware.) (1)  view specimens
China fragment (White.) (174)  view specimens
China fragments (Unspecified) (33)  view specimens
China fragments and button (Bone button.) (1)  view specimens
China lump (Fused china glaze ? lump.) (1)  view specimens
Chinaware fragment (Unspecified) (4)  view specimens
Chinaware fragments (Blue on white.) (3)  view specimens
Chip (Worked, obsidian) (108)  view specimens
Chip fragment (Made of obsidian.) (1)  view specimens
Chip sample (Basalt.) (1)  view specimens
Chipped stone (Unspecified) (62)  view specimens
Chipped stones (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Chips (Workshop chips, obsidian.) (153)  view specimens
Chips ? (Obsidian fragments (work shop chips?).) (1)  view specimens
Chips and flakes (Quartzite and other stone.) (2)  view specimens
Chips and fragments (Argillite chips and workshop fragments.) (1)  view specimens
Chips and point fragments (Obsidian.) (2)  view specimens
Chisel (Iron) (9)  view specimens
Chisel ? (Obsidian.) (2)  view specimens
Chisel graver (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Chisel or gouge (Bone.) (1)  view specimens
Chisel or gouge fragment (Fragment, bone.) (1)  view specimens
Chisel or scraper (Stone.) (1)  view specimens
Chiton (Valve of large chiton) (1)  view specimens
Chiton fragment (Section of chiton.) (1)  view specimens
Choker (Silk 'choker' with shell pendants.) (1)  view specimens
Chondyle (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Chopper (Stone.) (829)  view specimens
Chopper ? (Stone.) (11)  view specimens
Chopper ? fragment (Worked fragment (chopping tool?). Black obsidian.) (3)  view specimens
Chopper ? fragment or projectile point fragment (Probable chopping tool or large projectile point fragment. Black obsidian.) (1)  view specimens
Chopper fragment (Made of chert.) (10)  view specimens
Chopper hammer (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Chopper hammerstone (Unspecified) (4)  view specimens
Chopper knife (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Chopper or hammerstone (Or hammerstone. See also 1-72836-72841) (3)  view specimens
Chopper or scraper (Heavy.) (2)  view specimens
Chopper or scraper plane ? (Possible jasper chopper or scraper plane.) (1)  view specimens
Chopper scraper (Unspecified) (4)  view specimens
Chopper sinker (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Choppers ('Chopper, cache') (1)  view specimens
Chunk (Ground stone.) (58)  view specimens
Chunk and point fragment ((a) Chunk. (b) Projectile point fragment.) (1)  view specimens
Chunk fragment (Broken end of an oblong chunk of burnt clay.) (3)  view specimens
Chunks (Unspecified) (9)  view specimens
Cigarette holder (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
cinder (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Cinnabar (Unspecified) (6)  view specimens
Clam (Washington clam, Schizothaerus nuttalli.) (16)  view specimens
Clam fragment (Pismo.) (1)  view specimens
Clam fragments ('Clam pcs.') (1)  view specimens
Clam shell (Clam shell fragments) (2)  view specimens
Clamp ? (Iron.) (1)  view specimens
Clamshell (Unworked.) (12)  view specimens
Clamshell feature (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Clamshell fragment (Unspecified) (6)  view specimens
Clamshell fragments (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Clamshells (Unspecified) (5)  view specimens
Clapper (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Clappers ? (Probably from 1-163682 (bells).) (1)  view specimens
Clasp (Gold plated metal.) (1)  view specimens
Claw (Crab) (16)  view specimens
Claw ? (Of eagle.) (2)  view specimens
Claw bones (Calcined claw bones of a bear.) (1)  view specimens
Claw fragment (Crab.) (3)  view specimens
Claw fragments (Crab) (1)  view specimens
Claws (Unspecified) (19)  view specimens
Claws, bone and asphaltum (Asphaltum fragments. Painted with red ochre.) (1)  view specimens
Clay (With some bits are raw.) (37)  view specimens
Clay ? object (Triangular shaped flat piece of what seems to be a gritty burnt clay.) (1)  view specimens
Clay and ash sample (Sample of clay and ash concentration.) (1)  view specimens
Clay and bone fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Clay and flint fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Clay and pebble sample (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Clay and soil (Samples of clay and gritty soil.) (1)  view specimens
Clay ball (With reed impression.) (491)  view specimens
Clay ball fragment (Unspecified) (76)  view specimens
Clay ball fragments (Fragments of clay balls.) (8)  view specimens
Clay balls (Pottery balls.) (4)  view specimens
Clay fragment (Unspecified) (4)  view specimens
Clay fragments (Red fired.) (6)  view specimens
Clay impressions (Baked clay.) (2)  view specimens
Clay mussel ? ('Clay mussel ?') (1)  view specimens
Clay object (Unspecified) (19)  view specimens
Clay object ? ((Unbaked).) (1)  view specimens
Clay objects (String - like fragments of hardened clay.) (2)  view specimens
Clay or ash sample (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Clay or daub chunks (Small.) (2)  view specimens
Clay or paint (Blue) (1)  view specimens
Clay sample (Yellowish) (36)  view specimens
Clay samples (For pottery) (1)  view specimens
Clay, asphaltum and shell fragments (Lump of clay, asphaltum and shell fragments.) (1)  view specimens
clay, bone (clay lumps and one piece of bone) (1)  view specimens
clay, bone, lithic, plant (clay lumps, lithic, petrified wood, bone, charcoal) (1)  view specimens
clay, bone, shell (bone, stone, shell, clay) (1)  view specimens
Clay, flint, and bone fragments (Unspecified) (5)  view specimens
Clay, flint, bone, and shell fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
clay, rock (baked clay and fire cracked rock) (1)  view specimens
Clay, sand and gravel sample (Sample of clay, sand, and fine gravel.) (1)  view specimens
Clay, sand, and peat (Samples.) (1)  view specimens
Clay, sand, shell, and peat (Samples.) (1)  view specimens
Clay, shell and pebble sample (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Clay, shell, and gravel (Samples of clay with shell, gravel, samples.) (7)  view specimens
Clay, shell, and peat (Samples.) (1)  view specimens
Clay, shell, and soil (Samples.) (1)  view specimens
Clay, soil, and gravel (Samples of clay, sticky soil, and gravel.) (1)  view specimens
Claystone (0.25 round) (1)  view specimens
Claystone fragment (Triangular.) (1)  view specimens
Cloak (Made of deer skin.) (2)  view specimens
Cloth (With sequins.) (6)  view specimens
Cloth ? fragment (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Cloth and grass fragment (Wood cloth, grass fragment.) (1)  view specimens
Cloth fragment (With rust and charcoal adhering.) (43)  view specimens
Cloth fragment and hair ? (a) Cloth fragment, b) hairy material.) (1)  view specimens
Cloth fragments (Twill. Some pieces with plaid pattern.) (8)  view specimens
Cloth fragments and hair (Wad of cloth fragments and hair or fur.) (1)  view specimens
Cloth or fur and basketry fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Clover (Specimen, ethnobotanical) (5)  view specimens
Club (Made of wood. Cylindrical, bowling pin shaped. String carrying handle lashed t) (3)  view specimens
Club ? fragment (Major portion of flattish club-like object of closely grained bluish-gray stone,) (1)  view specimens
Club head (Perforated club stone, painted pink.) (1)  view specimens
Club model (Potato masher shape. Stained black. Made of wood of mesquite tree. The end is) (1)  view specimens
Coal (Unspecified) (4)  view specimens
Coal fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Coat (Feathered net coat. Coarser (than 1-640).) (2)  view specimens
Coating (Baked clay, from house frame) (2)  view specimens
Cobble (With six worked faces.) (46)  view specimens
Cobble fragment (With asphalt.) (8)  view specimens
Cobble object (Ground.) (1)  view specimens
Cobble or mano ? fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Cobbles (With asphalt.) (6)  view specimens
Cobblestone (Small.) (2)  view specimens
Cocoon (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Cocoons (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Cog stone fragment (Cog stone frag.) (1)  view specimens
Coil (Tule.) (12)  view specimens
Coil ? ('Carbonized coiled.') (1)  view specimens
Coin (United States of America 5 cent coin, 1868.) (4)  view specimens
Collar or cape (Bead collar or cape) (1)  view specimens
Colored fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Comal fragment (Steatite.) (6)  view specimens
Comal fragment ? ('Camal fragment.' '?' added in pencil.) (1)  view specimens
Comb (Tubular shape, gathered together at center with cotton twine.) (3)  view specimens
Comb fragment (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Comb holder (Cow tail.) (1)  view specimens
Composition material (Piece of composition material.) (1)  view specimens
Concretion (Wax-like.) (32)  view specimens
Concretion ? (Natural concretion? Possibly with ruminant of some adhesive substance.) (1)  view specimens
Concretion or antler ? (Concretion (fossil antler ?).) (1)  view specimens
Concretions (Unidentified.) (1)  view specimens
Concretions ? (Lime.) (1)  view specimens
Concretions and earth sample (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Cones (Asphaltum) (1)  view specimens
Conglomerate fragment ('Frag. conglomerate'.) (1)  view specimens
Constituent sample ('Constit. sample'.) (10)  view specimens
Container (Haliotis asphalt container.) (10)  view specimens
Cooking stone (With food.) (69)  view specimens
Cooking stone ? (Very flat old stone, apparently smoothed.) (2)  view specimens
Cooking stone fragment (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Cooking stone fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Cooking stone or mortar fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Cooking stones (Unspecified) (14)  view specimens
Cooking stones ? (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Copper (Plate, rolled.) (8)  view specimens
Copper ? fragment (Metal fragment, copper?) (1)  view specimens
Copper fragment (Unspecified) (11)  view specimens
Copper fragments (Unspecified) (5)  view specimens
Copper object (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Copper objects (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Copper salts and fibers ('Copper salts preserving fibers.') (1)  view specimens
Coprolite (Unspecified) (6)  view specimens
Coprolite ? (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Coprolites (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Coral (Piece of.) (1)  view specimens
Coral ? (Fossil coral ?) (2)  view specimens
Coral fragment (Piece of coral.) (1)  view specimens
Coral fragment ? (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Cord (Sinew) (13)  view specimens
Cord and matting fragments (Two-ply cord and matting.) (2)  view specimens
Cord fragment (Unspecified) (4)  view specimens
Cord fragments (Charred.) (2)  view specimens
Cordage (Unspecified) (85)  view specimens
Cordage ? (Knotted, 2-ply tule.) (1)  view specimens
Cordage and twig (2 strand apocynum cordage tied about a short cut length of twig.) (1)  view specimens
Cordage fragment (Unspecified) (135)  view specimens
Cordage fragments (Unspecified) (24)  view specimens
Cordage material (Apocynum cannabinum stems, bundle.) (1)  view specimens
Cordage or textile (Mass of charred cordage or textile.) (1)  view specimens
Cordage, netting and sticks (Cordage, netting, sticks, etc, frags. carbonized) (1)  view specimens
Core (Yellow flint core) (348)  view specimens
Core ? (Rock, possible chert core.) (4)  view specimens
Core and flake (Basalt.) (1)  view specimens
Core and flakes (Basalt, core and 2 flakes.) (15)  view specimens
Core and hammerstone (Basalt core and core hammerstone.) (3)  view specimens
Core and scraper (Basalt core) (1)  view specimens
Core chopper (Quartz) (1)  view specimens
Core fragment (Obsidian.) (3)  view specimens
Core fragment ? (Possible core fragment (water worn)) (1)  view specimens
Core or hammerstone (Quartzite.) (2)  view specimens
Core or scraper plane (Obsidian.) (1)  view specimens
Core sample (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Core samples (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Core scraper (Quartzite) (5)  view specimens
Core tool (Quartz) (23)  view specimens
Cores (Small, unworked, obsidian.) (42)  view specimens
Cores ? (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Cores and flake (Basalt, 2 cores and 1 flake.) (1)  view specimens
Cores and flakes (Obsidian.) (1)  view specimens
Cores and hammerstone (Basalt core, basalt core hammerstone, and quartzite core.) (1)  view specimens
Cores, flakes, chips, and arrow points (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Cork (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Cork fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Cormorant (Branot cormorant.) (4)  view specimens
Corms (Small bottle of Cyperus rotundus. [Corms of a sedge, commonly called 'grass nut) (2)  view specimens
Corn (Kernels.) (1)  view specimens
Corn and meal (White corn and fine ground meal. Zea amylacea.) (1)  view specimens
Corncob with husk (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Coronet (High feather coronet of magpie, crow, and horned owl feathers.) (1)  view specimens
Corset stay (Iron corset 'bone') (2)  view specimens
Costume (Feather dance costume.) (1)  view specimens
Costume portion (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Counters (Stick counters for stave game (1-2750-55).) (2)  view specimens
Counters or sling shot (Game counters) (1)  view specimens
Counting sticks (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Cow bones (Domesticated cow skeletal remains) (1)  view specimens
Coyote (Canis, canine.) (1)  view specimens
Crab (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Cradle (With straps and fitted 'mattress.') (36)  view specimens
Cradle and sunshade (a) Twined openwork basketry cradle) (2)  view specimens
Cradle band (Red and blue wool woven band. Very poor condition, composed of several fragment) (5)  view specimens
Cradle board (Of wood, split sticks, wool, wire, and calico lashings.) (1)  view specimens
Cradle board model (Ellipsoid-shaped wood frame, leather covered, basketry shade. Glass seed bead d) (3)  view specimens
Cradle fragment (Skeleton of skin-covered cradle.) (1)  view specimens
Cradle frame (Frame work and head covering of cradle. The frame is said to be made of mesquit) (1)  view specimens
Cradle model (Miniature cradle.) (3)  view specimens
Cradle tie (Red and black woven fabric of wool. Condition poor and in several fragments.) (1)  view specimens
Cradle toy (Uses old shoe laces for straps, openwork twining.) (1)  view specimens
Cranium (Marmota, flaviventer, cranium.) (2)  view specimens
Creaser ? (Steatite tule creaser (?), roughly elliptical, damaged.) (1)  view specimens
Crescent (Mussel shell.) (7)  view specimens
Crockery fragment (White.) (50)  view specimens
Crockery fragments (White.) (4)  view specimens
Cross (Wooden.) (3)  view specimens
Crotch (Oak.) (2)  view specimens
Crowbar ? (Iron.) (1)  view specimens
Crucifix (Small, brass.) (1)  view specimens
Cruet fragment (Vinegar cruet.) (1)  view specimens
Crusher ? (Blue rock. Irregular.) (1)  view specimens
Crustacean (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Crystal (Worked quartz) (224)  view specimens
Crystal ? (Transparent quartz 'crystal'.) (1)  view specimens
Crystal ? fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Crystal and shell (Quartz crystal and olivella shell, 'Olivella biplicata' added in pen.) (1)  view specimens
Crystal fragment (Unspecified) (29)  view specimens
Crystal fragments (Rock crystal.) (6)  view specimens
Crystals (Quartz. Whole and fragments) (32)  view specimens
Crystals and fragments (Quartz.) (1)  view specimens
Cup (Small size with handle. Decorated with red pigment in angle designs. Ceramic.) (14)  view specimens
Cup ? (Small bone cup (?).) (2)  view specimens
Cup ? fragment (Clear glass fragment (wine cup?).) (1)  view specimens
Cup and saucer (Twined basketry. (a) Cup with handle, scalloped edge, cross-shaped design of 4 r) (1)  view specimens
Cup fragment (Porcelain sherd, white, cup handle.) (8)  view specimens
Cup fragments (Porcelain sherds, cup base, decorated red and gold) (2)  view specimens
Cups and trays (Flint cups in 4 wooden trays.) (1)  view specimens
Curve (The beginning of a Stockton curve.) (111)  view specimens
Curve fragment (Stockton curve. Obsidian. Double serrations. Point and base missing.) (12)  view specimens
Cylinder (Whale bone.) (30)  view specimens
Cylinder fragment (Baked clay cylinder.) (5)  view specimens
Cylinder fragment ? (Half of stone cylinder like object showing ancient asphalt mending.) (1)  view specimens
Cylinders (Magnesite cylinders) (2)  view specimens
Cylindrical fragment (Small.) (1)  view specimens
Cylindrical fragments (4 small black cylindrical fragments) (2)  view specimens
Cylindrical object (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Dacite (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Dagger (Split cannon bone, perforated.) (16)  view specimens
Dagger ? (Fragment. Bone) (1)  view specimens
Dagger fragment (Bone.) (5)  view specimens
Dagger point (Unspecified) (25)  view specimens
Dagger points (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Dart (Made of feathers.) (35)  view specimens
Dart shaft fragment (Nock end of.) (1)  view specimens
Debitage (Lithic.) (35)  view specimens
Debitage and flakes (Lithic.) (1)  view specimens
Debris ('Misc. debris'.) (1)  view specimens
Deer (Male.) (2)  view specimens
Deer ? bone fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Deer bone (Unspecified) (7)  view specimens
Deer bone fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Deer bones (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Deer brains (Dried, on shredded bale rope, one 'patty.') (1)  view specimens
Deer head (Stuffed) (1)  view specimens
Deer horn prong (Curved, twisted, bleached, and water worn.) (1)  view specimens
Deer jaw (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Deer jaw fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Deer mandible (Right side.) (1)  view specimens
Deer teeth (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Deer tine (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Deer toe bones (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Deer tooth (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Deerskin (Stuffed deerskin with eyes and tongue of red woodpecker feathers.) (4)  view specimens
Dentalia (Unspecified) (9)  view specimens
Dentalium (Incised.) (1)  view specimens
Dentalium fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Deposit sample (Whole deposit sample.) (1)  view specimens
Diabase fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Diaper (Blue cloth 'diaper.') (1)  view specimens
Diatomaceous earth (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Dice (Walnut shell.) (27)  view specimens
Dice ? (Worked bone: (dice?).) (1)  view specimens
Dice fragment (Bone.) (3)  view specimens
Dice model (Mussel shell discs, round.) (1)  view specimens
Dice set model (Made of willow wood, painted. Design on (a) was called 'man,' on (b) 'woman,' a) (1)  view specimens
Die (Unspecified) (5)  view specimens
Die ? (Made of bone.) (2)  view specimens
Digger (Horn. Broken.) (9)  view specimens
Digging stick (Very large, old.) (5)  view specimens
Digging stick ? (Antler tool.) (1)  view specimens
Digging stick and fragment (Elk antler.) (1)  view specimens
Dipper (Unspecified) (5)  view specimens
Dirt (Sample. Typical of mound 1-4 ft deep.) (7)  view specimens
Dirt sample (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Disc (Unperforated clam shell.) (154)  view specimens
Disc and beads (Shell disc and cylindrical beads.) (1)  view specimens
Disc and labret (Perforated haliotis disc, stone labret.) (1)  view specimens
Disc fragment (Tile.) (13)  view specimens
Disc fragment ? ('Tile disc. (frag.?)') (1)  view specimens
Disc fragments (Abalone) (1)  view specimens
Discoid (Small discoidal stone.) (11)  view specimens
Discoid fragment (Discoidal, perforated.) (2)  view specimens
Discoidal fragment (Unspecified) (5)  view specimens
Discord ('Chert discord') (1)  view specimens
Discs (Small, shell.) (15)  view specimens
Discs and clay (Olivella shell discs and bead-like bit of clay.) (1)  view specimens
Discs and pendants (Small shell disks and 7 abalone pendants.) (2)  view specimens
Discs, bone and stone fragments (Small discs) (1)  view specimens
Dish (Wooden) (71)  view specimens
Dish ? (Oval stone.) (1)  view specimens
Dish and steatite fragments ((a) Fragment of steatite dish (b) 3 Steatite fragments submitted to Prof. Lawson) (1)  view specimens
Dish fragment (Stone, circular.) (31)  view specimens
Dish fragments (Stone dish frags., some perforated) (5)  view specimens
Dish model (Small model of dish. Hand prints and animal designs inside: charred bottom: t) (1)  view specimens
Dish or cup (Steatite. With handle.) (2)  view specimens
Dish or spoon (Stone.) (1)  view specimens
Dish toy (Small, partly baked pottery dish. Rough edge, clay only partly turned red.) (1)  view specimens
Dish, asphalt, and basketry (Vertebra dish, natural hole plugged with asphalt, broken, disc of coiled basketr) (1)  view specimens
Disk (Unperforated.) (269)  view specimens
Disk ? (Fragment, abalone, perforated.) (2)  view specimens
Disk ? fragment (Perforated, claystone.) (2)  view specimens
Disk fragment (Stone) (23)  view specimens
Disk fragments (Made of abalone.) (6)  view specimens
Disk or pendant (Small, shallow, irregular steatite disk or pendant with 2 close perforations.) (2)  view specimens
Disk with beads (Abalone) (1)  view specimens
Disks (Steatite, drilled.) (15)  view specimens
Disks and baked clay (Frag. baked clay: small disks and lumps) (1)  view specimens
Disks and fragments (Abalone fragments, 6 disks.) (1)  view specimens
Disks and lumps (Frag. baked clay small disk and lumps) (1)  view specimens
Disks and slabs (Frag. baked clay, thin disks and slabs) (2)  view specimens
Dog ? burial (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Dog ? remains (Very fragmentary.) (1)  view specimens
Dog burial (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Doll (Small sundried clay doll in form of female figure.) (3)  view specimens
Doll fragment (China.) (2)  view specimens
Domino (Formed of thin bone) (1)  view specimens
Door (Sliding door for last.) (4)  view specimens
Door stick (Upright-stick.) (2)  view specimens
Doorjamb (Grooved piece of wood for door (11856) to slide in.) (1)  view specimens
Down (Eagle down. Raw material. One bottle.) (1)  view specimens
Dress (Unspecified) (5)  view specimens
Dress ? fragment (Charred.) (1)  view specimens
Dress model (Woman's, made of shredded bark, model. Fibers bunched together at waist and bou) (1)  view specimens
Drill (Triangular, made of flint.) (264)  view specimens
Drill (?) fragment (Obsidian.) (1)  view specimens
Drill ? (Retouched prismatic flake.) (17)  view specimens
Drill ? fragment (Obsidian.) (1)  view specimens
Drill and scraper (Obsidian.) (1)  view specimens
Drill base (Obsidian) (3)  view specimens
Drill bow (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Drill fragment (Unspecified) (70)  view specimens
Drill fragment ? (Quartzite tip.) (5)  view specimens
Drill fragments (Obsidian.) (3)  view specimens
Drill or awl fragment (Obsidian drill or awl point.) (1)  view specimens
Drill or graver (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Drill or point fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Drill point (Unspecified) (5)  view specimens
Drill, hearth and tinder ((a) Cane fire drill. (b) Willow fire hearth. (c) Sage bark tinder.) (1)  view specimens
Driller (Iron driller.) (1)  view specimens
Drills (Stone) (62)  view specimens
Drills and drill fragments (Made of flint.) (1)  view specimens
Drills and ornament (Single flake drills and ornament.) (1)  view specimens
Drills and ornaments (Single flake flint drills and ornaments.) (5)  view specimens
Drills or gravers (Obsidian.) (1)  view specimens
Dry material (Passed through screen, random sample, 11615 grams with bag.) (1)  view specimens
Dry screenings (Random sample, 4820 grams with bag.) (1)  view specimens
Duck bill (Upper part.) (1)  view specimens
Duck head (Stuffed duck's head.) (1)  view specimens
Dung (Unspecified) (4)  view specimens
Dung ? (Cigar shaped object. Coyote dung?) (1)  view specimens
Dung sample (Pelvic region.) (2)  view specimens
Ear spool (White, decorated with shell (cf. 141869 - part of pair?)) (5)  view specimens
Earplug (Steatite.) (7)  view specimens
Earplug ? (Steatite.) (9)  view specimens
Earplug fragments (Made of abalone) (1)  view specimens
Earplugs (Very small, wooden.) (8)  view specimens
Earrings (One pair) (4)  view specimens
Earth (Red.) (6)  view specimens
Earth fragments (Hard.) (1)  view specimens
Earth fragments and pitch (Fragments with pitch adhering.) (1)  view specimens
Earth fragments and shells (Olivella shells.) (1)  view specimens
Earthenware fragment (White) (2)  view specimens
Earthy material and textile fragments (Lumps of earthy material and fragments of textile wrappings.) (1)  view specimens
Eccentric (Chert.) (1)  view specimens
Eel slitter (Unspecified) (7)  view specimens
Effigies (Frag. baked clay) (40)  view specimens
Effigies and baked clay (Frag. baked clay: small lumps and effigies) (4)  view specimens
Effigy (Polished/shaped bone.) (46)  view specimens
Effigy (?) (Frag. baked clay) (2)  view specimens
Effigy ? (Fragmentary bird (?) effigy of baked clay) (9)  view specimens
Effigy fragment (Baked clay, effigy part.) (6)  view specimens
Egg (Glass nest egg.) (2)  view specimens
Eggs (Sample from clay-midden transition, molluscan) (2)  view specimens
Eggshell (Crushed and imbedded in clay.) (1)  view specimens
Eggshell and ash (Crushed egg shell and ash, cupped into shell, 38023.) (1)  view specimens
Eggshell fragment (Perhaps burrowing owl egg.) (1)  view specimens
Elder fragment (Cut elder section.) (1)  view specimens
Elderberries (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Electrode (Partially worked battery electrode.) (1)  view specimens
Elk ? bone (Toe bone.) (3)  view specimens
Elk ? scapula (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Elk bone (Elk cannon bone.) (1)  view specimens
Elk bone fragment (Fragment of elk radius (?)) (1)  view specimens
Elk bone fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Elk bones (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Elk horn fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Elk tooth (Cervus nanodes.) (5)  view specimens
End scraper (Chert) (1)  view specimens
Engraver (Chert.) (1)  view specimens
Epiphragmophora (Epiphragmophora) (1)  view specimens
Equisetum ('Equisetium,' horse tail reed.) (1)  view specimens
Excrement (Animal) (2)  view specimens
Extractor model (Model of deer horn implement.) (1)  view specimens
Eye ('Metal 'eye' ') (1)  view specimens
Eye-bar (Iron.) (1)  view specimens
Eyes (Metal eyes from 'hooks and eyes.') (1)  view specimens
Fabric (Twined.) (5)  view specimens
Fabric fragments (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Face paint (Bright red face paint.) (1)  view specimens
Fan (Radiating fan of 13 feathered sticks set in a ring.) (3)  view specimens
Fastener (Metal.) (1)  view specimens
fauna (squirrel skull) (15)  view specimens
fauna, bead (fauna and 1 shell bead and 1 possible chert core) (1)  view specimens
fauna, lithic (bone and lithics (chert and obsidian)) (2)  view specimens
fauna, rock, seed (fish vertebrae, rock, seed) (1)  view specimens
fauna, shell (faunal bone, 1 shell) (4)  view specimens
fauna, shell, lithic (shell, lithic, and bone) (8)  view specimens
fauna, shell, rock, soil (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
fauna, wood, seed (bone and wood charcoal and seed) (1)  view specimens
fauna, wood, shell, lithics (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Faunal (Unspecified) (12)  view specimens
Faunal bone fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Faunal remain (Unspecified) (90)  view specimens
Faunal remain ? (Removed from cat 12, previously 12-9830/9832/9833) (3)  view specimens
Faunal remain and artifact (Faunal remain and artifact removed from Cat. 12 on June, 1988. Previous number w) (4)  view specimens
Faunal remains (Unspecified) (578)  view specimens
Faunal remains and artifacts (Removed from Cat. 12.) (7)  view specimens
Faunal remains and shell (Faunal remains, primarily shell.) (1)  view specimens
Faunal remains and shells (Clam shells (Anadonta).) (1)  view specimens
Faunal remains, bone fragments and shell fragments (Faunal remains, primarily animal and fish bone fragments and a few shell fragmen) (1)  view specimens
Faunal remains, shell, and lithic fragments (Faunal remains, primarily shell with some unworked lithic fragments.) (1)  view specimens
Faunal remains, stone object, awl and shell (a) Faunal remains) (1)  view specimens
Feather (Unspecified) (12)  view specimens
Feather ? remains (Carbonized feather (?) remains.) (1)  view specimens
Feather and leather (Feather tied to leather) (1)  view specimens
Feather bunches (Bunches of yellowhammer feathers.) (1)  view specimens
Feather fragment (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Feather fragment and bone fragment (Feather fragment on bone fragment) (1)  view specimens
Feather fragment and wood fragment (Feather fragment on wood fragment) (1)  view specimens
Feathered stick (Feathered stick for 'Bighead' headdress.) (68)  view specimens
Feathers (Throat feathers of red headed woodpecker for basketry. Melanerpes formicivours.) (26)  view specimens
Feathers and skewers (7 condor feathers and 2 skewers ceremonial.) (1)  view specimens
Feature #5 (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Fecal matter (Unspecified) (11)  view specimens
Feldspar? fragment (Stone fragment.) (1)  view specimens
Femur (Mammalian femur probably.) (5)  view specimens
Femur fragment (Head of elk femur.) (2)  view specimens
Femurs (Gopher.) (1)  view specimens
Fence (Section of maple bark deer fence.) (1)  view specimens
Fence fragment (Iron barbed wire fencing fragment.) (1)  view specimens
Fern (Specimen, ethnobotanical) (1)  view specimens
Fern root (Split undyed bracken fern root, Pteris aquilinum.) (1)  view specimens
Fiber (Unspecified) (34)  view specimens
Fiber and bone fragment (Carbonized fiber and humerus head.) (1)  view specimens
Fiber bundle (Soaproot (?)) (6)  view specimens
Fiber extractor (Fiber extractor, mussel shell (cracked, two pieces missing). Two holes drilled) (1)  view specimens
Fiber fragment (Knotted.) (17)  view specimens
Fiber fragments (Unspecified) (9)  view specimens
Fiber material (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Fiber roll (Small roll of willow root fiber.) (1)  view specimens
Fiber strips (Bark fibre strips, in bundle. Species not known.) (1)  view specimens
Fibers (Soaproot fibers. Carbonized.) (1)  view specimens
Fibrous material (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Figurine (Porcelain, head only) (20)  view specimens
Figurine ? (Baked clay.) (1)  view specimens
Figurine fragment (Unspecified) (5)  view specimens
Figurine fragments (Baked clay.) (1)  view specimens
File (Three-cornered.) (9)  view specimens
File ? (Iron) (1)  view specimens
File fragment (Made of iron.) (1)  view specimens
Finger impression (Baked clay mass.) (3)  view specimens
Finger impressions (Baked clay, fragment.) (3)  view specimens
Fingernail impression (Frag. baked clay fingernail impress) (2)  view specimens
Fingernail impression and scratches (Frag. baked clay: fingernail impress and scratches) (1)  view specimens
Fingernail impressions (Baked clay, fragment.) (1)  view specimens
Fins (Fish.) (1)  view specimens
Fire drill (Buckeye, slightly used.) (12)  view specimens
Fire drill and board (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Fire drill and borer (Large, unpainted fire drill and unpainted borer. The drill has several holes in) (2)  view specimens
Fire drill and hearth (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Fire drill foreshaft (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Fire drill fragment (Upper or twirling piece.) (3)  view specimens
Fire drill fragment ? (Worked wooden object.) (1)  view specimens
Fire hearth (Sagebrush.) (2)  view specimens
Fire pit sample (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Fire poke (Wooden, broken) (1)  view specimens
Fired clay fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Fired clay objects (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Firestone (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Firewood (Piece of.) (1)  view specimens
Fish (Salmon strips, smoked and dried.) (8)  view specimens
Fish and bird bone (Caught by 2' mesh.) (1)  view specimens
Fish bone (Unspecified) (140)  view specimens
Fish bone fragment (Unspecified) (8)  view specimens
Fish bones (Mostly stingray.) (53)  view specimens
Fish bones ? (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Fish bones and sting ray tail fragments (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Fish jawbone fragment (Of large fish.) (1)  view specimens
Fish remains (Sample.) (2)  view specimens
Fish scales (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Fish scales ? (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Fish skeleton fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
fish spear (fish spear fragments) (1)  view specimens
fish spears (bone, fish spears) (1)  view specimens
Fish teeth (Broken.) (1)  view specimens
Fish trays (Double cone shape. Plain twine in willow. Made of willow with feather inserts) (1)  view specimens
Fish vertebra (Unspecified) (23)  view specimens
Fish vertebra and fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Fish vertebra fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Fish vertebrae (Various sizes.) (7)  view specimens
Fishhook (Unspecified) (77)  view specimens
Fishhook ? (Perforated shell rim.) (6)  view specimens
Fishhook ? fragment (Pointed bone, asphalt one one end.) (2)  view specimens
Fishhook ? fragments (Wooden.) (2)  view specimens
Fishhook ? or pin ? (Gorge fishhook (?), nose pin (?).) (1)  view specimens
Fishhook blank (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Fishhook fragment (Shell fish) (12)  view specimens
Fishhook fragments (Made of abalone.) (2)  view specimens
Fishhook or ornament (Shell.) (2)  view specimens
Fishhooks (Unspecified) (27)  view specimens
Fishhooks and asphalt fragments (Fishhooks of abalone.) (1)  view specimens
Fishhooks or ornaments (Made of Haliotis.) (1)  view specimens
Flag (Blue and white head flag.) (3)  view specimens
Flageolet (With three stops, unornamented, made of cane. Piece of canvas with fringe has b) (2)  view specimens
Flake (Yellow, scraper-like.) (861)  view specimens
Flake ? (Basalt worked flake.) (2)  view specimens
Flake and paint (Flint flake, red paint.) (1)  view specimens
Flake and pebbles (Quartzite.) (1)  view specimens
Flake and scraper (Obsidian.) (1)  view specimens
Flake fragment (Slate.) (19)  view specimens
Flake fragments (Obsidian.) (7)  view specimens
Flake fragments and flake (a) Fragment, interior, soft hammer, red Franciscan chert) (1)  view specimens
Flake sample (Unspecified) (30)  view specimens
Flake scraper (Chert) (4)  view specimens
Flake scrapers ? (Retouched flakes or flake scrapers. 1 basaltic, 2 obsidian.) (1)  view specimens
Flake, clay and bones (Stone flake) (1)  view specimens
Flaked bone (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Flaker (Worked bone) (153)  view specimens
Flaker ? (Possible bone.) (12)  view specimens
Flaker ? fragment (Horn flaking (?) implement.) (4)  view specimens
Flaker and shell (Ulna flaker and olivella shell, 'biplicata' added in pencil.) (1)  view specimens
Flaker fragment (Unspecified) (61)  view specimens
Flaker fragment ? (Questionable, antler tip.) (3)  view specimens
Flaker or awl (Antler.) (1)  view specimens
Flakers (Obsidian, 3 red, 5 black.) (2)  view specimens
Flakes (Worked, obsidian.) (700)  view specimens
Flakes ? (Antler.) (1)  view specimens
Flakes and core material (Waste flakes. Black obsidian.) (1)  view specimens
Flakes and cores (Obsidian, worked.) (3)  view specimens
Flakes and flake fragment (a) Interior, hard hammer with simple faceted striking platform, dark green chert) (1)  view specimens
Flakes and flint fragments ('Flint flakes and fragments.') (1)  view specimens
Flakes and fragments (Stone) (1)  view specimens
Flakes and implement fragments (Flint flakes.) (1)  view specimens
Flakes and paint (Triangular flint flakes, painted red. Red paint.) (1)  view specimens
Flakes and point fragments ('Flaked obsidian, incl. point frags.') (2)  view specimens
Flakes, cobbles, and pebbles (Struck flakes, cobbles, and pebbles) (1)  view specimens
Flaking outfit (Three-piece outfit for flaking arrow points.) (1)  view specimens
Flaking tool (Ulna.) (8)  view specimens
Flaking tool ? (Made of horn.) (1)  view specimens
Flaking tool fragment (Antler flaking tool fragment.) (1)  view specimens
Flaking tool fragments (Bone flaking) (1)  view specimens
Flesher (Made from elk (?) scapula, cervus nannodes.) (1)  view specimens
Flint (Worked.) (79)  view specimens
Flint and asphalt fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Flint and bone (Flint chips and bone) (5)  view specimens
Flint and chert (Fragments) (1)  view specimens
Flint and stone fragments ('Flint, other stone fragments.') (1)  view specimens
Flint blade (Flint blade. Length about 3 1/4 in. Leaf shape) (1)  view specimens
Flint fragment (Yellow flint fragment.) (22)  view specimens
Flint fragments (Worked edges.) (51)  view specimens
Flint knife ? (Distal end of flint knife ?) (1)  view specimens
Flint object (Worked flint.) (4)  view specimens
Flint or chert (Greenish piece.) (2)  view specimens
Flint Pebble (Red flint pebble fragment) (1)  view specimens
Flint refuse (White.) (1)  view specimens
Flint, chert, obsidian fragments (Chipped flint.) (1)  view specimens
Flints (Worked.) (11)  view specimens
Floor (Sample.) (1)  view specimens
Floor fragment (Section of house floor.) (4)  view specimens
Floor midden sample (Sample of floor midden around fire pit.) (1)  view specimens
Floor sample (Unspecified) (10)  view specimens
Flooring (Sample.) (2)  view specimens
Flour (Tarweed) (3)  view specimens
Flower remains (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Flowerpot ? fragment (Pottery sherd.) (5)  view specimens
Flowerpot fragment (Sherd.) (2)  view specimens
Fluke (Whale fluke, broken.) (1)  view specimens
Flukes (Small vertebra flukes.) (2)  view specimens
Flute (Unspecified) (11)  view specimens
Flute model (Made of bamboo. Three stops and two mouth holes. Surface is umber and ochre in) (2)  view specimens
Flute or whistle fragment (Bird bone. 2 perforations.) (1)  view specimens
Foil fragments (Tin foil scraps.) (1)  view specimens
Food (Carbonized food material.) (2)  view specimens
Foot (Articulated animal foot.) (1)  view specimens
Foreshaft (Wooden.) (11)  view specimens
Foreshaft projectile (Hardwood.) (2)  view specimens
Fork (Iron.) (3)  view specimens
Fork fragment (Portion of shank and 2 tines of a 3-tined iron fork.) (1)  view specimens
Fork or spoon fragment (Metal and bone) (1)  view specimens
Fossil (Fossil interior of univalve shell.) (4)  view specimens
Fossil ? fragment (Piece of fossil (?), perforated.) (1)  view specimens
Fossil fragment ('Charmstone' fossil, Belemnite.) (1)  view specimens
Fragments (Miscellaneous.) (1)  view specimens
Frond (Budding fern) (1)  view specimens
Fruit (Buckeye) (2)  view specimens
Fruit pit ? (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Fruit pit fragments (Charred.) (2)  view specimens
Fungus (Willow.) (2)  view specimens
Fur (In association with 1-163261 (thimble pendant).) (1)  view specimens
Fur strip (Old strip of mink (?) fur, ornamented with dentalia tipped with woodpecker feath) (1)  view specimens
Galls (Specimen, ethnobotanical) (1)  view specimens
Gambling bone (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Gambling bones (Grass game gambling bones.) (1)  view specimens
Gambling ring model (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Gambling stave (Wood, half - round, decorated. Polished from usage. One of set 1-2744-49. Desig) (12)  view specimens
Gambling staves (Set of gambling staves.) (1)  view specimens
Gambling sticks (Wood, round. One bundle of 31.) (5)  view specimens
Gambling stone (Unspecified) (5)  view specimens
Gambling stone fragment (Lemon shaped.) (1)  view specimens
Game (Wooden grass game.) (28)  view specimens
Game bone ('No des.' Broken.) (2)  view specimens
Game marker (Short block.) (5)  view specimens
Game piece ? (Polished bone gaming-piece (?).) (1)  view specimens
Game pieces (Grass game pieces, bone, undecorated. Polished from usage.) (5)  view specimens
Game stick (Unspecified) (6)  view specimens
Game sticks (Wooden. Charred at both ends.) (5)  view specimens
Gaming piece (Bone.) (2)  view specimens
Gaming pieces ? (Made from bone.) (1)  view specimens
Gaming stone (Unspecified) (5)  view specimens
Gauge (Scapula net.) (2)  view specimens
Geode (Fractured) (1)  view specimens
Geode fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Gig points (Pair of points for fish gig.) (6)  view specimens
Gigs (Salmon gigs) (2)  view specimens
Girdle fragment (Fiber girdle.) (11)  view specimens
Glass (Worked bottle glass.) (62)  view specimens
Glass ? fragment (Dark.) (4)  view specimens
Glass and china fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Glass and chips (1 glass and 2 obsidian chips.) (1)  view specimens
Glass and crockery (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Glass and marble (Modern.) (1)  view specimens
Glass and porcelain fragments (White porcelain. Wan Li.) (1)  view specimens
Glass and pottery fragments (Bottle glass) (2)  view specimens
Glass fragment (Yellow.) (512)  view specimens
Glass fragments (Sherds.) (152)  view specimens
Glass object fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Glassware fragment (Foot and portion of stem of stemmed glassware.) (1)  view specimens
Glue (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Gopher trailings (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Gorge ('Shell fish gorge.' Shell covering fish gorge.) (12)  view specimens
Gorge ? (Fish bone) (1)  view specimens
Gorge fragment ('Shell fish gorge.') (5)  view specimens
Gorge hook (Unspecified) (4)  view specimens
Gorge hook fragment (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Gorges ('Shell fish gorges.') (2)  view specimens
Gorget (Unspecified) (34)  view specimens
Gorget fragment (Bone 'gorgette' fragment.) (1)  view specimens
Gorget fragments ('Banjo.') (1)  view specimens
Gorgets (Banjo.) (2)  view specimens
Gouge (Fragments from butt end.) (40)  view specimens
Gouge ? (Antler.) (1)  view specimens
Gouge fragment (Worked bone.) (9)  view specimens
Gourd (Small gourd in network of string for carrying. The stopper is also of string.) (1)  view specimens
Gourds (Of varying sizes. All are bell shaped and ochre in color.) (1)  view specimens
Granary (Consisting of mat of sticks and masses of grass thatch.) (1)  view specimens
Granite (Worked into an oval.) (1)  view specimens
Granite and mica fragment (Granite with mica fragment.) (1)  view specimens
Granite fragment (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Granite fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Grapevine (Botanical specimen. One section of grapevine.) (1)  view specimens
Grapevines (One bundle.) (1)  view specimens
Graphite fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Grass (Woven) (15)  view specimens
Grass ? (Grass (?) carbonized) (2)  view specimens
Grass bundle tool (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Grass fragments (Plaited.) (2)  view specimens
Grater (Open twined basket.) (1)  view specimens
Grave ? (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Gravel (Samples of greenish sticky gravel.) (5)  view specimens
Graver (Unspecified) (38)  view specimens
Graver ? (Stone graving tool?) (6)  view specimens
Graver fragment (Obsidian.) (1)  view specimens
Graver or scraper (Obsidian point. One end graver and one end spokeshare.) (1)  view specimens
Gravestone ? (Incised gravestone (?).) (1)  view specimens
Greenstone fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Griddle (Steatite, perforations.) (3)  view specimens
Grinder (Flat, sandstone.) (1)  view specimens
Grinder ? (Stone fragment, ground on one side. Point grinder (?)) (4)  view specimens
Grinder fragment (Paint grinder.) (1)  view specimens
Grinder fragment ? (Grinding tool fragment (?).) (1)  view specimens
Grinder or pestle fragment (Flat.) (1)  view specimens
Grinding slab (Stone.) (18)  view specimens
Grinding slab ? (Possible bead grinding slab.) (1)  view specimens
Grinding slab ? fragment (Flat, rounded-rectangular.) (1)  view specimens
Grinding slab fragment (Unspecified) (12)  view specimens
Grinding slab fragment ? (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Grinding slab or metate fragment (Sandstone.) (1)  view specimens
Grinding stone (Unspecified) (23)  view specimens
Grinding stone ? (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Grinding stone and pestle fragments (Miscellaneous grinding stone and pestle fragments.) (1)  view specimens
Grinding stone fragment (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Grindstone (Small.) (2)  view specimens
Grindstone fragment (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Grindstone fragment ? (Grindstone slab ?) (1)  view specimens
Ground stone (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Ground stone ? (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Ground stone fragment (With flattened tip.) (6)  view specimens
Ground stone object fragment (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Guide (Iron.) (1)  view specimens
Gum (Gum used to paint arrows.) (1)  view specimens
Gunwale (Gunwale of broken canoe.) (1)  view specimens
Hair (Unspecified) (5)  view specimens
Hair ? (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Hair and cloth fragments (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Hair fragments and beads (A few beads.) (1)  view specimens
Hair or matting fragments (Abalone.) (1)  view specimens
hair pin (polished bone hair pin tip) (1)  view specimens
Hair tie ? (Small object made of two small squirrel skins.) (1)  view specimens
Hair ties (Other pair of mink-skin hair-ties. See 1-11771) (5)  view specimens
Hair wrapping (Strips of otterskin used for wrapping the hair.) (1)  view specimens
Hairpin (Wooden) (39)  view specimens
Hairpin ? (Bone, one tip missing.) (1)  view specimens
Hairpin ? fragment (Bone 'awl'.) (1)  view specimens
Hairpin fragment (Bone hairpin.) (3)  view specimens
Hairpin fragments (Bone.) (1)  view specimens
Hairpin model (Bone, pointed ends) (1)  view specimens
Hairpin or head scratcher (Bone.) (1)  view specimens
Hairpin or pendant (Bone.) (1)  view specimens
Hairpins (Bone.) (3)  view specimens
Haliotis (Worked? Haliotis shell.) (43)  view specimens
Haliotis fragment (Worked?) (51)  view specimens
Haliotis fragments (Worked.) (11)  view specimens
haliotis pendants (haliotis pendants and fragments) (1)  view specimens
Hammer (Unspecified) (89)  view specimens
Hammer (?) (Sandstone hammer (?)) (1)  view specimens
Hammer ? (Spherical cobble.) (8)  view specimens
Hammer fragment (Unspecified) (5)  view specimens
Hammer or chopper (Stone.) (1)  view specimens
Hammer or rubbing stone (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Hammer stone (Hammer stone) (1)  view specimens
Hammer, stone or pestle (End section of oblong hammer, stone, or large pestle) (1)  view specimens
Hammerhead (Stone, grooved.) (1)  view specimens
Hammers (Quartzite.) (1)  view specimens
Hammerstone (With pitted side.) (1375)  view specimens
Hammerstone ? (Worked pebble.) (49)  view specimens
Hammerstone ? fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Hammerstone abrader (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Hammerstone and flake (Basalt core hammerstone and chert flake.) (1)  view specimens
Hammerstone and whetstone ? ('Sandstone hammerstone & 'wetstone' '.) (1)  view specimens
Hammerstone chopper (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Hammerstone fragment (With pecked depression on one side.) (107)  view specimens
Hammerstone fragment ? (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Hammerstone fragment or muller fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Hammerstone or anvil ? (Made from a large smooth boulder.) (1)  view specimens
Hammerstone or chopper (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Hammerstone or mano (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Hammerstone or mano ? (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Hammerstone or pestle ? (Pear-shaped hammerstone or small pestle (?).) (1)  view specimens
Hammerstone or pestle fragment (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Hammerstone or scraper (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Hammerstone pestle (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Hammerstones (Unspecified) (11)  view specimens
Hammerstones and sinker (2 hammerstones, 1 sinker.) (1)  view specimens
Hammerstones and sinkers ('Grooved sinkers, hammerstones.') (1)  view specimens
Hand ('Copper hand.') (1)  view specimens
Hand ax (Basalt) (1)  view specimens
Handle (Wood, round, boomerang shaped. Slot carved in center.) (15)  view specimens
Handle ? (Wooden cylinder) (3)  view specimens
Handle ? fragment (With iron screw near one end. Made of a copper alloy.) (1)  view specimens
Handle and crystal (Handle made of bone.) (4)  view specimens
Handle fragment (Wooden fragment of knife handle.) (4)  view specimens
Handle or bridle fragment ? (Iron handle? (part of bridle)?) (1)  view specimens
Handle or buckle ? (Iron handle (buckle?).) (1)  view specimens
Handles (From casket.) (1)  view specimens
Handstone (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Hardpan (Layer.) (2)  view specimens
Hardpan sample (Sample gray hardpan from type stratigraphic profile.) (1)  view specimens
Hardware (Casket) (4)  view specimens
Harness ? fragment (Sewn leather harness (?) fragment.) (1)  view specimens
Harness and rivets (Leather harness and copper rivets.) (1)  view specimens
Harness fragment (Iron.) (1)  view specimens
Harness fragments (Leather.) (1)  view specimens
Harpoon (Unspecified) (17)  view specimens
Harpoon ? (Unfinished, bone.) (2)  view specimens
Harpoon fragment (Unspecified) (16)  view specimens
Harpoon fragment ? (Bone.) (3)  view specimens
Harpoon head (Salmon harpoon head) (2)  view specimens
Harpoon point (Made from elk antler. Double row of tanged points on each side, slot carved int) (1)  view specimens
Harpoon point or hook (Bi-pointed bone tools (harpoon point or gorge hook).) (1)  view specimens
Harpoon toggle head (Bone badly disintegrated.) (1)  view specimens
Hasp ? (Copper.) (1)  view specimens
Hat (Woman's basketry hat ornamented with horizontal bars. Old, worn, and dirty. Plai) (17)  view specimens
Hatchet (Iron) (1)  view specimens
Hatchet handle fragment (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Hawk bones (Skeletal remains.) (1)  view specimens
Hazel nuts (Specimen, ethnobotanical) (1)  view specimens
Head (Tubular mammal bone) (2)  view specimens
Head guard frame (Frame for head guard for child in cradle.) (1)  view specimens
Head guard framework (Frame - work for headguard for baby basket.) (2)  view specimens
Head net (Large string headnet.) (1)  view specimens
Head nets (Small string headnets.) (1)  view specimens
Head scratcher (Bone. Pointed end missing.) (6)  view specimens
Head scratcher ? (Bone. Burned.) (1)  view specimens
Head scratcher fragment (Bone.) (1)  view specimens
Headband (Yellowhammer-quill.) (63)  view specimens
Headband ? (Glass seed beads) (2)  view specimens
Headband or belt (Of red, green, and black wool) (1)  view specimens
Headdress (Unspecified) (54)  view specimens
Headdress and stick (a) Headdress, bunch of black feathers) (2)  view specimens
Headdress foundation (Made of tule.) (1)  view specimens
Headdress fragment ('Headdress prong') (2)  view specimens
Headdress model (Of hawk feathers. Two strings with approximately 100 small feathers attached.) (1)  view specimens
Headdresses ('Leader' paraphernalia, pair of 'bati bati' stick headdresses with black feather) (1)  view specimens
Hearth (Hearth of fire making outfit.) (5)  view specimens
Heel (From leather shoe.) (1)  view specimens
Heel lift ? (Metal fragment (heel lift?).) (1)  view specimens
Hematite (Unspecified) (16)  view specimens
Hematite ? and cinnabar ? (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Hematite fragment (Unspecified) (5)  view specimens
Hematite fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Hematite or limonite (Clay limonite.) (1)  view specimens
Herb bundle (Tied bundle of carex.) (1)  view specimens
Herbs (Specimen, ethnobotanical, aromatic. One bunch.) (1)  view specimens
Hide (Sheep) (4)  view specimens
Hide ? fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Hide fragment (Deer.) (12)  view specimens
Hinge ? fragment (Painted red.) (1)  view specimens
Hinges (Metal.) (1)  view specimens
Hinnites giganteus fragment (Hinnites giganteus fragment) (1)  view specimens
Honer (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Hook (Wooden, long, with handle.) (41)  view specimens
Hook ? (Bone, bipointed.) (2)  view specimens
Hook and eye (Metal fasteners.) (1)  view specimens
Hook eye fragment (Not washed.) (1)  view specimens
Hook fragment (Gorge hook.) (29)  view specimens
Hook fragment ? (Bone gorge hook (possible).) (1)  view specimens
Hook fragments (Shell fish hook fragments.) (3)  view specimens
Hook or harpoon inset (Bi-pointed bone tools: gorge hook or harpoon inset.) (1)  view specimens
Hook shank (Shank of 2 piece bone fishhook.) (1)  view specimens
Hook shaped object (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Hooks (Shell.) (8)  view specimens
Hooks and bag (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Hooks and eyes (Fragments) (1)  view specimens
Hooks, whalebone, and fragments ('Bone gorge hooks) (1)  view specimens
Hoop ? (Horn, fish hoop?) (1)  view specimens
Hoop fragment (Barrel hoop.) (1)  view specimens
Hopper (Basketry hopper of mortar.) (2)  view specimens
Hopper mortar (Unspecified) (8)  view specimens
Hopper mortar fragment (Unspecified) (4)  view specimens
Horn (Unspecified) (28)  view specimens
Horn ? (Feathered 'horn.') (1)  view specimens
Horn ? fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Horn digger ? (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Horn fragment (Unspecified) (15)  view specimens
Horn fragments (Elk.) (4)  view specimens
Horn fragments, skull fragments, and teeth (Fragments of elk-horn and bones of the skull, with teeth.) (1)  view specimens
Horn implement (Thick) (5)  view specimens
Horn prongs (Worked.) (1)  view specimens
Horn tip (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Horn, fragments and crumbs ('Horn, frags, and crumbs.') (1)  view specimens
Horse remains (Very fragmentary.) (2)  view specimens
Horse teeth (Molars) (4)  view specimens
Horseshoe fragment (Rusted.) (2)  view specimens
House post (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Hulls (Vegetable material, probably acorn hulls. With burials #8 (12-6460).) (1)  view specimens
Humeri (Probably of harbor-seal (Phoca richardi geronimensis).) (3)  view specimens
Humeri fragments (From animal.) (1)  view specimens
Humerus (From bird, cut.) (5)  view specimens
Humerus ? (Frag. bird humerus (?)) (1)  view specimens
Humerus fragment (Mammalian) (4)  view specimens
Implement (Worked bone.) (421)  view specimens
Implement ? (Pointed, made of antler.) (11)  view specimens
Implement ? fragment (Bone) (3)  view specimens
Implement and asphalt fragments (a) Part of bone implement b) asphalt.) (1)  view specimens
Implement and beads (Flat, unornamented implement and six magnesite beads.) (1)  view specimens
Implement fragment (Wooden.) (134)  view specimens
Implement fragments (Wooden) (106)  view specimens
Implement fragments and vertebrae (Bone implement fragments and 2 worked vertebrae.) (1)  view specimens
Implement or knife (Leaf-shaped. Black obsidian.) (10)  view specimens
Implement or pendant (Perforated. Made of bone.) (1)  view specimens
Implement point fragment (Bone, thin wide curved blade.) (1)  view specimens
Implements (Stone, thin, blunt-pointed.) (11)  view specimens
Implements, ring fragments, scissors, and bottle (Metal and glass objects, European. (a) implement) (1)  view specimens
Impression (Baked clay.) (3)  view specimens
Impressions (Fragments of baked clay with impressions.) (106)  view specimens
Incineration (Small) (2)  view specimens
Incisor (Mammal incisor tooth) (5)  view specimens
Insect (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Insect larvae (Refined, ready to eat.) (2)  view specimens
Insect nest (Clay tube (insect nest)) (1)  view specimens
Insects (Carbonized.) (1)  view specimens
Instrument (Blunt, awl-like) (1)  view specimens
Invitation sticks (Mnemonic day notice (summons)) (1)  view specimens
Iron (Wrought.) (22)  view specimens
Iron fragment (Rusty.) (54)  view specimens
Iron fragments (Unspecified) (28)  view specimens
Iron object (Unspecified) (29)  view specimens
Iron object fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Iron objects (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Iron or steel fragments ('Iron (steel) frags.') (1)  view specimens
Iron, brass, glass, pottery, and chinaware ((a) Specimens of iron, brass, glass, pottery, etc. (b) Iron, glass, chinaware.) (1)  view specimens
Ironstone (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Jade ? (Some mineral of jade group?) (1)  view specimens
Jangle (Dress jangle of obsidian) (3)  view specimens
Jangles (Obsidian.) (1)  view specimens
Jar (Wide mouthed, mended with pitch.) (40)  view specimens
Jar ? fragment ('Ginger jar' sherd.) (1)  view specimens
Jar fragment (Portion of steatite jar.) (15)  view specimens
Jar fragments (Chinese ginger jar sherds.) (2)  view specimens
Jasper (Worked.) (3)  view specimens
Jaw (Sting ray jaw.) (17)  view specimens
Jaw and teeth (Fragment of a jaw with large molars.) (2)  view specimens
Jaw and teeth fragments (Portion of lower jaw and teeth of dolphin (?).) (1)  view specimens
Jaw and tooth fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Jaw fragment (Unspecified) (12)  view specimens
Jaw fragment and teeth (Carnivore. Three teeth.) (1)  view specimens
Jaw fragments (Carnivor jaws, portions of upper and lower.) (1)  view specimens
Jaw with tooth (Mammal.) (1)  view specimens
Jawbone (Mammal.) (6)  view specimens
Jawbone fragment (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Jaws (Carnivore.) (2)  view specimens
Jaws and bone (Fish bone) (1)  view specimens
Jaws, teeth, and bones (Carnivor jaws with teeth, and two tibia.) (1)  view specimens
Jewelry pins (Leather beaded with glass seed beads. Each pin consists of a miniature brimmed) (5)  view specimens
Jimson weed (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Jug (Small, with handle but without lip. Angle design with small spots. Broken and) (1)  view specimens
Jug ? fragment (Earthenware sherd, heavy, brown (jug?).) (5)  view specimens
Jug fragment (Pottery, non-indigenous.) (3)  view specimens
Juncus material (Split.) (1)  view specimens
Kelp (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Kettle ? fragments (Iron kettle?) (1)  view specimens
Kettle fragment (Cast iron.) (1)  view specimens
Key (Iron.) (3)  view specimens
Key and ring (Cotter key and metal ring.) (1)  view specimens
Key and trap fragment (Iron key and part of iron or old steel trap.) (1)  view specimens
Knapper (Bone.) (1)  view specimens
Knapping tool (Bone knapping tool.) (1)  view specimens
Knife (White flint.) (565)  view specimens
Knife ? (Slate.) (17)  view specimens
Knife ? fragment (Obsidian point (knife?) fragment.) (7)  view specimens
Knife and base (Obsidian.) (1)  view specimens
Knife and fragment ? (Square knife, and fragment? Tan gray chert.) (1)  view specimens
Knife and fragments (Obsidian.) (6)  view specimens
Knife and scraper (Obsidian.) (2)  view specimens
Knife base (Concave.) (1)  view specimens
Knife blade (Red chert) (6)  view specimens
Knife blade fragment (Iron.) (3)  view specimens
Knife blank (Chert.) (2)  view specimens
Knife chopper (Stone.) (1)  view specimens
Knife fragment (Wide blade, flint.) (470)  view specimens
Knife fragment ? (Obsidian.) (2)  view specimens
Knife fragment and scissors fragment ((A) Old rusted knife blade, perforated. (B) Part of one leg of a pair of scisso) (1)  view specimens
Knife fragments (White flint.) (13)  view specimens
Knife fragments ? (Iron and wood) (2)  view specimens
Knife haft (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Knife model (Made of stone.) (1)  view specimens
Knife or chopper (Basalt.) (1)  view specimens
Knife or point (Obsidian, fragment) (15)  view specimens
Knife or point ? (Obsidian, knife or point reject.) (2)  view specimens
Knife or saw (Basalt.) (1)  view specimens
Knife or scraper (White flint.) (75)  view specimens
Knife or scraper fragment (Grey flint.) (1)  view specimens
Knife or spear (Obsidian.) (1)  view specimens
Knife or spear point (Made of flint.) (3)  view specimens
Knife or spearhead (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Knife pounder (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Knife scraper (Stone.) (130)  view specimens
Knife scraper fragment (Flint) (3)  view specimens
Knife scrapers (Obsidian, flake.) (33)  view specimens
Knife, fork or spoon fragment (Bone and metal handle of table ware.) (1)  view specimens
Knives (Obsidian. Crude.) (11)  view specimens
Knives ? (Obsidian rejects or knives.) (10)  view specimens
Knives or spear points (Made of obsidian.) (1)  view specimens
Knot (Fiber knot.) (4)  view specimens
Knots (Tule.) (1)  view specimens
Label (Match box label.) (1)  view specimens
Labret (Stone.) (21)  view specimens
Labret ? (Stone labret (?) pierced.) (8)  view specimens
Labret fragment (Steatite.) (3)  view specimens
Labret fragment ? (Stone 'labret' fragment) (1)  view specimens
Labret or cylinder (Unspecified) (9)  view specimens
Labret or earplug (Nipple shaped. Made of steatite.) (1)  view specimens
Labrets (Steatite.) (7)  view specimens
Lacustrine hardpan sample (Forming base of site.) (1)  view specimens
Ladder (Unspecified) (5)  view specimens
Ladle (Small, with curved handle. Painted in red pigment with transverse lines. Ceram) (2)  view specimens
Lamp chimney (Glass.) (2)  view specimens
Lanceolate (Obsidian.) (3)  view specimens
Lanceolate fragment (Distal end.) (1)  view specimens
Larva (Mono Lake larva (kusavi).) (1)  view specimens
Lava fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Lava object (Ball like.) (1)  view specimens
Lead (Melted piece of lead.) (2)  view specimens
Lead or pewter fragment (Small fragment of worked lead or pewter.) (1)  view specimens
Lead shot (Small.) (1)  view specimens
Leaf (Quercus kelloggii.) (3)  view specimens
Leaf fragments (Ash leaf attacked by army worm.) (1)  view specimens
Leather (With nails.) (4)  view specimens
Leather ? (Carbonized.) (1)  view specimens
Leather and fabric (Piece of leather with fabric attached to one side.) (1)  view specimens
Leather fragment (Unspecified) (4)  view specimens
Leather fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Leather object fragment (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Leaves (Wormwood.) (15)  view specimens
Leaves and stems (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Leg bone (Deer. (sinew attached)) (1)  view specimens
Leister (Prong made of antler) (6)  view specimens
Lemon stone (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Lepus mandible (Lepus Californicus, l. mandible.) (2)  view specimens
Lepus maxilla (Lepus Californicus, r. maxilla.) (2)  view specimens
Level bag (Unsorted) (1509)  view specimens
Level bags (Unspecified) (6)  view specimens
Lichen (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Lid (Whale vertebra.) (11)  view specimens
Lid ? (Tin (lid?).) (1)  view specimens
Lid fragment (Tin can lid.) (2)  view specimens
Lids (Can lids.) (1)  view specimens
Light bulb ? fragment (Thin clear glass fragment (light bulb?).) (3)  view specimens
Lime (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Limestone (Piece of limestone, whistle-shaped) (5)  view specimens
Limestone ? fragment (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Limestone fragment (Unspecified) (12)  view specimens
Limestone fragment and aspalt (Limestone fragment with asphalt.) (3)  view specimens
Limestone fragments (Unspecified) (8)  view specimens
Limestone implement (Small, pestle-shaped.) (2)  view specimens
Limestone object (Worked piece of limestone.) (1)  view specimens
Limpet (Key hole limpet.) (1)  view specimens
Limpet fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Limpets (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Lipstick (' 'Du Barry' lip stick (radiant red)') (1)  view specimens
Liquid sample (Out of bottle #2619 (1-114388).) (1)  view specimens
Lithic (Unspecified) (8)  view specimens
Lithic and charcoal fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Lithic fragments (Unworked.) (2)  view specimens
Lithic fragments and flake (Lithic debitage, primarily unworked lithic fragments, and 1 obsidian flake.) (1)  view specimens
Lithic fragments and flakes (Lithic flakes and debitage and unworked lithic fragments.) (3)  view specimens
Lithic fragments, flakes and chips (Lithic flakes and chips) (1)  view specimens
Lithic sample (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Lithic samples (Random sample from site.) (1)  view specimens
lithic, baked clay (lithic flake and several pieces of baked clay) (2)  view specimens
lithic, bone, seed (bone, lithics, burnt flakes, seed) (1)  view specimens
lithic, bone, shell (olivella shells and rectangular shell beads and burned bone and lithics and soil) (6)  view specimens
lithic, clay, fauna (lithics, bone, and lump of mud or clay) (4)  view specimens
lithic, clay, fauna, shell (fauna, shell, lithics, clay) (2)  view specimens
lithic, clay, fauna, shell, seed (bone, shell, lithic, seed and clay lumps and unmodified stone) (1)  view specimens
lithic, clay, shell (lithic (8 flakes), shell, 4 lumps of fired clay) (2)  view specimens
lithic, clay, shell, bone, charcoal (lithic (flaked, fire-cracked and unmodified stone), faunal bone, baked clay or d) (2)  view specimens
lithic, clay, shell, bone, wood (bone, abalone shell, wood, baked clay, lithics) (1)  view specimens
lithic, rock, bone, clay (lithics, fire cracked rock, bones, baked clay) (2)  view specimens
Lithics (Unworked.) (3)  view specimens
lithics, beads (obsidian flakes, spire lopped olivella beads) (1)  view specimens
lithics, bone, cinder (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Lock fragment (Portion of copper or brass lock.) (1)  view specimens
Log fragment (Charred oak.) (1)  view specimens
Log fragments (Carbonized.) (1)  view specimens
Louse killer (Bone, elongated section of bone, rounded at each end) (2)  view specimens
Lump (Unspecified) (41)  view specimens
Lump and bone (Lump of clay and small fish bone.) (1)  view specimens
Lumps (Volcanic breccia.) (44)  view specimens
Lumps and bone (Baked clay lumps and one animal toe bone.) (1)  view specimens
Lumps and mound material ('Lumps of red clay, baked ? sample of mound material'.) (1)  view specimens
Lumps and stone fragment (Baked clay lumps (2).) (1)  view specimens
Lumps, wood, flake (Debris: Small lumps of earth, wood, one flake obsidian, etc.) (2)  view specimens
Magnesite (Tubular magnesite blank.) (4)  view specimens
Magnesite ? (Worked chunk magnesite ?) (1)  view specimens
Magnesite fragment (Baked.) (8)  view specimens
Mallow (Desert mallow.) (1)  view specimens
Mammal (Unspecified) (24)  view specimens
Mammal and bird bone (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Mammal and bird bone fragments (Worked) (1)  view specimens
Mammal and bird bones (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Mammal bone (Unspecified) (1049)  view specimens
Mammal bone ? (Cut.) (1)  view specimens
Mammal bone and antler fragments ('Worked bone' added in pencil.) (1)  view specimens
Mammal bone fragment (Proximal end of tibia.) (20)  view specimens
Mammal bone fragments (Unspecified) (18)  view specimens
Mammal bone fragments and saw fragment (Scapula saw.) (1)  view specimens
Mammal bones (Various.) (238)  view specimens
Mammal bones and awl fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Mammal bones and jaws (Sample.) (1)  view specimens
Mammal bones and saw (Unmodified mammal bones. Scapula saw.) (1)  view specimens
Mammal burial (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Mammal horn and bone (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Mammal or bird bone (Mammal/bird) (1)  view specimens
Mammal rib (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Mammal rib fragment (Worked.) (1)  view specimens
Mammal skull fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Mammal teeth (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Mammal tooth (Molar.) (7)  view specimens
Mammal tooth fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Mammal vertebra (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Mandible (Unspecified) (30)  view specimens
Mandible fragment (Ursus ? Colusus) (15)  view specimens
Mandible fragments (Elk (?).) (1)  view specimens
Mandible fragments and teeth (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Mandible, fish bone, and implement (Carnivore mandible. (a) Forked bone implement.) (1)  view specimens
Mandibles (Ungulate.) (1)  view specimens
Mano (With asphalt.) (820)  view specimens
Mano ? (Unspecified) (18)  view specimens
Mano ? fragment (Basalt cobble (mano?) fragment.) (3)  view specimens
Mano and anvil (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Mano and hammerstone (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Mano and pigment (Mano with red ochre.) (1)  view specimens
Mano chopper (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Mano fragment (Unspecified) (534)  view specimens
Mano fragment ? (Unspecified) (13)  view specimens
Mano fragments (Unspecified) (8)  view specimens
Mano hammerstone (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Mano or hammerstone (Mano and or hammerstone.) (4)  view specimens
Mano or pestle fragment (Worked stone fragment.) (1)  view specimens
Mano pestle (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Manos (Elongate, angled manos.) (6)  view specimens
Manos ? (Stones.) (1)  view specimens
Marble (Made of glass.) (6)  view specimens
Marble fragment (Worked. 1-103520, 103521 from same piece.) (6)  view specimens
Marmota mandible (Marmota flaviventer, r. Mandible.) (1)  view specimens
Marsh sample (Sample of marsh material on which mound rests.) (1)  view specimens
Mastoid (Mammal.) (1)  view specimens
Mat (Twined mat of sea grass.) (19)  view specimens
Mat ? fragment (Made of tule ? Carbonized.) (1)  view specimens
Mat fragment (Woven mat.) (6)  view specimens
Mat fragments (Fragments of tule matting with braided edge.) (1)  view specimens
Match (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Material (Material passing sieve of 28 mesh per inch.) (9)  view specimens
Material sample (Typical sample of fine material.) (137)  view specimens
Material specimens (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Materials (Miscellaneous materials.) (1)  view specimens
Matrix (In which skeleton 12-2701 was imbedded) (1)  view specimens
Matted material (Unspecified) (4)  view specimens
Matting (Twined, charred.) (37)  view specimens
Matting ? (Matting (?) frags. carbonized) (2)  view specimens
Matting and skull fragment (Samples of matting and piece of skull of 12-3819 with matting attached.) (1)  view specimens
Matting fragment (Tule matting.) (13)  view specimens
Matting fragments (Unspecified) (18)  view specimens
Matting needle (Bone matting needle.) (1)  view specimens
Matting sample (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Matting, discs, shell, and stone fragment (Small discs, matting, shell, and stone fragment.) (1)  view specimens
Maul (Unspecified) (34)  view specimens
Maul ? (Large irregular shaped maul?) (1)  view specimens
Maul ? fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Maul fragment (Unspecified) (10)  view specimens
Maul fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Maul or pestle (Grooved, full groove.) (1)  view specimens
Maxilla fragment (From mammal.) (1)  view specimens
Maxillary (Bird) (1)  view specimens
Meal (Mesquite bean meal. Prosopis julifloria.) (14)  view specimens
Meal ? (Carbonized acorn meal?) (1)  view specimens
Mealing slab ? fragment (Stone.) (2)  view specimens
Mealing stone (Large, flat-topped stone.) (1)  view specimens
Measure (Bronze powder horn measure) (1)  view specimens
Medallion (Oval shaped ornament. Fully beaded on leather with cotton cloth glued to back,) (1)  view specimens
Medicinal sample (Salt from Mono Lake.) (1)  view specimens
Medicine and stone (Made of flowers, coyote excrement and salamander. Used with pulverized red stone) (1)  view specimens
Mesh (Wire mesh.) (1)  view specimens
Mesh measure (Wood, peg shaped.) (36)  view specimens
Message stick (Wooden) (1)  view specimens
Metal (Rusted metal pieces.) (18)  view specimens
Metal and porcelain (Historic material.) (1)  view specimens
Metal fragment (With 4 tacks.) (47)  view specimens
Metal fragments (Rusted.) (11)  view specimens
Metal handle (Metal spoon or fork handle w/textile frags. adhering) (1)  view specimens
Metal object (Unspecified) (17)  view specimens
Metal objects (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Metal strip fragment (Fits to 1-163200.) (1)  view specimens
Metal strip fragments (Pieces fit together.) (1)  view specimens
Metapodial (Larg piece, probably of deer.) (1)  view specimens
Metate (Wedge-shaped.) (121)  view specimens
Metate ? (Small.) (1)  view specimens
Metate ? fragment (a) Limestone implement fragment.) (1)  view specimens
Metate ? fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Metate ? or mortar ? (Metate (?) mortar (?)) (1)  view specimens
Metate and mortar fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Metate and pestle ((a) Very rude stone, smooth on bottom. (b) Roughly shaped pestle.) (1)  view specimens
Metate fragment (With asphalt.) (272)  view specimens
Metate fragment (?) (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Metate fragment ? (Unspecified) (4)  view specimens
Metate fragments (Unspecified) (32)  view specimens
Metate or mortar (Slab, sandstone, fragment.) (2)  view specimens
Metate or mortar fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Metate sample (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Metates (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Mica (Small flake) (8)  view specimens
Mica fragment (Unspecified) (8)  view specimens
Mica fragments (Unspecified) (4)  view specimens
Mica schist (Fragment) (1)  view specimens
Microlith (Incomplete.) (1)  view specimens
Midden (Sample) (2)  view specimens
Midden sample (Unspecified) (5)  view specimens
Milkweed (Sample of stem.) (1)  view specimens
Milkweed fiber (Unspecified) (9)  view specimens
Milling basin (Oval. Coated with calcium deposit.) (2)  view specimens
Milling stone (Large oval basin. Coated with calcium deposit.) (3)  view specimens
Milling stone ? (Rock slab B. Possible milling stone.) (2)  view specimens
Mineral (Unspecified) (6)  view specimens
Mint (Dried.) (1)  view specimens
Mirror (Glass mirror with wood back.) (1)  view specimens
Mirror fragment (Traces of silvering remained when found.) (3)  view specimens
Mirror fragments (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Mirrors (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Moccasin (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Moccasin model (Made of cloth.) (1)  view specimens
Moccasin models (Pair) (1)  view specimens
Moccasin templates (Made of newspaper.) (1)  view specimens
Moccasins (Unspecified) (10)  view specimens
Molar (Carnivore.) (3)  view specimens
Mold (Clay.) (4)  view specimens
Mold and casts ((a) Plaster mold of steatite original whale) (2)  view specimens
Mold and paint ('Clay mold, red paint.') (1)  view specimens
Molds (Clay.) (1)  view specimens
Mollusk shell (Frag. mollust shells Pencil notation: 'margaritifera m.') (1)  view specimens
Money (Made of clam shell.) (2)  view specimens
Money box (Money 'box' (Skin poke).) (9)  view specimens
Money purse (Unspecified) (14)  view specimens
Money purse and shells ((a) Money purse. Elk antler, curved, hollow) (1)  view specimens
Money string (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Mormantia sample ('Mormantia') (1)  view specimens
Mortar (Wooden. Hollowed by burning.) (632)  view specimens
Mortar ? (Pitted stone, small.) (10)  view specimens
Mortar ? fragment (Unspecified) (6)  view specimens
Mortar and arrow straightener (Mortar/arrow straightener. Made of steatite, oval. Shallow transverse groove at) (1)  view specimens
Mortar and basket (Mortar of lava, the outside carefully worked down. 'Remarks: 2 specimens same n) (1)  view specimens
Mortar and metate fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Mortar and metate fragments (Mixed stone mortar and metate fragments.) (4)  view specimens
Mortar and pestle ((a) Tobacco mortar (b) Pestle) (5)  view specimens
Mortar contents (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Mortar fragment (Worn) (1208)  view specimens
Mortar fragment ? (Unspecified) (19)  view specimens
Mortar fragment and stone (Stones: one roughly disc shaped, the other mortar fragment.) (1)  view specimens
Mortar fragments (With artifact #1331 (pestle).) (121)  view specimens
Mortar fragments ? (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Mortar fragments and metate fragments (Mixed stone mortar and metate fragments.) (2)  view specimens
Mortar miniature (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Mortar or grinding stone (Unfinished.) (2)  view specimens
Mortar or metate fragment (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Mortar or pestle ? (Stone. for paint) (2)  view specimens
Mortar or stone fragment (Pitted stone.) (1)  view specimens
Mortar reject (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Mortar slab (Quartzite) (4)  view specimens
Mortar stone (Flat, old mortar stone apparently worked into form.) (2)  view specimens
Mortars (One broken) (2)  view specimens
Moss (Fiber moss, wrapped one end.) (1)  view specimens
Mound material (Unspecified) (28)  view specimens
Mound material sample (Unspecified) (9)  view specimens
Mound residue (Residue passing seive of 12 meshes to the inch.) (2)  view specimens
Mound sample (Sample of mound material. Typical of the lower half of the mound except for thin) (21)  view specimens
Mud (Dried mud.) (1)  view specimens
Mud daubs (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Mud fragment ? (Dried mud wattle fragment (?).) (1)  view specimens
Mug ? fragment (Porcelain.) (1)  view specimens
Muller (Unspecified) (68)  view specimens
Muller ? fragments (Possible muller fragments.) (1)  view specimens
Muller and pestle (Stone muller and pestle combined.) (2)  view specimens
Muller fragment (With grip, vesicular basalt) (11)  view specimens
Muller fragments ('Specimen not found') (1)  view specimens
Muller or pestle (Small.) (1)  view specimens
Mullers (Unspecified) (8)  view specimens
Mush or pitch ? (Carbonized acorn mush ? or pitch ?) (1)  view specimens
Mush paddle (Wooden.) (4)  view specimens
Mush stirrer (Made of a bent stick.) (4)  view specimens
Mushroom fragment (Specimen, ethnobotanical.) (1)  view specimens
Mushrooms (Specimen, ethnobotanical) (2)  view specimens
Music sheet fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Musical instrument (Acorn. Loop of five acorns threaded together on cotton twine, attached to tee -) (1)  view specimens
Mussel (Worked.) (40)  view specimens
Mussel ? ('Baked mud (mussel?).') (1)  view specimens
Mussel fragment (River mussel.) (3)  view specimens
Mussel fragments (Freshwater.) (5)  view specimens
Mussel shell (Worked ?) (11)  view specimens
Mussel shell fragments (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Mussel shells (Mytilus.) (1)  view specimens
Mussel shells and shell fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Mussel shells, clay and pebbles (Cemented together) (1)  view specimens
Mussels (River-mussel valves, unworked.) (5)  view specimens
Nail (Wrought iron.) (312)  view specimens
Nail ? (Unidentified metal object (nail?).) (5)  view specimens
Nail and copper (Copper nail and small sheet of copper.) (1)  view specimens
Nail and fragments (Nails and nail fragments (square).) (1)  view specimens
Nail and nail fragment (One has square head) (1)  view specimens
Nail fragment (Unspecified) (15)  view specimens
Nail fragment ? (Iron.) (6)  view specimens
Nail fragments (Unspecified) (7)  view specimens
Nails (Wire nails.) (65)  view specimens
Nails and bolts (Rusty iron nails and bolts.) (1)  view specimens
Nails and fragments (Nails and nail fragments (square).) (6)  view specimens
Nails and iron fragment (Iron nails.) (1)  view specimens
Nails and metal fragment (3 nails, 1 metal fragment.) (1)  view specimens
Nails and screw ('Nails, screw, iron.') (1)  view specimens
Neck band (Duye paraphernalia, made of white goose feathers.) (1)  view specimens
Necklace (Unspecified) (30)  view specimens
Necklace ? (String of shell beads.) (2)  view specimens
Necklace miniature (Blue and white glass seed beads woven on cotton thread. Flat geometric design.) (1)  view specimens
Necklace or wreath (Made of small yellow flowers.) (1)  view specimens
Necklace, pendant, rings, and shells (a) Necklace of many tooth-shaped pieces of asphalt abalone shell beads, abalone) (1)  view specimens
Necklaces (White feather necklaces.) (1)  view specimens
Needle (Perforated, bone) (145)  view specimens
Needle ? (Bone implement (needle).) (3)  view specimens
Needle ? fragment (Bone point.) (2)  view specimens
Needle fragment (Made of bone.) (44)  view specimens
Needle fragments (Bone.) (2)  view specimens
Needle or awl (Slate.) (2)  view specimens
Needle or awl fragments (Bone, some charred.) (1)  view specimens
Needle or hairpin fragment (Made of bone.) (1)  view specimens
Needle or pendant (Bone) (4)  view specimens
Needle or pin fragment (Bone) (1)  view specimens
Needles (Bone. Center section missing from one needle.) (1)  view specimens
Nest (Broken wasp's nest?) (3)  view specimens
Nest fragment (Sample of grass from nest.) (1)  view specimens
Net (Trout net, fine twine) (93)  view specimens
Net ? (Carbonized textile.) (1)  view specimens
Net fragment (Fish net fragment.) (2)  view specimens
Net holder (Made of bone, ellipse shaped. 2 holes drilled near center) (2)  view specimens
Net impression (Clay fragment. Burnt. Showing impression of woven net.) (1)  view specimens
Net model (Unfinished. Twisted cotton and braided fiber.) (3)  view specimens
Net sinker (Unspecified) (381)  view specimens
Net sinker ? (Pebble, granite. Partially perforated in middle of both sides.) (1)  view specimens
Net sinker fragment (Notched) (65)  view specimens
Net sinker or anchor (Grooved) (1)  view specimens
Net sinker or charmstone (Bored) (3)  view specimens
Net sinkers (Cache) (1)  view specimens
Netting (Netting frags. carbonized) (10)  view specimens
Netting and beads (Netting, charred) (1)  view specimens
Netting and bone ('Netting, charred) (1)  view specimens
Netting and cordage (Netting & cordage, frags, carbonized) (2)  view specimens
Netting and stick (Wrapped stick in netting, frag. carbonized) (1)  view specimens
Netting and wood (Netting, charred) (1)  view specimens
Netting fragments (Knotted) (4)  view specimens
Netting, beads, and bone fragment (Netting, charred) (1)  view specimens
Netting, beads, shell, and bone (Netting, charred) (1)  view specimens
Nettle (Specimen, ethnobotanical) (1)  view specimens
Nodule (Worked obsidian nodule.) (29)  view specimens
Nodule and flakes (Obsidian, broken nodule and flakes.) (1)  view specimens
Nodule fragment (Obsidian.) (5)  view specimens
Nodule fragments (Obsidian) (1)  view specimens
Nodules (Obsidian) (5)  view specimens
Nose plug model (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Nut (Small.) (5)  view specimens
Nut ? (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Nut fragments (Pine nut fragments.) (1)  view specimens
Nut, shells, fragments (Pine nut.) (1)  view specimens
Nuts (Sugar pine.) (19)  view specimens
Nuts and berries (Pepperwood nuts (A)) (1)  view specimens
Nuts and charcoal (Charred nuts.) (1)  view specimens
Nutshell (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Nutshell fragments ('Pine nut shells frags.') (1)  view specimens
Nutshells (Pine nuts shells.) (4)  view specimens
Oats (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Obisidian (Nodules.) (1)  view specimens
Object (Whitish, stone, perhaps natural) (2)  view specimens
Object fragment ? ('Barrel - shaped object' (?) fragment) (1)  view specimens
Obsidian (Worked. (Original number 6 unnumbered.)) (453)  view specimens
Obsidian ? ('Probable worked obsidian'.) (3)  view specimens
Obsidian ? fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Obsidian and basalt (Worked obsidian (4)) (8)  view specimens
Obsidian and chalcedony (Worked obsidian (13)) (1)  view specimens
Obsidian and chert (Worked obsidian (9)) (67)  view specimens
Obsidian and chert fragments (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Obsidian and glass fragments (Large number of worked obsidian pieces and fragments, also glass piece and glass) (1)  view specimens
Obsidian and green stone (Five obsidian and 2 green stone. Surface bag.) (1)  view specimens
Obsidian and jasper (Worked obsidian (4)) (4)  view specimens
Obsidian and stone fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Obsidian artifact (Chipped.) (3)  view specimens
Obsidian artifacts (Chipped.) (1)  view specimens
Obsidian blank (Unspecified) (5)  view specimens
obsidian flake (Obsidian flake) (1)  view specimens
Obsidian fragment (Worked on one side.) (211)  view specimens
Obsidian fragments (Worked.) (175)  view specimens
Obsidian implements (Pointed obsidian implements.) (1)  view specimens
Obsidian object (Worn.) (19)  view specimens
Obsidian object fragment (Worked obsidian.) (8)  view specimens
Obsidian object fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Obsidian objects (Cache of obsidian nodules.) (1)  view specimens
Obsidian piece (Small.) (1)  view specimens
obsidian point (Obsidian point frag. re-worked?) (2)  view specimens
obsidian point fragment (Basal fragment of black obsidian point) (1)  view specimens
Obsidian refuse (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Obsidian sample (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Obsidian samples (Unspecified) (4)  view specimens
Obsidian stick (Unspecified) (6)  view specimens
Obsidian sticks (Small.) (1)  view specimens
Obsidian, basalt and chert (Worked obsidian (9), basalt (1), and chert (1).) (1)  view specimens
Obsidian, basalt and jasper (Worked obsidian (11)) (3)  view specimens
Obsidian, basalt and silica (17 obsidian, 2 basalt, one silica. Surface bag.) (1)  view specimens
Obsidian, chalcedony, and flint (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Obsidian, chert and basalt (Worked obsidian (9)) (28)  view specimens
Obsidian, chert and flint (Worked obsidian (32)) (1)  view specimens
Obsidian, chert and jasper (Worked obsidian (8)) (14)  view specimens
Obsidian, chert and petrified wood (Worked obsidian (16)) (2)  view specimens
Obsidian, chert, and chalcedony (Worked obsidian (2), chert (2), chalcedony (1).) (1)  view specimens
Obsidian, chert, basalt and chalcedony (Worked obsidian (17)) (1)  view specimens
Obsidian, chert, basalt and jasper (Worked obsidian (60)) (5)  view specimens
Obsidian, chert, basalt and petrified wood (Worked obsidian (23)) (2)  view specimens
Obsidian, chert, basalt and quartz (Worked obsidian (6)) (1)  view specimens
Obsidian, chert, basalt and quartzite (Worked obsidian (14)) (1)  view specimens
Obsidian, chert, basalt, jasper and quartzite (Worked obsidian (18)) (1)  view specimens
Obsidian, chert, flint and basalt (Worked obsidian (27)) (1)  view specimens
Obsidian, chert, flint, jasper and chalcedony (Worked obsidian (27)) (1)  view specimens
Obsidian, chert, jasper and basalt (Worked obsidian (26)) (1)  view specimens
Obsidian, jasper and basalt (Worked obsidian (33)) (2)  view specimens
Obsidian, jasper and chert (Worked obsidian, jasper, and chert.) (2)  view specimens
Obsidian, jasper, chert, and basalt (Worked obsidian, jasper, chert, and basalt.) (1)  view specimens
Obsidian, jasper, chert, basalt, petrified wood (Worked obsidian, jasper, chert, and basalt. Also one piece of tabular fracture p) (1)  view specimens
Obsidian, jasper, chert, petrified wood (Worked obsidian, jasper, and chert. Also one piece of tabular fracture petrified) (1)  view specimens
Obsidian, slate, flint, and pumice fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Ochre (Yellow.) (254)  view specimens
Ochre ? (Red) (3)  view specimens
Ochre and ash ? (a) Large lump of red ochre. b) Ash?) (1)  view specimens
Ochre and matting fragments (Matting and red ochre fragments) (1)  view specimens
Ochre and paint fragments (Red ochre and yellow paint.) (1)  view specimens
Ochre and pitch ((a) Red ochre. (b) Pitch.) (1)  view specimens
Ochre fragment (Very small red ochre fragment.) (38)  view specimens
Ochre fragments (Unspecified) (47)  view specimens
Ochre fragments and beads (Red ochre and Olivella beads.) (1)  view specimens
Ochre object (Moulded. Red.) (1)  view specimens
Ochre sample (Red ochre.) (2)  view specimens
Ochre, beads, and stone fragments (Red ochre with a few shell beads and stone fragments.) (1)  view specimens
Ochre, beads, shells, bones, and pebbles (Red ochre mixed with a few beads, shells, bones, and pebbles.) (1)  view specimens
Olivella (With rock in lip.) (83)  view specimens
Olivella and charcoal (Cluster of olivellas with charcoal.) (1)  view specimens
Olivella and fragments (Olivella biplicata and fragments.) (1)  view specimens
Olivella and olivella fragments ('Olivella shells & frags.' with 'biplicata' added in pencil.) (1)  view specimens
olivella beads (spire-lopped olivella shell beads) (3)  view specimens
Olivella fragment (Shell. Written in pencil: 'olivella biplicata'.) (5)  view specimens
Olivella fragments (Aquatic shell. Olivella biplicata.) (7)  view specimens
Olivella shell (Side punctured (?).) (1)  view specimens
Olivella shell and bone fragments (Olivella shell without spire) (1)  view specimens
Olivella shell and Haliotis fragment (Olivella shell without spire) (1)  view specimens
Olivella shell fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Olivella shells (Olivella shells with spires knocked off.) (2)  view specimens
Olla (Steatite.) (24)  view specimens
Olla and beads (a) Steatite olla. b) Glass beads.) (1)  view specimens
Olla finisher (Very smooth, dark granite.) (1)  view specimens
Olla finisher ? (Rounded, rectangular stone.) (2)  view specimens
Olla fragment (Steatite.) (1)  view specimens
Olla fragments (Steatite.) (5)  view specimens
Olla or mortar fragment (Steatite.) (1)  view specimens
Olla shaper ? (Small triangular stone, very smooth.) (1)  view specimens
Opal (Amgdaloid.) (1)  view specimens
Ore fragment (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Organic material (Dry.) (2)  view specimens
Organic material ? (Sample of white (organic ?) material.) (1)  view specimens
organic materials (Fragments of wood, tule, etc., found near 12-1616) (2)  view specimens
Organic matter (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Ornament (Worked shell.) (2764)  view specimens
Ornament ? (Worked slate) (7)  view specimens
Ornament ? fragment (Haliotis) (2)  view specimens
Ornament and beads (One disc haliotis ornament with double row of fifteen shingled olivella loose be) (2)  view specimens
Ornament and ornament fragment (Triangular haliotis.) (25)  view specimens
Ornament and ornament fragments (Triangular haliotis.) (33)  view specimens
Ornament fragment (Triangular, haliotis.) (448)  view specimens
Ornament fragments (Triangular haliotis.) (63)  view specimens
Ornament fragments ? (Possible abalone ornament fragments.) (2)  view specimens
Ornament or bead fragments (Fragments of glass ornament or fused beads.) (1)  view specimens
Ornament or effigy (Shell.) (1)  view specimens
Ornament or gorget (Shell. Two perforations.) (7)  view specimens
Ornament or pendant (Shell. Shield shaped. Possibly perforation at top or narrow end.) (15)  view specimens
Ornament or tool (Made of bone.) (1)  view specimens
Ornaments (Triangular, haliotis) (263)  view specimens
Ornaments and labrets (Two labrets with attached circular haliotis ornaments.) (2)  view specimens
Ornaments and ornament fragments (Haliotis) (2)  view specimens
Ornaments or beads (Shell, beads, 16 haliotis, 1 olivella, 1 fused clamshell, burnt) (1)  view specimens
Otter mandible ? (Otter (?) mandible) (2)  view specimens
Oxide (Red) (1)  view specimens
Oyster ('California' oyster, Ostrea lurida) (4)  view specimens
Oyster shell (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Oyster shells (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Pad (Made of split mountain tule.) (1)  view specimens
Paddle (Wooden) (53)  view specimens
Paddle ? (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Paddle model (Flat, wooden (packing crate wood used)) (1)  view specimens
Paint (Yellow) (88)  view specimens
Paint ? (Red.) (9)  view specimens
Paint ? or clay (Paint (?) or yellow clay.) (1)  view specimens
Paint fragment (Yellow.) (3)  view specimens
Paint fragments (Yellow) (12)  view specimens
Paint fragments and bone ? (Yellow, with one fish vertibrae included.) (1)  view specimens
Paint lumps (Red.) (1)  view specimens
Paint or ochre (Red.) (1)  view specimens
Paint stone (Ochre stain, round pebble) (1)  view specimens
Paint, charcoal, mat fragment, beaks and claws (Red paint and charcoal, decayed mat (?) and rubbish) (1)  view specimens
Palette ? (Paint palette ?) (1)  view specimens
Palette fragment (Sandstone 'palette'.) (1)  view specimens
Palm protector (Buckskin palm protector for flint flaking.) (1)  view specimens
Pan (Stone, fragment, partial perforations) (5)  view specimens
Pan fragment (Steatite.) (1)  view specimens
Paper fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Parcher (Openwork seed parcher.) (3)  view specimens
Paving block (Rectangular, with 1 1/2 in. circular depression.) (1)  view specimens
Peat (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Pebble (Worked, schist.) (586)  view specimens
Pebble ? (Small, baked clay.) (5)  view specimens
Pebble and asphalt (Flat pebble with asphalt.) (1)  view specimens
Pebble and mortar fragment (Large granite pebble with the beginning of a mortar in it. Smaller than previou) (2)  view specimens
Pebble and stone (a) Polished pebble) (1)  view specimens
Pebble and stone fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Pebble disk (Pebble disk) (1)  view specimens
Pebble fragment (White quartz) (38)  view specimens
Pebble fragments (Quartzite.) (3)  view specimens
Pebble hammer (Rhyolite pebble hammer) (1)  view specimens
Pebble Hammer (?) (Rhyolite pebble hammer (?)) (3)  view specimens
Pebble impressions (Baked clay) (1)  view specimens
Pebble object (Worked.) (1)  view specimens
Pebble or pecking stone (Elongated.) (1)  view specimens
Pebble samples (Each represents the volume contained in one cubic foot of mound material.) (1)  view specimens
Pebble, bone and clay (Quartz pebble, vertebra and clay lumps.) (1)  view specimens
Pebble, charcoal, Acmaea mitra, 6 Purpura (Pebble, charcoal, Acmaea mitra, 6 Purpura) (1)  view specimens
Pebble, stone fragment, shells (Shells 'Maconia nosuta') (2)  view specimens
Pebbles (With asphalt.) (195)  view specimens
Pebbles ? (Small, baked clay.) (2)  view specimens
Pebbles and asphalt fragments (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Pebbles and basket (Basket pebbles. Orig. No.: 'With sites/2 & 3') (1)  view specimens
Pebbles and bone (pebbles and ungulate toe bone.) (1)  view specimens
Pebbles and bone fragment (3 pebbles, one bone fragment.) (1)  view specimens
Pebbles and bone fragments (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Pebbles and crystal fragments (Quartz pebbles and crystal fragments.) (1)  view specimens
Pebbles and gravel (Samples) (4)  view specimens
Pebbles and quartz (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Pebbles and quartzite (Pebbles, quartzite, etc.) (2)  view specimens
Pebbles and red ochre (Pebbles with red ochre.) (1)  view specimens
Pebbles and shell (4 pebbles and one shell.) (1)  view specimens
Pebbles and shells (Saxidomus nuttalli.) (1)  view specimens
Pebbles and stone (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Pebbles and stone fragments (Pebbles and stone fragments) (2)  view specimens
Pecked stone (Sandstone) (2)  view specimens
Pecking stone (Roughly tapered.) (236)  view specimens
Pecking stone ? (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Pecking stone fragment (Unspecified) (4)  view specimens
Pecking stone fragment ? (Possible pecking stone fragment.) (1)  view specimens
Pecking stones (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Peg (Pointed wooden peg. Hammered end.) (1)  view specimens
Pegs (4 ocher-stained wooden pegs from underground ghost house.) (1)  view specimens
Pelican bone (Cut. Proximal end Pelican humerus.) (1)  view specimens
Pellet (Baked clay object.) (4)  view specimens
Pellet ? (Baked clay pellet?) (1)  view specimens
Pellets (Baked clay) (3)  view specimens
Pellets ? (Owl pellets?) (2)  view specimens
Pelvis (Animal.) (2)  view specimens
Pelvis fragment (Carnivore) (1)  view specimens
Pencil (Slate pencil) (13)  view specimens
Pencil ? (Steatite 'pencil.') (2)  view specimens
Pencil fragment (Slate 'pencil'.) (7)  view specimens
Pendant (Worked stone) (2016)  view specimens
Pendant ? (Worked abalone shell fragment (pendant blank?).) (14)  view specimens
Pendant ? fragment (Bone.) (2)  view specimens
Pendant ? fragments (Made of shell) (2)  view specimens
Pendant and asphalt (Animal tooth pendant with asphalt.) (3)  view specimens
Pendant and fragments (Made of haliotis shell. Crescent shaped, with single perforation at one end, poi) (3)  view specimens
Pendant and shell (Haliotis pendant and shell fragments in sod and charcoal.) (1)  view specimens
Pendant and wedge (Abalone shell pendant and antler wedge.) (1)  view specimens
Pendant fragment (Thimble pendant.) (218)  view specimens
Pendant fragment ? (Stone, one perforation.) (11)  view specimens
Pendant fragment and tooth (Made of abalone. Triangular. (a) Beaver tooth.) (1)  view specimens
Pendant fragments (Shell.) (66)  view specimens
Pendant or bead (Shell, perforated by grinding off tip, charred or scorched.) (1)  view specimens
Pendant or gorget (Disk shaped, metal. Perforated.) (1)  view specimens
Pendants (Unspecified) (235)  view specimens
Pendants and abalone fragments (Abalone pendants & fragments.) (2)  view specimens
Pendants and bead ((a) Abalone pendant. (b) Abalone pendant and bead.) (1)  view specimens
Pendants and beads (Small abalone) (2)  view specimens
Pendants and fragments (Rectangular, abalone) (5)  view specimens
Pendants and haliotis fragments (Haliotis pendant and fragments rectangular.) (1)  view specimens
Pendants and pendant fragments (Made of abalone shell.) (4)  view specimens
Pendants and rings (Haliotis, fine.) (2)  view specimens
Pendants and shell fragments (Haliotis pendants, broken) (1)  view specimens
Pendants or ornaments (Made of haliotis) (1)  view specimens
Pendants, beads, and crystal ((a)* Abalone pendants and beads. (b) Quartz crystal.) (1)  view specimens
Pendants, beads, and shell fragments (3 oblong pendants of abalone shell, 3 roundish disk beads, and fragments of shel) (1)  view specimens
Penis (Worked, bone) (1)  view specimens
Penis fragment (Sea otter.) (1)  view specimens
Perforator (Unspecified) (39)  view specimens
Perforator ? (Brown flint.) (1)  view specimens
Perforator fragment (Base only) (28)  view specimens
Perforator or scraper (Mottled agate.) (1)  view specimens
Perishable material (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Pestle (With two flakes chipped off side) (1724)  view specimens
Pestle ? (Stone.) (36)  view specimens
Pestle ? fragment (Unspecified) (27)  view specimens
Pestle ? or charmstone fragment (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Pestle and arrow straightener (Pestle/arrow straightener. Made of steatite. Transverse groove on top. Flat bot) (1)  view specimens
Pestle and mano (Quartzite pebble.) (1)  view specimens
Pestle and mortar fragments (Worked rocks, fragment of) (2)  view specimens
Pestle and muller (Combination of pestle and muller.) (1)  view specimens
Pestle and ochre (Pestle with red ochre.) (2)  view specimens
Pestle chopper (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Pestle fragment (Worn.) (1088)  view specimens
Pestle fragment ? (Unspecified) (30)  view specimens
Pestle fragments (Unspecified) (54)  view specimens
Pestle fragments ? (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Pestle hammerstone (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Pestle mano (Unspecified) (4)  view specimens
Pestle mano fragment (Smooth stone.) (1)  view specimens
Pestle miniature (Miniature.) (1)  view specimens
Pestle or charmstone (Quartzite pestle (charmstone)? circumlateral grooves near ends.) (1)  view specimens
Pestle or charmstone fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Pestle or grinder (Flattened.) (2)  view specimens
Pestle or hammerstone (Pinkish rock.) (4)  view specimens
Pestle or mano (Rectangular.) (3)  view specimens
Pestle or mano fragment (Scoria.) (3)  view specimens
Pestle or maul ? (Schistose.) (1)  view specimens
Pestle or muller (Small, cylindrical pestle or muller of bluish stone.) (1)  view specimens
Pestle or pebble (Small pestle or elongate pebble) (6)  view specimens
Pestle or plummet (Phallic type. Found with fragments of red paint adhering.) (1)  view specimens
Pestle or rub stone (Short) (2)  view specimens
Pestle or rub stone fragment (Broken fragment. Ancient. Blackened by fire.) (1)  view specimens
Pestle or rubbing stone fragment (Piece of a pestle or rubbing stone.) (1)  view specimens
Pestle or stake driver ? (Pestle or stake driver (?). Rounded head.) (1)  view specimens
Pestle toy ? (Toy pestle (?)) (1)  view specimens
Pestle, rubbing stone (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Pestles (Unspecified) (10)  view specimens
Pestles and pestle fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Pestles fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Pestloid object (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Petrified wood (Slab.) (5)  view specimens
Petrified wood ? ('Petrified wood, (?) pebble'.) (1)  view specimens
Petrified wood and jasper (Flakes. See 1-62076 (petrified wood arrowpoint).) (1)  view specimens
Petrified wood and obsidian (Six petrified wood and 5 obsidian. Surface bag.) (1)  view specimens
Petrified wood fragments ? (Charred or scorched.) (1)  view specimens
Phalanges (Deer (?), perforated.) (1)  view specimens
Phalanx (Terminal phalanx from a carnivore ?) (1)  view specimens
Pick (Tip broken.) (463)  view specimens
Pick ? (Stone. 'Probably a pestle blank, not a pick.') (2)  view specimens
Pick or drill (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Pick or graver (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Pick or hammerstone (Beach cobble pick or hammerstone. Pointed edge shows battering.) (1)  view specimens
Picks or drills (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Pictograph (Slab with pictograph.) (1)  view specimens
Pictograph ? (Sandstone slab.) (1)  view specimens
Pictograph fragment (Unspecified) (9)  view specimens
Pigment (Yellow.) (80)  view specimens
Pigment ? (Possible ochre pigment.) (4)  view specimens
Pigment and shell (a) Black pigment (psilomelane) from Jacumba. b) Clam shell (Anyan), half.) (1)  view specimens
Pigment fragment ? (Probable red ochre pigment fragment.) (1)  view specimens
Pigment lump (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Pigments (Blue pigment possibly a carbonate.) (2)  view specimens
Pillow (Wooden sweat house pillow.) (5)  view specimens
Pin (Safety pin.) (117)  view specimens
Pin ? (Steatite, ringed.) (5)  view specimens
Pin ? fragment (Nose pin?, bone.) (4)  view specimens
Pin ? fragments (Worked bone (pin?) fragments.) (2)  view specimens
Pin fragment (Polished bone.) (31)  view specimens
Pin fragments (Made of bone.) (7)  view specimens
Pin or awl (Slender, bone.) (4)  view specimens
Pin or awl fragment (Bone) (1)  view specimens
Pin or gig (Polished bone pin or fish gig.) (1)  view specimens
Pin or needle (Bone, large) (3)  view specimens
Pin or needle fragment (Bone.) (2)  view specimens
Pine cone (Small, burnt.) (1)  view specimens
Pine cones (Small, burnt.) (3)  view specimens
Pine needles ? (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Pine nuts (Specimen, ethnobotanical. Digger (?) pinenuts, 4 bottles) (2)  view specimens
Pine nuts ? (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Pinole (Light colored.) (1)  view specimens
Pins (Made of bone.) (4)  view specimens
Pipe (Wooden smoking pipe with thin stem.) (167)  view specimens
Pipe ? (Lump perforated clay) (4)  view specimens
Pipe ? fragment (With perforated side extension.) (6)  view specimens
Pipe and Basket impression (Frag. baked clay: pipe 74 mm. L. basket impression) (1)  view specimens
Pipe and case (Unspecified) (11)  view specimens
Pipe and pouch ((a) Scabbard/pouch for pipe. Tubular, leather, stitched) (5)  view specimens
Pipe and tobacco (a) Smoking pipe, wood, tubular, straight) (1)  view specimens
Pipe and vessel fragments ? (Stone vessel.) (1)  view specimens
Pipe bowl (Steatite pipe head, mouthpiece on side.) (3)  view specimens
Pipe bowl fragment ? (Clay.) (1)  view specimens
Pipe bowl fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Pipe fragment (Stone) (68)  view specimens
Pipe fragment ? (Stone pipe fragment (?).) (2)  view specimens
Pipe fragments (Steatite.) (9)  view specimens
Pipe joint ? (Drilled antler section.) (1)  view specimens
Pipe model (Model of modern pipe. Showing the effect of baking upon the clay. Made of fired) (1)  view specimens
Pipe or effigy (Fragment baked clay pipe stem or effigy fragment perforated cylinder) (1)  view specimens
Pipe or pendant (Serpentine, egg shaped.) (1)  view specimens
Pipes (Baked clay pipes) (1)  view specimens
Pipes and tubes (Frag. baked clay: pipes and tubes) (1)  view specimens
Pipestem (Hard rubber pipe stem.) (7)  view specimens
Pipestem fragment (Clay pipe stem.) (3)  view specimens
Pit ? (Fruit pit (?).) (1)  view specimens
Pit fill (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Pit impression (Fragment, baked clay) (4)  view specimens
Pit impressions (Fragment baked clay: pit impressions.) (1)  view specimens
Pit lining (Lining of pit.) (1)  view specimens
Pitch (Unspecified) (9)  view specimens
Pitch ? (Carbonized.) (1)  view specimens
Pitch ? and nuts (Pine nuts.) (1)  view specimens
Pitch fragment (Unspecified) (4)  view specimens
Pitch fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Pitcher (Toy metal pitcher.) (2)  view specimens
Plane (Unspecified) (15)  view specimens
Plane ? (Green quartzite.) (2)  view specimens
Plane scraper (Unspecified) (5)  view specimens
Planking fragments (One with asphalt.) (2)  view specimens
Planking fragments and plugs (a) Wood planking fragments. b) Asphalt plugs to fit.) (1)  view specimens
Plant (Yerba Santa (Eriodictyon californicum).) (17)  view specimens
Plant bundle (Specimen, ethnobotanical) (2)  view specimens
Plant bundles (Specimen, ethnobotanical) (1)  view specimens
Plant fiber (One bundle, twisted.) (1)  view specimens
Plant fragment (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Plant material (Unspecified) (19)  view specimens
Plant materials (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Plant specimen (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Plant specimens (Bundle of stripped willow shoots.) (2)  view specimens
Plants (Heads of a plant.) (1)  view specimens
Plaster cast (Plaster cast of tubular steatite pipe with 3 base rings.) (2)  view specimens
Plastic (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Plate (Iron dinner plate) (4)  view specimens
Plate fragment (Non-indigenous.) (5)  view specimens
Plate fragments (Porcelain.) (2)  view specimens
Platter (Shallow, round and basin shape) (3)  view specimens
Platter ? fragment (Red scoria) (1)  view specimens
Plug (Rounded obsidian.) (3)  view specimens
Plug and planking fragment (Asphalt plug and planking fragment) (1)  view specimens
Plug fragment (Whistle plug (ash) fragment.) (2)  view specimens
Plugs (For canoe planks) (1)  view specimens
Plume (With white and yellow feathers bound upon it by sinew.) (27)  view specimens
Plummet (Unspecified) (38)  view specimens
Plummet ? fragment ('Plummet' ?) (1)  view specimens
Plummet fragment (Tip.) (14)  view specimens
Plummet or sinker (Granite. Perforated at one end.) (1)  view specimens
Pods (Yucca.) (1)  view specimens
Point (Yellow flint) (3786)  view specimens
Point ? (Worked stone (point blank?).) (18)  view specimens
Point ? fragment (Worked bone.) (11)  view specimens
Point and asphalt (Blunt flint point with asphalt at hafting.) (1)  view specimens
Point and bone fragment (Obsidian point. (a) Sawed bone fragment.) (1)  view specimens
Point and flake (Obsidian point and fragment of flint flake.) (1)  view specimens
Point and knife fragments (Obsidian.) (1)  view specimens
Point and point fragments ('Flint point, fragments of obsidian point.') (1)  view specimens
Point and tools (Obsidian.) (2)  view specimens
Point base (Obsidian.) (7)  view specimens
Point blank (Obsidian.) (2)  view specimens
Point flaker (Projectile point flaker, made of deer antler.) (1)  view specimens
Point fragment (Yellow flint.) (2672)  view specimens
Point fragment ? (White flint, 'point off'.) (11)  view specimens
Point fragments (Unfinished and broken fragments of obsidian points.) (152)  view specimens
Point or blade (Obsidian) (10)  view specimens
Point or blade fragment (Obsidian.) (21)  view specimens
Point or drill (Obsidian.) (3)  view specimens
Point or knife (Obsidian. Crescentic shape.) (1)  view specimens
Point or knife ? fragment (Obsidian.) (1)  view specimens
Point or knife fragment (Obsidan.) (17)  view specimens
Point or knife fragments (Obsidian point or knife blade fragments.) (1)  view specimens
Point or point fragment (Obsidian, incipient or fragment.) (1)  view specimens
Point or punch (Shovel-ended, fossil bone. One side filed, the other grooved.) (1)  view specimens
Point reject (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Point reject or blade (Obsidian point (?) reject or blade.) (1)  view specimens
Points (Very long and narrow obsidian points, exquisitely finished.) (108)  view specimens
Points and blades (Obsidian, all crude in form.) (1)  view specimens
Points and drill (Black stone points, one apparently a drill.) (1)  view specimens
Points and flakes (Obsidian points, flakes) (1)  view specimens
Points and fragments (Slate, flint, obsidian) (1)  view specimens
Points and point fragments (Flint and obsidian points, fragments chiefly.) (1)  view specimens
Pole (Unspecified) (8)  view specimens
Pole impression (Frag. baked clay: pole impress) (5)  view specimens
Poles (Two poles.) (2)  view specimens
Polisher (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Polisher ? (Horn.) (1)  view specimens
Polisher ? fragment ('Sandstone 'polisher' fragment.') (1)  view specimens
Polishers (Stone polishers.) (1)  view specimens
Polishing stone (Thick, tapered) (6)  view specimens
Polishing stone ? (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Polishing stone fragment (Unspecified) (4)  view specimens
Polishing stones (Rectangular, with rounded corners.) (1)  view specimens
Pollen sample (Unspecified) (8)  view specimens
Porcelain (With black design.) (13)  view specimens
Porcelain and glass (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Porcelain fragment (White.) (122)  view specimens
Porcelain fragments (White.) (42)  view specimens
Porcelain sherd (White.) (6)  view specimens
Porcelain, nails and cartridge cases (Square cut nails, cartridge cases. Historic material.) (1)  view specimens
Porphyry fragment (Porphory fragment) (1)  view specimens
Post (Red cedar) (2)  view specimens
Post fragment (Section of long post.) (1)  view specimens
Post fragment and spike (Wood post fragment and iron spike.) (1)  view specimens
Post fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Post holes (Two post holes preserved in block of house floor.) (1)  view specimens
Pot (Wide-mouth globose pot, uncolored. Broken into many pieces.) (41)  view specimens
Pot ? fragment (Iron.) (1)  view specimens
Pot fragment (Steatite) (3)  view specimens
Pot fragment ? (Portion of pot? riveted to handle or brace.) (1)  view specimens
Pot fragments and iron fragments (Cast iron 'Dutch oven' fragments and strap iron strips.) (1)  view specimens
Pot model (Pot or bowl. Earthenware, ceramic. Round bottom, flaring sides, 'much cracked) (1)  view specimens
Pot or kettle fragment (Iron.) (1)  view specimens
Potsherd (Worked disk.) (492)  view specimens
Potsherd and china fragment (Pottery and china fragments.) (2)  view specimens
Potsherd and pit (Porcelain chip with black outline) (1)  view specimens
Potsherds (Unspecified) (122)  view specimens
Potsherds and china fragments (Pottery and china fragments.) (3)  view specimens
Potsherds and clay fragment (Clay fragment not pottery.) (1)  view specimens
Potsherds and flint (One piece worked flint.) (1)  view specimens
Pottery (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Pottery ? fragments (Red.) (1)  view specimens
Pottery ? or rock ? ('Tubular pottery? chalk rock?') (1)  view specimens
Pottery ? sherd (Majolica ?, plain.) (1)  view specimens
Pottery ball (Unspecified) (45)  view specimens
Pottery ball ? (Triangular.) (1)  view specimens
Pottery ball fragment (Unspecified) (20)  view specimens
Pottery finisher (Rounded, rectangular piece of granite, sides smooth.) (3)  view specimens
Pottery fragment (White: rim) (96)  view specimens
Pottery fragment ? ('Potter fragment ?') (1)  view specimens
Pottery fragments (Two fragments of painted pottery.) (52)  view specimens
Pottery object (Unidentified.) (3)  view specimens
Pottery or china fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Pottery ring (Perforated.) (1)  view specimens
Pottery shaper (Very small.) (1)  view specimens
Pottery sherd (Unspecified) (298)  view specimens
Pottery sherds (Mexican.) (15)  view specimens
Pottery smoother (Made of stone. Irregularly shaped, small.) (2)  view specimens
Pottery, glass, metal fragments or shells (Mytilus californicus, Olivella biplicata.) (1)  view specimens
Pouch (Much torn fragment of similar (to 1 - 14573 ?) large pouch, pattern worked in ha) (6)  view specimens
Pouch and down (Eagle down in a pouch made of the leg skin of the eagle.) (2)  view specimens
Pouches (Skin of leg of W.R.T. hawk, tubular, down filled.) (1)  view specimens
Pouches and down (Eagle down in two pouches made of the leg skin of the hawk.) (1)  view specimens
Pounder (Stone ochre pounder.) (1)  view specimens
Pounding block (Block stone, roughly rectangular.) (1)  view specimens
Pounding stone (Unspecified) (5)  view specimens
Powder (Specimen, ethnobotanical) (4)  view specimens
Powder measure (Made of deer horn. Perforation at point for carrying handle.) (1)  view specimens
Prayer stick (Sharpened hazel 'prayer stick'. Pointed at both ends.) (6)  view specimens
Premolar (Carnivore 'pie-molar') (1)  view specimens
Primer cap (For muzzle loader.) (1)  view specimens
Prism (Obsidian, retouched.) (4)  view specimens
Prism or bangle (Obsidian) (1)  view specimens
Problematical object (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Projectile (Obsidian, fragment) (7)  view specimens
Projectile fragment (Unspecified) (17)  view specimens
Projectile point (White, mottled chert) (2267)  view specimens
Projectile point ? (Worked fragment (projectile point?). Black obsidian.) (2)  view specimens
Projectile point ? fragment (Obsidian.) (5)  view specimens
Projectile point ? or blade (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Projectile point base (Stemmed.) (24)  view specimens
Projectile point fragment (Top and base missing.) (2673)  view specimens
Projectile point fragment ? (Unspecified) (6)  view specimens
Projectile point fragment and bone (Convex base) (1)  view specimens
Projectile point fragments (Projectile point frags, obsidian) (60)  view specimens
Projectile point in bone (Projectile point embedded in vertebrae. Point and vertebrae together.) (1)  view specimens
Projectile point or blade (Obsidian, leaf shape.) (40)  view specimens
Projectile point or drill (Obsidian.) (1)  view specimens
Projectile point or knife (Obsidian.) (2)  view specimens
Projectile point or knife fragment (Obsidian.) (1)  view specimens
Projectile point reject ? (Chert) (1)  view specimens
Projectile points (Unspecified) (18)  view specimens
Prong (Made of antler) (1)  view specimens
Pumice (Unspecified) (6)  view specimens
Pumice ? (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Pumice ? object ('Baked clay object') (1)  view specimens
Pumice fragment ('Permise' (pumice?) fragment.) (2)  view specimens
Pumice fragments (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Pumice object (Grooved) (1)  view specimens
Punch (Short, thick) (24)  view specimens
Punch ? (Obsidian.) (3)  view specimens
Punch fragment (Made of bone.) (13)  view specimens
Punch or awl fragment (Bone.) (1)  view specimens
Punch or drill (Obsidian.) (5)  view specimens
Punk (Sagebrush bark.) (2)  view specimens
Purse (Weasle-skin money purse.) (18)  view specimens
Purse or wrapping (Skin of weasel (?)) (1)  view specimens
Pyramidal object (Obsidian 'pyramid,' 5-sided) (2)  view specimens
Quartz (Worked.) (29)  view specimens
Quartz ? (Quartz-like, fragments, greenish metal imbedded.) (1)  view specimens
Quartz ? fragment (Quartz-like.) (2)  view specimens
Quartz and chert fragments (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Quartz crystal (With broken ends.) (7)  view specimens
Quartz fragment (Milk quartz.) (16)  view specimens
Quartz fragments (Unspecified) (9)  view specimens
Quartz fragments and crystals (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Quartz nodule ? (Bird shaped nodule of glass quart like material.) (1)  view specimens
Quartz object (Chipped.) (1)  view specimens
Quartz or glass (Quartz or shattered glass.) (1)  view specimens
Quartz pebbles (Quartz pebbles) (1)  view specimens
Quartzite (Sample.) (7)  view specimens
Quartzite ? (Pecking stone.) (1)  view specimens
Quartzite Disk (Frag. quartzite perforated disk) (1)  view specimens
Quartzite fragment (Chipped, fragment of quartzite) (1)  view specimens
Quartzite pebbles (Quartzite pebble fragments) (1)  view specimens
Quartzite sample (Unspecified) (11)  view specimens
Quids (Unspecified) (4)  view specimens
Quill (Feather quill.) (2)  view specimens
Quills (Porcupine.) (1)  view specimens
Quiver (Wildcat skin.) (8)  view specimens
Rabbit bone (Humerus.) (1)  view specimens
Racket (Shinny.) (1)  view specimens
Radii (Shafts, birds) (2)  view specimens
Radius (Shaft, right, pelican) (2)  view specimens
Radius and mandible fragment ('Radius of mammal and mandible fragment.') (1)  view specimens
Radius and ulna (Animal.) (1)  view specimens
Radius and ulna with bracelet (Baby radius and ulna with bracelet of 2 half shell olivella beads) (1)  view specimens
Rafter (Western pine rafter with white oak peg. From above-ground dance house. Protrud) (1)  view specimens
Ragweed (Common ragweed (Ambrosia psilostachya).) (1)  view specimens
Rasp (Bird bone.) (1)  view specimens
Rattle (Unpainted elderberry split stick rattle.) (46)  view specimens
Rattle or beater (Split elderberry stem) (1)  view specimens
Rattle or clap stick (Unspecified) (7)  view specimens
Rattle stick (Unspecified) (6)  view specimens
Rawhide (Twist of.) (1)  view specimens
Ray jaw (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Razor (Iron) (1)  view specimens
Razor blade (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Reamer (Polished, elk rib.) (11)  view specimens
Reamer ? (Obsidian.) (1)  view specimens
Reamer fragment ? (Obsidian.) (2)  view specimens
Reamer scraper (Obsidian.) (3)  view specimens
Receptacle (A rounded, irregularly shaped stone with a hollow in one end about an inch deep.) (1)  view specimens
Red material (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Redbud bundle (Sapwood.) (2)  view specimens
Redwood fragments (Partially charred.) (1)  view specimens
Reed (Cut (?).) (2)  view specimens
Reed fragment (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Reed fragments (Unspecified) (4)  view specimens
Reeds (Cut off segments of phragmites.) (3)  view specimens
Refuse (Sample) (16)  view specimens
Refuse and shells (Sample) (1)  view specimens
Refuse pit fill (Sample) (1)  view specimens
Refuse sample (Slightly sticky) (6)  view specimens
Reject (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Repair kit (Includes: scissors, needle and thread, string, cord, and bundle of white feather) (1)  view specimens
Residue (Residue passing sieve of 28 mesh to the inch.) (2)  view specimens
Resin fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Rhyolite ? object (Andesite (recent lava)) (1)  view specimens
Rhyolite pebble (Rhyolite pebble) (1)  view specimens
Rib (Worked) (17)  view specimens
Rib ? fragments (Whale rib (?), fragments of a.) (1)  view specimens
Rib bone (Mammal.) (1)  view specimens
Rib bone ? (Cut rib ? End gnawed by mammal.) (1)  view specimens
Rib fragment (Worked.) (27)  view specimens
Rib fragments (Pointed.) (1)  view specimens
Ribbon (Red silk ribbon.) (1)  view specimens
Ribs (Animal.) (2)  view specimens
Rifle hammer and plate (Hammer, plate, etc. of cap and ball percussion rifle or pistol.) (1)  view specimens
Rifle hammer assembly (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Rim (Abalone.) (1)  view specimens
Rim fragment (Green painted, porcelain.) (1)  view specimens
Rim fragments (Crockery.) (1)  view specimens
Rim sherd (White.) (60)  view specimens
Rim sherds (Porcelain, blue decorated) (1)  view specimens
Ring (Unidentified organic ring.) (71)  view specimens
Ring ? (Nose ring? of mussel? shell.) (4)  view specimens
Ring and ring fragments ? (Small shell ring and 3 fragments) (1)  view specimens
Ring fragment (Steatite ring fragment.) (7)  view specimens
Ring fragment ? (Unidentified glass object (ring fragment?).) (1)  view specimens
Ring fragment and bead (a) Abalone ring. b) Blue shell bead.) (1)  view specimens
Ring fragments (Made of abalone.) (3)  view specimens
Rings (Steatite, white.) (34)  view specimens
Rings ? (Shell rings(?)) (1)  view specimens
Rings and fragments (Made of abalone, incised.) (1)  view specimens
Rings and pendants (Made of abalone.) (3)  view specimens
Rivet (Iron.) (12)  view specimens
Rivet ? (Iron.) (1)  view specimens
Rivets (Copper) (2)  view specimens
Robe (Woven rabbit skin blanket. Pelts tied together with thin strips of natural cott) (4)  view specimens
Rock (Worked.) (128)  view specimens
Rock ? (Three flat fragments.) (3)  view specimens
Rock ? or ashes ('Special sample - rotten rock (?) or ashes.') (1)  view specimens
Rock and hammerstones (Sample rock, chert fragments, etc. Also 4 hammerstones.) (1)  view specimens
Rock and obsidian (Chipped rock and obsidian pieces.) (1)  view specimens
Rock and pebble (Sample of rock and large pebble.) (1)  view specimens
Rock chip and beads (Chip of rock, with beads.) (1)  view specimens
Rock fragment (Yellowish.) (20)  view specimens
Rock fragments (Smooth.) (9)  view specimens
Rock mass (Fused.) (1)  view specimens
Rock object (With red ochre.) (3)  view specimens
Rock sample (Unspecified) (17)  view specimens
Rock samples (Unspecified) (21)  view specimens
rock, bone (bone and quartz pebble) (2)  view specimens
Rock, obsidian, and rock fragment (1 rock with shell fossil imprint) (1)  view specimens
rock, shell, bone, clay (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Rocks (Various.) (11)  view specimens
Rocks and pebbles (Rock sampels, pebbles, etc.) (1)  view specimens
Rocks and steatite (Steatite and other worked rocks) (1)  view specimens
Rocks, bone, obsidian (1 bone, 2 pieces of obsidian, 1 round rock, 1 flat rectangular rock.) (1)  view specimens
Rocks, cooking stones, and chert fragments (Samples of rocks, cooking stones, chert fragments, etc.) (1)  view specimens
Rocks, effigy ? and bone (Rocks (mostly quartzite)) (1)  view specimens
Rod (Small, metal, threaded at one end.) (8)  view specimens
Rodent (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Rodent burrow (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Rodent fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Rodent hole (In red clay preserved with ambroid.) (1)  view specimens
Rodent incisor (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Rodent remains (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Rodent skeleton (Large.) (1)  view specimens
Rods (Bone.) (1)  view specimens
Roof (Piece of fired clay roof covering, pole impressions. Original description in Li) (1)  view specimens
Roof board (Roof board adjacent to smoke hole on same house to which 11854-8 (door parts) be) (1)  view specimens
Roof clay (Pole impressions) (1)  view specimens
Roof fragment (Piece of fired clay roof covering, pole impressions.) (1)  view specimens
Roofing (Fragements, baked clay.) (4)  view specimens
Root (Yellow lupine (Lupinus arboreus Sims)) (53)  view specimens
Root bundle (Sedge root.) (3)  view specimens
Root fiber (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Root fragment (Specimen, ethnobotanical. Small piece.) (1)  view specimens
Root fragments (Specimen, ethnobotanical) (2)  view specimens
Root mixture (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Roots (Specimen, ethnobotanical) (14)  view specimens
Roots ? (Carbonized vegetable matter. Tule roots?) (1)  view specimens
Roots or tubers (Carbonized.) (1)  view specimens
Rope (Unspecified) (17)  view specimens
Rope fragment (Compound element 2-ply rope fragment.) (1)  view specimens
Rope model (Model of old fashioned two-ply rope made of fibers from bark. Tapered, thin, an) (1)  view specimens
Rose haws (Sample of wild rose haws (hips?). Rosa pisocarpa.) (1)  view specimens
Rosin (Specimen, ethnobotanical) (1)  view specimens
Roundstone (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Rub stone (Unspecified) (16)  view specimens
Rub stone or polisher (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Rubber (Strip of black, hard rubber.) (2)  view specimens
Rubber fragment (Piece of rubber.) (1)  view specimens
Rubber or polisher fragment (Fragmentary, sandstone.) (1)  view specimens
Rubber strips (Hard. Pieces fit together.) (1)  view specimens
Rubbing stone (Very small, flattened, apparently by use as a rubbing stone.) (102)  view specimens
Rubbing stone ? (Rubbing stone ?) (6)  view specimens
Rubbing stone ? fragment (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Rubbing stone and ochre (Rubbing stone and red ochre) (1)  view specimens
Rubbing stone fragment (Unspecified) (10)  view specimens
Rubbing stone or anvil (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Rubbing stone or polisher ? (Triangular shape.) (1)  view specimens
Rubbing tool (Small, stone.) (4)  view specimens
Rubbing tool ? ('Rub tool (?)') (1)  view specimens
Rush section (Wrapped in twine.) (1)  view specimens
Rush tool (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Rushes (Bundle of knotted rushes.) (1)  view specimens
Rust (With embedded beads.) (2)  view specimens
Rust mass (Mass of rust with cloth impression and adhering beads in stringing pattern. Rust) (1)  view specimens
Sack (Tobacco sack.) (4)  view specimens
Sack fragments (Fragments of net sack with series of loops at edge for drawstring. Ornamented wi) (1)  view specimens
Sack model (Woven) (1)  view specimens
Sack or net (Carrying sack or net. Fiber, knotless, bell-shaped. Brown, with tan carrying c) (1)  view specimens
Sage (White sage of two varieties.) (1)  view specimens
Salt (Unspecified) (17)  view specimens
Salt and scoop (Salt in 3 stages: (a & b) 2 jars of salt before grinding) (2)  view specimens
Salt grass (Pulverized salt grass. Salt grass ball broken, remains in bottle.) (2)  view specimens
Salt sample (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Sample (Sample from fireplace ring.) (3)  view specimens
Sample material (Whole and coarsely broken clam shells.) (12)  view specimens
Sample of material (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Sample of siftings (From which charred netting was taken) (2)  view specimens
Sand (Sample.) (9)  view specimens
Sand and ochre (Red ochre.) (1)  view specimens
Sand sample (Sample yellowish clay sand.) (4)  view specimens
Sand, charcoal and beads (Sand and charcoal containing calcined clamshell beads and a magnesite bead.) (1)  view specimens
Sandal (Twine sagebrush bark. Different type from 1-81563-81564 sandals.) (4)  view specimens
Sandal fragment (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Sandal pattern (Cloth.) (1)  view specimens
Sandals (Rawhide.) (11)  view specimens
Sandstone (Yellow, decomposing.) (49)  view specimens
Sandstone Disk (Half of a perforated sandstone disk) (1)  view specimens
Sandstone fragment (Unspecified) (19)  view specimens
Sandstone fragments (Worked.) (11)  view specimens
Sandstone object (Worked.) (12)  view specimens
Sandstone object fragment (Cylindrical.) (1)  view specimens
Sandstone object fragments (Fragments of triangular sandstone object.) (1)  view specimens
Sandstone pebbles (Thin sandstone pebbles) (1)  view specimens
Sandstone slab (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Saucer fragments (White crockery.) (1)  view specimens
Saucers (Olivella.) (1)  view specimens
Saw (Scapula.) (58)  view specimens
Saw ? (Shaped scapula 'saw') (19)  view specimens
Saw ? fragment (Scapula 'saw.') (8)  view specimens
Saw ? or fragment (Obsidian) (1)  view specimens
Saw ? or scraper (Pebble flake.) (1)  view specimens
Saw blank (Scapula saw blank.) (2)  view specimens
Saw fragment (Unspecified) (34)  view specimens
Saw fragment ? (Probable scapula saw fragment.) (1)  view specimens
Saw fragments (Scapula.) (3)  view specimens
Saw fragments ? (Probable scapula saw fragments.) (1)  view specimens
Saws ('Bone grass saws'.) (1)  view specimens
Scale (Charred pine nut scale, 2 perforations, in fire pit) (1)  view specimens
Scapula (Unspecified) (28)  view specimens
Scapula and jaw (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Scapula fragment (Serrated.) (17)  view specimens
Scapula fragments (Animal.) (1)  view specimens
Scapula fragments and tibia (Two animal scapula fragments and a tibia epiphysis.) (1)  view specimens
Schist (Worked.) (6)  view specimens
Schist ? (Worked) (1)  view specimens
Schist fragment (Pecked.) (5)  view specimens
Schist fragments (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Schist object (Fragment. Perforated, blue schist.) (1)  view specimens
Schist piece (Concave convex.) (1)  view specimens
Schist tool (Flaked) (1)  view specimens
Scissor fragment (Small pair, iron.) (1)  view specimens
Scissors (Unspecified) (5)  view specimens
Scissors fragments (Iron) (1)  view specimens
Sconce (Sconce with handle, terra cotta color.) (1)  view specimens
Scoria object (Unspecified) (8)  view specimens
Scoria object fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Scouring rush (Sample of.) (1)  view specimens
Scraper (Worked slate) (5253)  view specimens
Scraper ? (Yellow chalcedon scraping tool (?).) (149)  view specimens
Scraper ? fragment (Stone.) (4)  view specimens
Scraper and blade (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Scraper and chopper (Basalt.) (1)  view specimens
Scraper and core (Quartzite scraper and basalt core.) (1)  view specimens
Scraper and flake (Basalt.) (1)  view specimens
Scraper and knife (Obsidian.) (1)  view specimens
Scraper and ochre (Scraper with red ochre.) (1)  view specimens
Scraper and point (Obsidian.) (1)  view specimens
Scraper and points (Stone points and scraper, worked) (1)  view specimens
Scraper and rock and flint fragments (Obsidian scraper, rock fragment, flint fragment.) (1)  view specimens
Scraper blade (Basalt) (23)  view specimens
Scraper chopper (Unspecified) (8)  view specimens
Scraper cutter (Stone.) (1)  view specimens
Scraper flaker (Chert.) (1)  view specimens
Scraper flakes (Obsidian.) (1)  view specimens
Scraper fragment (Unspecified) (168)  view specimens
Scraper fragment ? (Chert) (2)  view specimens
Scraper fragments (Retouched flake scrapers, obsidian.) (17)  view specimens
Scraper graver (Obsidian.) (4)  view specimens
Scraper gravers (Obsidian ?) (2)  view specimens
Scraper hammerstone (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Scraper knife (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Scraper or blade (Chert.) (2)  view specimens
Scraper or chopper (Unspecified) (83)  view specimens
Scraper or drill (Obsidian.) (1)  view specimens
Scraper or graver (Obsidian.) (1)  view specimens
Scraper or knife (Scraper or flake knife, basalt.) (147)  view specimens
Scraper or knife ? (Possible basalt scraper or knife.) (1)  view specimens
Scraper or plane (Large, diorite.) (1)  view specimens
Scraper or point (Worked obsidian scraper or point blank.) (3)  view specimens
Scraper or point ? (Chert scraper or point reject ?) (1)  view specimens
Scraper or point fragment (Obsidian.) (2)  view specimens
Scraper or spear point fragment (Obsidian scraper or large spear point fragment.) (1)  view specimens
Scraper plane (Wrapped in cloth.) (188)  view specimens
Scraper plane ? (Questionable, jasper.) (7)  view specimens
Scraper reamer (Obsidian.) (1)  view specimens
Scraper saw (White chert) (1)  view specimens
Scraper straightener (Greenish stone, groove running length of piece.) (1)  view specimens
Scrapers (Unspecified) (492)  view specimens
Scrapers ? (Retouched flakes, probably scrapers.) (4)  view specimens
Scrapers and blade fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Scrapers and cores (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Scrapers and flakes (Unspecified) (5)  view specimens
Scratcher (Unspecified) (13)  view specimens
Screen findings ('1/8' screen findings'.) (1)  view specimens
Screening bag (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Screening bags (Unspecified) (9)  view specimens
Screening sample (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Screenings (Unsorted.) (75)  view specimens
Screw (Iron. Wood screw.) (3)  view specimens
Screw ring (Iron, corroded.) (1)  view specimens
Scrotum (Deer scrotum, filled with cooked deer brains.) (1)  view specimens
Scute (Scute from back of sea-shell fish.) (5)  view specimens
Sea grass (Plaited and twisted.) (1)  view specimens
Sea lion ? tooth (Canine, probably of juvenile sea-lion.) (1)  view specimens
Sea lion bone (Radius.) (1)  view specimens
Sea lion tooth (Right upper canine, Elemetopopias stelleri.) (1)  view specimens
Sea otter bones (Bones of front fee of male sea-otter, 3 with incisions.) (1)  view specimens
Sea otter jaw (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Sea urchin (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Sea urchin and shell fragments (Pocket of sea-urchin fragments, Acnaea mitra and Chlorostoma funebrale with them) (1)  view specimens
Sea urchin fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Seal bone (Humerus of seal.) (1)  view specimens
Seal bone fragments (Seal head bone fragments.) (1)  view specimens
Seat (Low flat wooden seat.) (5)  view specimens
Seaweed (Flat cake, preserved.) (5)  view specimens
Sedge material (Ring of split sedge root, Carex sp.) (2)  view specimens
Sediment sample (Unspecified) (398)  view specimens
Sediment sample and faunal ((a) Faunal.) (1)  view specimens
Sediment samples (Unspecified) (17)  view specimens
Seed (Unspecified) (21)  view specimens
Seed ? (Charred.) (1)  view specimens
Seed and cones (Sample. Pinus monophylla, pinon nuts.) (1)  view specimens
Seed and grasses (Burned.) (1)  view specimens
Seed and wood fragments (Charred.) (1)  view specimens
Seed beater (With wrapped handle.) (40)  view specimens
Seed beater model (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Seed fragment (Cattail tule seed head fragment.) (1)  view specimens
Seed knocker (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Seedpods (From which 'das' seed is obtained (Salvia columbariae).) (1)  view specimens
Seeds (White pumpkin seeds.) (83)  view specimens
Seeds ? (Small.) (4)  view specimens
Seeds and bag (Burned seeds in carbonized bag.) (1)  view specimens
Seeds, hair and bone fragments (Black seeds.) (1)  view specimens
Selenite (Worked) (1)  view specimens
Selenite fragment (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Selenite object (Triangular.) (1)  view specimens
Sequins (Copper.) (2)  view specimens
Serpentine (Large piece, highly polished.) (5)  view specimens
Serpentine fragment (Doughnut.) (4)  view specimens
Serpentine fragments and ochre (Red ochre.) (1)  view specimens
Shaft (Right pelican radius) (4)  view specimens
Shaft fragment (Wooden sinew bound.) (5)  view specimens
Shaft smoother (Sandstone. Broken and repaired.) (3)  view specimens
Shaft smoother fragments (Sandstone. Broken and repaired.) (1)  view specimens
Shafts (Of right bird ulna) (5)  view specimens
Shale (Thin shale frag.) (3)  view specimens
Shale fragment (Cut.) (1)  view specimens
Shale fragment object (Fragment of pestle shaped object of shale.) (1)  view specimens
Shale object (Small, rectangular, with one end broken off.) (1)  view specimens
Shanks (Shanks of bone fishhooks.) (1)  view specimens
Shaping tool (Stone, roughly discoidal) (4)  view specimens
Shark ? tooth fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Shark teeth (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Shark tooth (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Shark tooth ? ('Fossil shark tooth (?)') (1)  view specimens
Sharpener (Unspecified) (17)  view specimens
Sharpener ? (Grooved sandstone rock.) (1)  view specimens
Sharpening stone (Sandstone.) (1)  view specimens
Shear ? (Sheep-shear? Green paint? or corroded copper.) (1)  view specimens
Shears (Iron.) (1)  view specimens
Sheath (Knife sheath made of grey squirrel hide) (1)  view specimens
Sheath ? (Leather. For knife ?) (1)  view specimens
Sheet (Eliptical, metal) (1)  view specimens
Shell (Worked.) (2209)  view specimens
Shell ? (Very much worn.) (6)  view specimens
Shell ? fragment (Columella shell (?) fragment.) (1)  view specimens
Shell and abalone fragments (a) Abalone shell. b) Abalone fragments.) (1)  view specimens
Shell and animal bone (Clam shell (added in pencil 'Cordunius corbis') and two animal bones.) (2)  view specimens
Shell and ash (Sample.) (1)  view specimens
Shell and ash sample (Sample of oyster shells, ashes, broken shell, etc.) (3)  view specimens
Shell and ashes ('Special sample.') (1)  view specimens
Shell and asphalt (Pecten shell with asphalt.) (4)  view specimens
Shell and asphalt fragments (Abalone shell.) (1)  view specimens
Shell and asphalt fragments, basketry impressions (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Shell and asphalt object fragments (Shell with moulded asphalt fragments.) (1)  view specimens
Shell and barnacle (Sample. Clam, mussel, whale barnacle. Saxidomus nuttalli, Schizothaerus nuttal) (1)  view specimens
Shell and bead (1 olivella) (1)  view specimens
Shell and beads (Unworked Olivella biplicata shell, round Olivella bead and burned clam shell dis) (1)  view specimens
Shell and bone (Unspecified) (26)  view specimens
Shell and bones (Planorbis ammon Gould and various small bones.) (2)  view specimens
Shell and charcoal (Shell and charcoal, fine.) (3)  view specimens
Shell and clay ? (Mollusk shell in clay or ash cement.) (1)  view specimens
Shell and earth (Pecten shell filled with earth.) (2)  view specimens
Shell and gravel (Samples.) (5)  view specimens
Shell and gravel sample (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Shell and lithic fragments (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Shell and obsidian fragments (Mussel shell and 2 fragments obsidian. Gonidea Argulata, Mytilies Californicus.) (2)  view specimens
Shell and ochre (With red ocher.) (11)  view specimens
Shell and ochre fragments (Mixed shell and red ochre fragments.) (2)  view specimens
Shell and paint (Containing red paint) (2)  view specimens
Shell and plugs (Abalone shell and asphalt plugs.) (1)  view specimens
Shell and shell fragment (Small shell. a) Abalone fragment, 'mytilus Californius' added in pencil.) (1)  view specimens
Shell and shell fragments (Unspecified) (7)  view specimens
Shell and soil (Samples of shell and soil.) (1)  view specimens
Shell and soil sample (Unspecified) (16)  view specimens
Shell and stone fragments (Small shell fragments.) (3)  view specimens
Shell and unknown object (1 shell and 1 unknown artifact, maybe lithic or clay/dirt.) (1)  view specimens
Shell artifact (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
shell bead (shell disc bead fragment) (1)  view specimens
shell beads (small flat rectangular beads - shell) (6)  view specimens
shell beads, bone (rectangular, centrally perforated shell beads and one bone) (1)  view specimens
Shell blank (Abalone) (1)  view specimens
Shell blanks (Abalone) (1)  view specimens
Shell cap (Brass, of shotgun shell.) (1)  view specimens
Shell casings (Shotgun casings.) (1)  view specimens
Shell fragment (Zirfaea crispata, valve.) (473)  view specimens
Shell fragment ? (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Shell fragment and bone (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Shell fragment and ochre (Large shell fragment covered with red ochre.) (2)  view specimens
Shell fragment or crab claw ? (Point of shell horn or crab claw?) (1)  view specimens
Shell fragment, bones, pebbles and matrix (Abalone, fragment of) (1)  view specimens
Shell fragments (Yonidea argulata. Margaritifera m. (sp.?)) (448)  view specimens
Shell fragments and asphalt (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Shell fragments and bone fragment (2 shell fragments and 1 bone fragment.) (1)  view specimens
Shell fragments and bones (Olivella halves) (1)  view specimens
Shell fragments and charcoal fragments (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Shell fragments and pebbles (Perforated fragments of abalone shells and 2 flat pebbles.) (1)  view specimens
Shell fragments and spoon fragment (Aquatic) (1)  view specimens
Shell fragments or bone ? ('Anadonta sp.' 'bone?' written in pencil.) (1)  view specimens
Shell fragments, flakes and bone (Fragments of fresh-water mussel shells, obsidian and chert flakes, bone etc. (H) (1)  view specimens
Shell fragments, ochre, and beads (Olivella and abalone shell beads with shell fragments and red ochre.) (1)  view specimens
Shell inlay in asphalt (Olive shell inlay in asphalt.) (1)  view specimens
Shell material (Shell material) (2)  view specimens
Shell object (Worked. Mytilus.) (14)  view specimens
Shell object fragment (Cut haliotis shell.) (4)  view specimens
Shell object fragments (Abalone, perforated.) (2)  view specimens
Shell objects (Square cut, Olivella.) (15)  view specimens
Shell objects and beads (Olivella, cut olivella shell, tubular and disk shell beads.) (1)  view specimens
shell ornament (shell ornament and fragments) (1)  view specimens
shell ornaments (abalone shell ornaments) (2)  view specimens
Shell patterns (Oval and punched halves olivella pattern.) (1)  view specimens
Shell sample (Unspecified) (59)  view specimens
Shell samples (Washed shell, etc.) (8)  view specimens
Shell with beads (Whole shell with 10 beads inside.) (1)  view specimens
Shell with ochre (Clamshell with red ochre.) (2)  view specimens
shell, bone (olivella shells, abalone, bone) (4)  view specimens
Shell, bone, stone and charcoal (Samples.) (16)  view specimens
Shell, bones and sand (Haliotis shell filled with sand, bones, and shell.) (1)  view specimens
Shell, charcoal, ashes, and dirt (Selected samples of shell, charcoal, ashes, and dirt.) (1)  view specimens
Shell, clay, and gravel (Samples of shell, clay, shell and gravel.) (1)  view specimens
Shell, clay, and pebbles (Samples of shell with clay and pebbles.) (1)  view specimens
Shell, crab, bone and rock (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
shell, fish spears (shell (abalone), shell ornament, fish spears) (1)  view specimens
Shell, ochre, and beads (Shell containing red ochre and various kinds of beads.) (1)  view specimens
Shell, pine, acorn, walnut, and crystals (Carbonized pine, acorn, walnut.) (1)  view specimens
Shell, rock and wood (Miscellanous shell, rock, wood. Mytilus californianus.) (1)  view specimens
Shell, sand, and gravel (Samples.) (1)  view specimens
Shell, shell fragments and ochre (Double perforated mussel shell with red ochre and 3 olivella halves.) (1)  view specimens
Shell, shell fragments and spoons ? (Miscellaneous collection of shells, whole and fragmentary. Added in pen and pen) (1)  view specimens
Shell, soil, and gravel (Sample.) (1)  view specimens
Shell, stone, bone fragments and beads (Mixed shell, stone, and bone fragments and shell beads.) (1)  view specimens
Sheller (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Sheller ? (Flat faced sandstone slab.) (1)  view specimens
Shellmound refuse (In sacks) (1)  view specimens
Shells (Worked univalve.) (724)  view specimens
Shells ? (Honeycomb shells (?)) (1)  view specimens
Shells and asphalt (Clam shells with asphalt.) (2)  view specimens
Shells and asphalt fragments (Olivella shells and asphalt fragments) (3)  view specimens
Shells and basket fragments (Mussel shells with asphalted basket fragments.) (1)  view specimens
Shells and beads (Whole olivella and disk beads.) (8)  view specimens
Shells and bone (Sample) (1)  view specimens
Shells and bone fragments (Oyster and cockle shells and 2 bone fragments) (1)  view specimens
Shells and bones (Unspecified) (8)  view specimens
Shells and centhidea (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Shells and claws (Snail shells (Cerithidea californica) and crab claws.) (1)  view specimens
Shells and fragments (Whole and partial, cowry type.) (3)  view specimens
Shells and ochre (Fitted abalone shells, filled with black ochre.) (1)  view specimens
Shells and pendants (Cut olivella shells) (1)  view specimens
Shells and rodent bones (Planorbis ammon Gould and bones of small rodent.) (1)  view specimens
Shells and shell fragments (Unspecified) (12)  view specimens
Shells and soil (Soil sample of mussell, clam and pecten shells.) (1)  view specimens
Shells and spoons ? (Mussel) (1)  view specimens
Shells and stone fragments (Olivella shells of two sizes with shell and stone fragments.) (5)  view specimens
Shells fragments (Small) (1)  view specimens
Shells or shell fragments (Mussel.) (1)  view specimens
Shells, stones and bones (Cerithidea californica, Ostrea lurida) (1)  view specimens
Sherd (Worked porcelain.) (2146)  view specimens
Sherd ? (Neophyte sherd?) (1)  view specimens
Sherd and bottle fragment ('Modern sherd and glass bottle frag.') (1)  view specimens
Sherds (Unspecified) (263)  view specimens
Shinny ball (Double shinny ball) (2)  view specimens
Shinny stick (Unspecified) (13)  view specimens
Shirt (Made of turkey feathers.) (2)  view specimens
Shirt or coat (Feather.) (1)  view specimens
Shoe (Pony shoe.) (2)  view specimens
Shoe fragment (Leather.) (1)  view specimens
Shoe fragments (Right leather shoe fragments.) (3)  view specimens
Shoe sole ? (Leather, from baby shoe?) (1)  view specimens
Shoes (Made of tule.) (1)  view specimens
Shoots (Tule) (1)  view specimens
Shot (Lead.) (2)  view specimens
Shotgun shell ('Western X Pert No. 2) (1)  view specimens
Shovel (Abalone. Glued together.) (15)  view specimens
Shovel ? fragment (Abalone shell.) (1)  view specimens
Shovel fragment (Abalone. Glued together.) (8)  view specimens
Shovel fragment ? (Part of iron shovel? With glass beads adhering to rust.) (1)  view specimens
Shroud (Deer skin?) (2)  view specimens
Shroud fragments (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Shuttle (Unspecified) (18)  view specimens
Shuttle model (Netting shuttle) (1)  view specimens
Side scraper (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Sieve (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Sifter (Flat circular acorn meal sifter with grass foundation and black zigzag design.) (2)  view specimens
Sifting tray (Much curved, triangular.) (1)  view specimens
Siftings (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Silica object (Fused silica object) (1)  view specimens
Silt sample (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Siltstone (Worked piece.) (1)  view specimens
Sinew (Unspecified) (5)  view specimens
Sinew bundle (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Sinew fiber (Ball.) (1)  view specimens
Sinker (Unfinished net sinker.) (1667)  view specimens
Sinker ? (Stone. Oval, grooved. 'Girdled stones.') (19)  view specimens
Sinker ? fragment (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Sinker and stone (Grooved sinker and oval stone.) (1)  view specimens
Sinker and stone fragments (Grooved sinker.) (1)  view specimens
Sinker fragment (Stone.) (202)  view specimens
Sinker fragment and stone (Cook stone) (1)  view specimens
Sinker hammerstone (Unspecified) (6)  view specimens
Sinker or anchor (Large.) (1)  view specimens
Sinker or charmstone (Perforated) (7)  view specimens
Sinker pestle hammerstone ('Sinker-pestle-hammerstone') (1)  view specimens
Sinkers (Unspecified) (27)  view specimens
Sinkers and rock fragments (Grooved sinkers.) (1)  view specimens
Sinkers and stone fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Sinkers, hammerstone fragment and chert. ('Sinkers, hammerstone fragment, chert.') (1)  view specimens
Skeleton (Small rodent.) (5)  view specimens
Skeleton fragment (Dog burial #1. Partial skeleton.) (3)  view specimens
Skewer (Made of wood, pointed at one end.) (7)  view specimens
Skewer fragments (Made of bone) (1)  view specimens
Skewers (Wooden.) (2)  view specimens
Skin (Weasel skin.) (8)  view specimens
Skin fragment (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Skin impression (Frag. baked clay) (1)  view specimens
Skirt (Skirt of eagle down.) (12)  view specimens
Skirt fragment (Feather from ceremonial eagle-feather dance skirt.) (1)  view specimens
Skirt fragment ? (Upper edge of tule skirt? Fastened with 2-ply twine.) (1)  view specimens
Skirt model (Model of shredded bark skirt.) (1)  view specimens
Skirts (Shredded tule skirts.) (1)  view specimens
Skull (Small animal skull.) (15)  view specimens
Skull ? fragment (Occiput of deer skull (?).) (1)  view specimens
Skull and antler fragment (Deer.) (1)  view specimens
Skull and bones (Skull, limb bones of coyote, canis latrans.) (1)  view specimens
Skull and femur (Canine) (1)  view specimens
Skull and fragments (Deer skull, fragments, etc.) (1)  view specimens
Skull and jaw (Hog.) (1)  view specimens
Skull casing (Asphaltum casing of skull, broken.) (1)  view specimens
Skull fragment (Part of animal skull.) (13)  view specimens
Skull fragment and teeth (Animal remains) (1)  view specimens
Skull fragment, ornament and bead pattern (Skull fragment with C.I. haliotis ornament and rectangular oval olivella bead pa) (1)  view specimens
Skull fragments (Mammalian skull fragments) (7)  view specimens
Skull fragments ? (Pieces of skull, worked and bored.) (1)  view specimens
Skull fragments and teeth (Fragments of a skull, with teeth, of canis sp.) (1)  view specimens
Skull, bones (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Skullcap (Mammal skull cap.) (1)  view specimens
Skulls (Small rodent.) (2)  view specimens
Slab (Worked.) (64)  view specimens
Slab ? (Worked slab ?) (1)  view specimens
Slab fragment (Unspecified) (40)  view specimens
Slabs (Frag. baked clay: thin slabs) (2)  view specimens
Slabs, lumps and stick impressions (Baked clay slabs and lumps. 3/4 show stick impressions.) (1)  view specimens
Slag (Carbonized.) (3)  view specimens
Slag-like material (Lumps of slag-like material.) (1)  view specimens
Slag-like substances (Lump of slaglike substances.) (1)  view specimens
Slate (Unspecified) (15)  view specimens
Slate ? (Incised.) (1)  view specimens
Slate ? fragment (Triangular in transverse cross section, giving 3 sharp longitudinal edges.) (1)  view specimens
Slate artifact (Pointed.) (1)  view specimens
Slate fragment (With incised line.) (13)  view specimens
Slate object (Needle-like, circum-grooved near proximal end) (13)  view specimens
Slate slab (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Slate, knife and bone fragments (Slate frag., flake knife frag., bone frag.) (1)  view specimens
Slaty fragments (White slatey material.) (1)  view specimens
Slave killer (Serpentine.) (3)  view specimens
Slave killer fragment (Slate.) (2)  view specimens
Slave killer fragments (Slate and serpentine.) (1)  view specimens
Sling (Woven) (4)  view specimens
Sling stone (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Sling stone ? (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Sling stones (Set of sling shot (?)) (1)  view specimens
Sling stones ? (Ovular pebbles. Sling shot ?) (1)  view specimens
Slitter (Made of deer horn.) (1)  view specimens
Smoother (Scoria arrow shaft smoother.) (4)  view specimens
Smoother ? (Round, lithic.) (1)  view specimens
Smoother fragment (Shaft) (2)  view specimens
Smoothing pebble (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Smoothing slab fragment (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Smoothing slab fragments (Fragments of sandstone smoothing slabs.) (3)  view specimens
Smoothing slabs (Sandstone.) (1)  view specimens
Smoothing stone (Unspecified) (38)  view specimens
Smoothing stone fragment (Unspecified) (5)  view specimens
Smoothing stone or anvil (Flat, ovular.) (1)  view specimens
Smoothing stones (Inicised stone.) (7)  view specimens
Snail (Land snail.) (5)  view specimens
Snail and shell fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Snail shell fragment (Small fragment.) (1)  view specimens
Snails (Miniature.) (3)  view specimens
Snap fastener ? (Enameled.) (1)  view specimens
Snare (Unspecified) (12)  view specimens
Snowshoes (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Soaproot (Bulb.) (2)  view specimens
Soaproot fiber (Bundle of soaproot fiber.) (2)  view specimens
Soaproot fragments and grass (Soaproot fragments with grass binding.) (1)  view specimens
Soapstone (Unspecified) (10)  view specimens
Soil (Sticky gravelly lump. One flat side is the surface on which the shellmound reste) (38)  view specimens
Soil ? sample (Dirt (?) mold (?), burned.) (1)  view specimens
Soil and bone fragments (Soil with some bone fragments.) (1)  view specimens
Soil and gravel (Samples of soil, and gravel.) (1)  view specimens
Soil and gravel sample (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Soil and shell (Soil and shell debris.) (1)  view specimens
Soil and shell gravel (Samples of sticky soil with shell gravel.) (1)  view specimens
Soil and shell sample (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Soil lump (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Soil sample (Yellow hard sand.) (1077)  view specimens
Soil sample and abalone (a) Soil sample) (1)  view specimens
Soil sample and beads (Soil sample, with some glass beads.) (5)  view specimens
Soil sample and flakes (a) Soil sample, b) Flint flakes.) (1)  view specimens
Soil sample and necklace (a) Soil sample. b) Disk bead necklace.) (1)  view specimens
Soil sample and rock (Greenish rock.) (1)  view specimens
Soil sample and shell (Sea urchin, crab shell, etc.) (3)  view specimens
Soil sample and shell fragments (Soil sample with punched olivella halves.) (1)  view specimens
Soil sample, beads, and faunal remains (a) Soil sample) (1)  view specimens
Soil sample, beads, bones, mortar fragments (2 mortar fragments.) (1)  view specimens
Soil sample, rattle fragments and drill (a) Soil sample. b) Turtle shell rattle fragments with white stones. c) Chert dri) (1)  view specimens
Soil samples (Unspecified) (8)  view specimens
Soil samples and beads (Few glass beads.) (1)  view specimens
soil, rock (soil concretion or sandstone) (1)  view specimens
Soil, shells and stones (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Soup paddle (Unspecified) (7)  view specimens
Sourberries (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Spangles (Obsidian) (1)  view specimens
Spatula (Pointed bone.) (15)  view specimens
Spatula fragment (Whale bone.) (10)  view specimens
Spatula fragments (Unspecified) (5)  view specimens
Spatulas (Bone.) (1)  view specimens
Spatulate fragment (Cut and polished bone.) (1)  view specimens
Spatulate object (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Spear (Very long, two-pronged, with metal gigs.) (4)  view specimens
Spear fragment (Bone) (2)  view specimens
Spear fragments (White flint.) (1)  view specimens
Spear or arrow point (Of slaty rock) (7)  view specimens
Spear or drill point (Whitish stone.) (1)  view specimens
Spear or knife (Obsidian.) (1)  view specimens
Spear point (White flint.) (210)  view specimens
Spear point fragment (Unspecified) (26)  view specimens
Spear point or knife (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Spear point section (Obsidian, middle section of.) (1)  view specimens
Spear points (Salmon spear points) (4)  view specimens
Spear shaft fragment (Salmon spear part, wood. From Ishi's last house in Yahi territory.) (1)  view specimens
Spear thrower (Conifer, 3 finger grooves, 1 longitudinal groove on one side. Old label reads: ') (1)  view specimens
Spearhead (White.) (52)  view specimens
Spearhead ? (Or jasper fragment) (1)  view specimens
Spearhead fragment (Unspecified) (14)  view specimens
Spearhead fragments (Black obsidian, opaque, glossy. 2 parts.) (1)  view specimens
Spearhead or arrow (Spearhead or large arrow of dark colored chert or flint) (1)  view specimens
Spearhead or arrowhead (Of greenish chert) (1)  view specimens
Spearhead or knife (Unspecified) (7)  view specimens
Spearheads (Obsidian (1 base, 1 point).) (1)  view specimens
spearpoint (Flint spearpoint) (2)  view specimens
Spears (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Specimen not found (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Sphere (Sandstone.) (2)  view specimens
Spicules (Stone (?).) (1)  view specimens
Spike (Rusted iron.) (112)  view specimens
Spike ? (Iron object (spike?).) (1)  view specimens
Spike and fragment (Iron spike.) (1)  view specimens
Spike and fragments (Iron spike.) (1)  view specimens
Spike and hoop ? (Iron spike, barrel hoop ?) (1)  view specimens
Spike fragment (Brass.) (11)  view specimens
Spike fragments (Made of iron. Rusty.) (1)  view specimens
Spikes (Iron spikes with adhering wood.) (2)  view specimens
Spikes and nails (Made of brass.) (1)  view specimens
Spindle (Obsidian.) (1)  view specimens
Spine (Sting ray spine, used) (4)  view specimens
Spine fragment (From elk vertebrae.) (1)  view specimens
Spine or pin ? (Stingray spine (pin ?)) (6)  view specimens
Spines (Sting ray spines.) (7)  view specimens
Splint (Deer.) (1)  view specimens
Splinter (Unspecified) (23)  view specimens
Splints (Wrapping of splints of cane joined with cord.) (1)  view specimens
Spool (Spool-shaped, baked clay, with tule (Scirpus Lacustris) impressions) (26)  view specimens
Spool ? (Frag. baked clay spool (?)) (1)  view specimens
Spoon (Wooden) (175)  view specimens
Spoon ? (Worked abalone.) (8)  view specimens
Spoon bowl (Large, iron.) (4)  view specimens
Spoon bowl fragment (Bowl fragment of large spoon.) (1)  view specimens
Spoon bowl fragments (Iron.) (1)  view specimens
Spoon fragment (Shell.) (30)  view specimens
Spoon fragment ? (Probably mussel shell, Mytilus californicus.) (3)  view specimens
Spoon fragments (Gonidea serrated shell spoon fragments with serration along one side.) (7)  view specimens
Spoon handle (Handle and part of bowl of large metal spoon with hole in handle.) (2)  view specimens
Spoon handle fragment (Metal.) (2)  view specimens
Spoon or fork fragment (Spoon or fork handle.) (4)  view specimens
Spoon or fork handle (Iron.) (1)  view specimens
Spoon or pendant fragment (Margaritifera shell, edge drilled.) (1)  view specimens
Spring leaf (Metal spring leaf.) (1)  view specimens
Spur fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Stalk (Stalk of oryzopsis hymenoides grass.) (1)  view specimens
Stalks (Plant stalks. Bundle of chrysothamnus stalks.) (1)  view specimens
Standard model (Wooden staff bound with red flannel fabric and ornamented with white beads and a) (2)  view specimens
Staple (Wire.) (1)  view specimens
Star (Four-cornered star, obsidian.) (1)  view specimens
Statuette (Bronze or copper cast, part of head missing.) (1)  view specimens
Steatite (Worked.) (33)  view specimens
Steatite ? (Worked, burnt) (5)  view specimens
Steatite and beads (Shell beads.) (1)  view specimens
Steatite fragment (Worked.) (72)  view specimens
Steatite fragments (Worked) (36)  view specimens
Steatite fragments ? (Fragments of rough steatite ?) (1)  view specimens
Steatite object (With grooved corner.) (32)  view specimens
Steatite ring (Projection on one side broken off.) (1)  view specimens
Stem (Tule stem. Scirpus lacurstis.) (3)  view specimens
Stem bunch (Specimen, ethnobotanical) (2)  view specimens
Stems (Water-grass.) (12)  view specimens
Stems and flowers (Stems and flowers of a species of mint - Pycnanthemum californicum.) (2)  view specimens
Stems and leaves (Specimen, ethnobotanical) (5)  view specimens
Stems and pods (Specimen, ethnobotanical) (1)  view specimens
Stibnite (Modified stibnite piece.) (2)  view specimens
Stick (Wrapped stick frag, carbonized) (102)  view specimens
Stick and cordage (Cordage tied around stick.) (1)  view specimens
Stick and pigment (Pointed stick covered with red ochre.) (1)  view specimens
Stick bundle (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Stick fragment (With rounded point.) (2)  view specimens
Stick fragments (Charred.) (1)  view specimens
Stick impression (Fragment, baked clay) (10)  view specimens
Stick object fragment (Sharpened stick fragment.) (1)  view specimens
Stick, sinew and feathers (Stick with sinew and feathers.) (1)  view specimens
Sticks (Wrapped sticks) (27)  view specimens
Sticks and cordage (Sticks, cordage, etc, with seeds adhering, carbonized) (1)  view specimens
Stiletto ? (Iron object.) (1)  view specimens
Stingray barb (Unspecified) (6)  view specimens
Stingray barbs (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Stingray jaw (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Stingray jawbones (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Stingray mouthpieces ? (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Stingray stinger (Barbs worn near point end.) (3)  view specimens
Stingray stingers (Partly broken.) (1)  view specimens
Stirrer (Three sticks) (20)  view specimens
Stirring stick (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Stockton curve (Unspecified) (34)  view specimens
Stockton fragment (Medial.) (1)  view specimens
Stone (Yellow.) (1542)  view specimens
Stone ? (Worked stone?) (12)  view specimens
Stone ? fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Stone ? fragments (Chipped.) (1)  view specimens
Stone ? or wood ? (Awl-shaped stone) (1)  view specimens
Stone and asphalt fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Stone and asphaltum (Asphaltum encrusted stone.) (1)  view specimens
Stone and baked clay objects (Burnt clay.) (1)  view specimens
Stone and bone fragments (33 stone fragments and one bone fragment.) (1)  view specimens
Stone and chopper (Pitted stone and chopper.) (1)  view specimens
Stone and concretions (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Stone and flint (Miscellaneous) (2)  view specimens
Stone and flint fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Stone and ochre fragments (Red ochre.) (2)  view specimens
Stone and pebbles (Pieces of stone and pebbles.) (1)  view specimens
Stone and projectile point (1-170373: White stone, cylindrical. 1-170373-A: Obsidian projectile point, se) (1)  view specimens
stone and shell (Stone flake, and shell frags. found under #9223) (1)  view specimens
Stone artifact (Worked.) (7)  view specimens
Stone artifact ? fragment ('Stone artifact (?), frag.') (1)  view specimens
Stone fragment (Worn.) (289)  view specimens
Stone fragment and asphalt (Stone fragment with asphalt.) (1)  view specimens
Stone fragment and clay object (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Stone fragments (Worked.) (211)  view specimens
Stone fragments and bone (Small bone.) (1)  view specimens
Stone fragments and bone fragment (Stone fragments (chiefly flint) and one bird bone fragment.) (1)  view specimens
Stone fragments and charcoal (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Stone fragments and clay (Stone fragments and clay lumps.) (1)  view specimens
Stone fragments and flake (2 ground stone fragments and one flake.) (1)  view specimens
Stone fragments and pebbles (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Stone implement (Perforated) (8)  view specimens
Stone implement ? (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Stone implement fragment (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Stone object (Worked, globular) (277)  view specimens
Stone object ? (Ground stone object (?).) (4)  view specimens
Stone object fragment (Worked, fragment of) (25)  view specimens
Stone object fragments (Worked.) (10)  view specimens
Stone objects (Whetstone-shaped, stone) (4)  view specimens
Stone objects ? ((Artifacts?)) (1)  view specimens
Stone sample (Sample of stone from magical rock.) (2)  view specimens
Stone samples (Sample of stone from near magical rock.) (1)  view specimens
Stone slab (Sandstone.) (2)  view specimens
Stone tool (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Stone with ochre (Stone with red ochre.) (1)  view specimens
Stone, bone and shell fragments (Stone, bone and shell frags.) (1)  view specimens
Stone, bone, charcoal, and arrowhead fragments ('Fragments of stone, bone, and charcoal, with fragments of arrowheads.') (1)  view specimens
Stones (Unspecified) (69)  view specimens
Stones and asphalt (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Stones and basket fragments (Stones and asphalt basket fragments.) (1)  view specimens
Stones and bone (Miscellany: quartzite, chert, obsidian, carnivore jaw.) (1)  view specimens
Stones and flint fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Stones and fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Stones and pebbles (Mixed.) (1)  view specimens
Stoneware fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Stool (Wooden.) (3)  view specimens
Stopper (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Strap (Very old, elkskin carrying strap.) (16)  view specimens
Strap ? (Iron.) (1)  view specimens
Straps (Iron, with perforation.) (1)  view specimens
Straw and twig (a) straw) (1)  view specimens
Stretcher (Stretching frame, wood, rectangular) (2)  view specimens
Stretcher and deerskin (Small frame with white haired deerskin stretching upon it.) (2)  view specimens
Strigil (Bone.) (2)  view specimens
Strigil fragment (Bone.) (3)  view specimens
String (Twisted grass.) (28)  view specimens
String and thread (Fine.) (1)  view specimens
String and wrappings (Grass.) (1)  view specimens
String fragment (Small) (4)  view specimens
String fragments (Unspecified) (7)  view specimens
String hank (Hank of 'native string.' Attached to bone netting shuttle (1-9444).) (1)  view specimens
String material (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
String of pinon nuts (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
String, beads and bullet ? (String of shell and glass beads and large lead bullet or ball.) (1)  view specimens
Strings (Made of rabbit and racoon fur, twisted, one bunch.) (1)  view specimens
Strings and cords (Small mass of very small strings and chords, charred.) (1)  view specimens
Strip (Unidentified metal strip.) (3)  view specimens
Sugar (Sugar pine sugar. Specimen, ethnobotanical, from sugar pine.) (4)  view specimens
Surface sample ('Surface scatter'.) (2)  view specimens
Sweat scraper (Bone) (1)  view specimens
Sweat shirt (Made of cotton) (1)  view specimens
Sword (Made of bone, broken.) (2)  view specimens
Sword blade fragment (Iron.) (1)  view specimens
Sword fragment (Bone) (1)  view specimens
Sword fragments (Made of bone.) (2)  view specimens
Sword or club (Broken but nearly complete 'sword' or club made of some bone of sword fish.) (1)  view specimens
Syrup ('Bottle 'soothing syrup.' ') (1)  view specimens
T-shirt (Made of cotton, grey) (1)  view specimens
Tablet (Stone) (27)  view specimens
Tablet ? (Shaped stone.) (1)  view specimens
Tablet fragment (Ground stone, painted.) (8)  view specimens
Tack (Iron.) (2)  view specimens
Tacks (Upholstery tacks.) (3)  view specimens
Tag (Metal, (1860 pat.).) (1)  view specimens
Tail (Tail of eagle feathers.) (1)  view specimens
Talon (Bird talon.) (1)  view specimens
Talon or claw fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Talons (Raptorial.) (2)  view specimens
Tapper (Sifting basket tapper. Deer bone.) (4)  view specimens
Tar substance (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Tarring stone (Nephrite.) (1)  view specimens
Tarweed (Specimen, ethnobotanical) (1)  view specimens
Tarweed bundle (Specimen, ethnobotanical) (1)  view specimens
Tea (Dried 'Paiute tea', Ephedra sp.) (1)  view specimens
Teapot fragment (Majolica sherd, (teapot, spout).) (1)  view specimens
Teapot fragment or pipe ? (Porcelain teapot snout) (1)  view specimens
Teaspoon (Iron, fragments) (1)  view specimens
Teeth (Unspecified) (37)  view specimens
Teeth and bone (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Teeth and bone fragments (Animal teeth with mandible fragments.) (1)  view specimens
Teeth and flake ((a) Rodent teeth and (b) chert flake.) (1)  view specimens
Teeth fragment (Animal.) (1)  view specimens
Teeth fragments (Fragmental animal teeth.) (3)  view specimens
Teeth or plates (Skate teeth or plates.) (1)  view specimens
Tendon (Deer.) (5)  view specimens
Terrapin shell fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Textile (Unspecified) (24)  view specimens
Textile and bark ('Textile, and bark, bone imprint'.) (1)  view specimens
Textile and basketry ('Textile, and basketry, twined'.) (1)  view specimens
Textile and cordage fragments (Carbonized.) (1)  view specimens
Textile fragment (Woven, charred.) (7)  view specimens
Textile fragment and sequins (Wad of partially charred textile with copper sequins.) (1)  view specimens
Textile fragments (Unspecified) (10)  view specimens
Textile impression (Asphaltum with imprint of textile.) (3)  view specimens
Textile remains (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Textiles (Textile wrappings.) (3)  view specimens
Thatch (Woven of weed.) (4)  view specimens
Thimble (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Thimble fragments (Metal) (1)  view specimens
Thimbles and fragments (Perforated.) (1)  view specimens
Thong (Made of rawhide.) (2)  view specimens
Thorn (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Thread (Deer sinew.) (1)  view specimens
Throwing pole (Made of ash. See 1-10950.) (3)  view specimens
Throwing stick (Wood, curved, polished from usage.) (1)  view specimens
Throwing sticks (Curved.) (1)  view specimens
Thumb impress fragment (Fragment of baked clay thumb impress) (1)  view specimens
Thumb impression (Baked clay lump.) (2)  view specimens
Tibia (Worked. From deer.) (4)  view specimens
Tibia fragment (From animal) (1)  view specimens
Ties (Pair of mink-skin hair ties.) (3)  view specimens
Tile (Unspecified) (9)  view specimens
Tile ? sherd ('Sherd mosaic tile?'.) (1)  view specimens
Tile fragment (Worked.) (181)  view specimens
Tile fragments (Unspecified) (31)  view specimens
Tile fragments ? (Mosaic tile fragments?) (1)  view specimens
Tile object (Worked.) (28)  view specimens
Tile sherd (Mosaic? tile sherd.) (6)  view specimens
Timber fragment (Charred) (1)  view specimens
Tin (Tobacco tin.) (2)  view specimens
Tin ? fragments ('Pieces of 'copper' (tin?)'.) (1)  view specimens
Tin can fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Tinder (Piece of fungus of pith from oak.) (1)  view specimens
Tine (Unworked antler.) (11)  view specimens
Tine fragment (Notched, antler, tip.) (3)  view specimens
Tip (Antler.) (1)  view specimens
Tobacco (Specimen, ethnobotanical, pulverized.) (12)  view specimens
Tobacco pouch (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Toes (Bear (?) toes, drilled.) (1)  view specimens
Toggle (Bone.) (4)  view specimens
Tong (One of a pair of long wooden tongs, with a pointed end.) (2)  view specimens
Tongs (Short wooden tongs.) (2)  view specimens
Tool (Worked bone.) (846)  view specimens
Tool ? (Scapula.) (33)  view specimens
Tool ? fragment (Bone.) (1)  view specimens
Tool and shell ('Antler tool, shell matrix'.) (1)  view specimens
Tool and tool fragments ('Obsidian tool & frags.') (1)  view specimens
Tool fragment (Worked schist tool fragment.) (396)  view specimens
Tool fragment ? (Bone.) (4)  view specimens
Tool fragments (Spatulate, bone.) (17)  view specimens
Tools (Split rib, notched.) (6)  view specimens
Tooth (Worked.) (146)  view specimens
Tooth ? (Shark's tooth?) (3)  view specimens
Tooth and beads (Beaver incisor and odd beads.) (1)  view specimens
Tooth and bone fragments (Beaver tooth, elk tibia fragment, etc.) (1)  view specimens
Tooth and bones (Fine bones) (1)  view specimens
Tooth bone fragments (Sample.) (1)  view specimens
Tooth enamel (From incisor tooth of animal.) (1)  view specimens
Tooth fragment (Shark tooth.) (11)  view specimens
Tooth fragment ? (Possible polished tooth fragment.) (1)  view specimens
Tooth fragments (Beaver.) (1)  view specimens
Tooth object (Shark tooth, worked.) (2)  view specimens
Top (Metal.) (2)  view specimens
Topknot (Man's topknot.) (9)  view specimens
Topknots (Feather top knots used in dances.) (1)  view specimens
Toy (Small toy of sundried clay in the form of a burden basket.) (3)  view specimens
Toy cradle and doll ((a) Wooden doll) (1)  view specimens
Toy pestle ? (Symmetrically formed.) (1)  view specimens
Trap (Wound with 'hox'.) (14)  view specimens
Tray (Very small triangular openwork tray.) (45)  view specimens
Trays (3 diagonally twined winnowing trays in fragmentary condition.) (1)  view specimens
Trigger guard (Iron) (1)  view specimens
Trimming flake (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Tube (Worked bird bone. Scratches on side.) (322)  view specimens
Tube ? (Bone tube ? Etched.) (2)  view specimens
Tube and bone (Bird bone tube and worked bone (scapula?).) (1)  view specimens
Tube fragment (Wood) (50)  view specimens
Tube fragment and scapula fragment (Bone tube) (1)  view specimens
Tube fragments (Mammal bone.) (14)  view specimens
Tube or bead (Cut bone.) (1)  view specimens
Tuber or root (Charred.) (8)  view specimens
Tubers (Unspecified) (4)  view specimens
Tubers ? (Small black tubers.) (1)  view specimens
Tubes (Unused.) (22)  view specimens
Tubes and beads (Clam tubes and beads.) (1)  view specimens
Tubes and fiber (Bird bone tubes and fiber, burned.) (1)  view specimens
Tubes and whistle (Bone) (1)  view specimens
Tuff (Tubular worked.) (1)  view specimens
Tuff object (Girdled) (1)  view specimens
Tule (Twisted.) (14)  view specimens
Tule and sticks (Mass of charred tule and small sticks.) (1)  view specimens
Tule down (Felted.) (1)  view specimens
Tule fragment (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Tule fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Tule impression (Baked clay ball) (5)  view specimens
Tule imprint (Baked clay ball) (5)  view specimens
Tumpline (Twisted and braided tump line of the inner bark of the 'iron bark tree.') (1)  view specimens
Turquoise fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Turtle (Unspecified) (6)  view specimens
Turtle bone (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Turtle bone ? (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Turtle bone fragment (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Turtle bones (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Turtle carapace ('Faunal remains') (3)  view specimens
Turtle carapace fragment (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Turtle carapace fragments (Worked.) (3)  view specimens
Turtle shell (Turtle, broken-incised dots on edge.) (3)  view specimens
Turtle shell fragment (Unspecified) (6)  view specimens
Turtle shell fragments (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Tusk and bone fragments (Sea-lion) (2)  view specimens
Twig (Worked.) (24)  view specimens
Twig and cord (Pointed twig with sinew wrapped around proximal end.) (3)  view specimens
Twig bundle (Hazel twigs, one bundle.) (1)  view specimens
Twig fragment (Unspecified) (10)  view specimens
Twig fragments (Unspecified) (10)  view specimens
Twig object (With twine wrapping.) (6)  view specimens
Twigs (With sharpened ends) (19)  view specimens
Twine (Unspecified) (21)  view specimens
Twine and bone (Native.) (1)  view specimens
Twine fragments (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Twine impression (Fragment baked clay openwork twine impress) (23)  view specimens
Twine material (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Ulna (Worked proximal end of right pelican) (10)  view specimens
Ulna and humerus fragments (Fragments of 3 pelican ulnae and large bird humerus.) (1)  view specimens
Ulna flakes ? (Questionable ulna flakes.) (1)  view specimens
Ulna fragment (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Ulnas (Shafts, right, bird) (5)  view specimens
Ungulate bones (Mostly elk.) (1)  view specimens
unidentifiable (Unspecified) (46216)  view specimens
Unidentified material (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Univalve (Small, sprial, tapering univalve. Very scarce.) (2)  view specimens
Univalves (Purpura crispata) (1)  view specimens
Unspecified (Unspecified) (155)  view specimens
Valves (Chiton, Cryptochiton stelleri.) (1)  view specimens
Vase ? fragment (Porcelain.) (1)  view specimens
Vase fragments (Iron stone china) (1)  view specimens
Vegetable material (Unspecified) (23)  view specimens
Vegetable material ? and bone ? (Vegetable (?) material and a bit of reddish bone (?)) (1)  view specimens
Vegetable matter (Charred?) (1)  view specimens
Vegetal fragments (Vegetable material, carbonized.) (1)  view specimens
Vegetal impress (Lump of baked clay) (5)  view specimens
Vegetal impression (Piece of dirt with twig impression.) (66)  view specimens
Vegetal impression fragment (Fired clay with reed impression.) (1)  view specimens
Vegetal impressions (Fragment baked clay vegetal impressions) (5)  view specimens
Vegetal material (Charred sample.) (2)  view specimens
Vegetal materials (Charred.) (1)  view specimens
Vertebra (Worked.) (61)  view specimens
Vertebra and flakes (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Vertebra and fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Vertebra and implement fragments ((a) Mixed bone implement fragments. (b) Cup shaped vertebra.) (1)  view specimens
Vertebra and scapula (Large vertebra and head of scapula. Large spine, but transverse processes of spi) (1)  view specimens
Vertebra and skull fragment (Vertebrae and ear portion of skull.) (1)  view specimens
Vertebra and spine (Fish. Small.) (1)  view specimens
Vertebra fragment (Whale) (6)  view specimens
Vertebra fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Vertebrae (Whole and fragmentary. Unusual, long horizontal transverse processes.) (79)  view specimens
Vertebrae and blade (2 lumbar vertebrae with blade embedded. Vertebrae and blade together.) (1)  view specimens
Vertebrae fragment (Fish.) (2)  view specimens
Vertebrae fragments ? (Fish vertebrae.) (1)  view specimens
Vertebral arch (Polished) (1)  view specimens
Vertebrate and fish remains and shells (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Vertebrate remains and shells (Unspecified) (5)  view specimens
Vertebrate remains, shells and stone (2 pieces of stone) (1)  view specimens
Vessel (Steatite vessel fragment) (10)  view specimens
Vessel fragment (Steatite.) (20)  view specimens
Vessel fragments (Steatite vessel sherds.) (4)  view specimens
Vise (Stick vise, made of wood. Tree branch, split at one end, with b) cylindrical ma) (1)  view specimens
Visor (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Volcanic ash (Unspecified) (3)  view specimens
Walking stick (Mountain walking stick of yew wood.) (3)  view specimens
Wall sample (Sample of shelter wall) (1)  view specimens
Walnut fragment (Burnt.) (1)  view specimens
Wampum (Unspecified) (52)  view specimens
Wampum ? (Small specimen, one side made up of small white nodules, opened on opposite side) (2)  view specimens
Wampum and pebble (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Wand (Wood branch, forked. Wrapped in colored cotton cloth.) (5)  view specimens
Wand ? (Elk tibia fragment.) (1)  view specimens
Wand fragments (Elk tibia wand.) (1)  view specimens
War-net model ? (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Ware (Bermington.) (1)  view specimens
Ware fragments (Bermington.) (1)  view specimens
Washer (Iron washer.) (1)  view specimens
Wasp nest (With reed impressions.) (1)  view specimens
Wasp nest ? (Burnt clay with tubular holes, probably wasp's nest.) (1)  view specimens
Waste stone (Elongate, one end broken) (4)  view specimens
Watch fob (Bronze PPIE souvenir) (1)  view specimens
Water bottle (Very fine, pointed-bottomed, pitch-covered. Twined, with 2 hair loops. Old.) (2)  view specimens
Water breaker (Grass, one bundle. Middle of blades folded over and tied with string to form ha) (2)  view specimens
Watercress (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Wattle and daub (Fired wattle and daub.) (5)  view specimens
Weapon (Long, bone.) (1)  view specimens
Wedge (Wooden) (229)  view specimens
Wedge ? (Unspecified) (13)  view specimens
Wedge fragment (Whalebone.) (84)  view specimens
Wedge fragment ? (Fragment of antler wedge ?) (2)  view specimens
Wedge fragments (Made of elkhorn.) (8)  view specimens
Wedge or chisel (Made of elk horn, point end of.) (2)  view specimens
Wedge or flaker ? (Cut antler.) (1)  view specimens
Wedge or wrench ('Antler shaft wedge, wrench'.) (1)  view specimens
Wedges (Antler.) (1)  view specimens
Weed (Twisted bundle (Oenanthe).) (1)  view specimens
Weed cutter model (Model of weed cutting implement. Made of mesquite wood.) (1)  view specimens
Weft material (Weft material for Cat. no. 24356 (basket).) (1)  view specimens
Weight (Atlatl weight.) (1)  view specimens
Weight fragment (Atlatl weight.) (1)  view specimens
Weights (Asphalt.) (2)  view specimens
Whale tail (Cured. Very old.) (1)  view specimens
Whale tooth (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Whale vertebra (Partly decayed.) (1)  view specimens
Whalebone (Worked, calcined.) (15)  view specimens
Whalebone ? (Cut.) (1)  view specimens
Whalebone fragment (Worked.) (24)  view specimens
Whalebone fragments (Worked.) (29)  view specimens
Whalebone object ('Whale bone artifact.') (1)  view specimens
Whalebone object fragment (Painted.) (1)  view specimens
Wheel (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Whetstone (Whitish granular material.) (73)  view specimens
Whetstone ? (Small.) (4)  view specimens
Whetstone fragment (Unspecified) (5)  view specimens
Whetstones (Worked stone.) (17)  view specimens
Whiskers (From the leopard seal.) (2)  view specimens
Whistle (Wood, single hole. Distal end stuffed with pitch.) (390)  view specimens
Whistle ? (Small bone tube.) (14)  view specimens
Whistle ? fragment (Possible bone whistle fragment.) (5)  view specimens
Whistle ? fragments (Bird bone.) (1)  view specimens
Whistle and ornament ('Bird bone whistle, haliotis ornament, indication of asphaltum (?) stop & plug.') (1)  view specimens
Whistle and plug (Bird bone whistle and asphalt plug.) (1)  view specimens
Whistle and wood or bone fragments (Bone whistle.) (1)  view specimens
Whistle fragment (Worked bone.) (145)  view specimens
Whistle fragment ? (Bird bone.) (6)  view specimens
Whistle fragment and sandstone fragment (Plain bird bone whistle fragment and painted sandstone fragment.) (1)  view specimens
Whistle fragments (Unspecified) (32)  view specimens
Whistle or bead fragment (Bird bone.) (1)  view specimens
Whistles (Whistles or musical devices, fragments of three or four. Made of bird bones of) (9)  view specimens
Whistles ? (Bird bones with perforation midway between ends.) (1)  view specimens
Whistles and whistle fragments (Bone. Three broken whistles and three fragments.) (4)  view specimens
Whistles fragments (Fragments of two or more bird bone whistles. Pelican? Ulna.) (1)  view specimens
Whorl (Flat, baked clay, spindle whorl.) (1)  view specimens
Wicker fragment (Wicker work fragment.) (2)  view specimens
Wickerwork fragment (Stiff and plain.) (1)  view specimens
Willow bundle (Young shoots of white willow. One bundle.) (1)  view specimens
Willow shavings (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Willow warps (Peeled willow warps.) (1)  view specimens
Window ? fragment (Clear glass fragment, flat (window?).) (1)  view specimens
Wineglass ? fragment (Clear glass fragment (wine glass?).) (1)  view specimens
Wing (Wing of eagle.) (1)  view specimens
Wire (Small piece of spring wire.) (9)  view specimens
Wire fragment (Unspecified) (10)  view specimens
Wire fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Wire, nails, and cartridge shells ('Contact material: wire, nails, cartridge shells'.) (1)  view specimens
Wire, spikes, nails (Iron, 6 round nails) (1)  view specimens
Wishbone (Bird wishbone.) (1)  view specimens
Witch hazel (Specimen, ethnobotanical) (1)  view specimens
Withes (From Ishi's last house in Yahi territory. 1 bundle) (1)  view specimens
Wood (Worked piece of wood.) (100)  view specimens
Wood ? (Petrified.) (2)  view specimens
Wood and beads (Charred wood and Olivella disk beads.) (1)  view specimens
Wood and mammal bones (Charred.) (1)  view specimens
Wood and textile fragments (Minute wood fragments.) (2)  view specimens
Wood chips (Partly charred.) (1)  view specimens
Wood fragment (Worked piece of wood.) (30)  view specimens
Wood fragments (Unspecified) (51)  view specimens
Wood fragments and spikes (Redwood plank fragments and iron spikes from coffin.) (2)  view specimens
Wood object (Charred) (1)  view specimens
Wood or bark fragments (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Wood or bone or shell sample (Sample of charred wood, bone, shell, etc.) (1)  view specimens
Wood, fibers and cord (Bundle of woody splints and fibers wrapped in a cord. Carbonized.) (1)  view specimens
Woodcock scalp (Bound to a stick to dry.) (1)  view specimens
Wooden artifact (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Wooden fragment (Painted.) (1)  view specimens
Wooden object (Unspecified) (20)  view specimens
Wooden objects (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Woodpecker head (Red woodpeckers-head roll.) (1)  view specimens
worked bone (Bone hair-pin (?)) (2)  view specimens
Worms (Ash army worms) (1)  view specimens
Wormwood (Specimen, ethnobotanical) (2)  view specimens
Wrapper (Made of buckskin.) (3)  view specimens
Wrapper, pouch, ochre and charmstone ((a) Buckskin wrapper. Contains (b) buckskin pouch. 2 clam shell disc beads on en) (1)  view specimens
Wrapping fragment (Portion of leg and arm wrapping.) (1)  view specimens
Wrappings ? (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Wrench fragments (Antler, in 4 pcs) (1)  view specimens
Xerophyllum tenax (Unspecified) (2)  view specimens
Y (Unspecified) (1)  view specimens
Yarn (Clumps of fine 2 ply yarn) (1)  view specimens
Yarn fragments (2 ply yarn, large quantity, carbonized.) (1)  view specimens
Yarrow (Stems and leaves of plant (Achillaea millefolium).) (2)  view specimens
Yellow material (Material from yellow speck layer.) (2)  view specimens
Zoomorph (Miniature. Vertebrae covered with cloth and beaded to resemble a cow's head. B) (3)  view specimens
Zoomorph ? fragment (Animal representation (?) of abalone shell.) (1)  view specimens

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