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Information for new Graduate Students

Berkeley Natural History Museums supports graduate degrees through several departments including Anthropology, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, Earth and Planetary Science, Geography, and Integrative Biology. Students have access to a tremendous variety of courses taught in the area of evolutionary biology and systematics across the different departments

In addition, students gain these substantial benefits through association with the museums: 1) Participation in the intellectual environment of each museum and the BNHM collective, 2) Access to funding for research, travel and stipends, and 3) Direct access to world-class collections and facilities

Graduate students associated with any of the Berkeley Natural History Museums or the California Biodiversity Center are invited to participate in a new program with local schools. Visit the GK12 website for more information on applying. This program started in Fall 2003 and will run through 2011.

For more details on the graduate opportunities provided by each museum follow the links to:

Essig Museum of Entomology homepage.

UC Museum of Paleontology graduate and undergraduate programs

Jepson and University Herbaria educational programs and activities

UC Botanical Garden homepage

Museum of Vertebrate Zoology lists grants, jobs, and resources for graduate students

Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology homepage

UC Natural Reserve System has a link to grants for graduate students on their homepage

California Biodiversity Center homepage

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